Thursday, July 31, 2008

The day is more than half over and i am just getting on the computer, it's one of those days. Isaac and Norah are starting to have enough of each other these past few days, they are ready to eat each other alive and any moment. Literally if one looks at the other the world is at an end.....Which on top of a new kitten that everyone wants to hold CONSTANTLY and a dog that wants to eat it, can be very frustrating to mom, I have decided today that mom's not gonna blow today i don't care if i have to take a time out myself, Not gonna do it......... Last night was my Wednesday walk with Andrea and we now have a new partner our friend Laura and she brought her big man obiewan. The poor girl and her dog wern't expecting a walk like that(not sure why she wasn't) but she made it, all 3 miles of it sandals and all, it is always a good time to spend some time with some adult girls and Pearl really likes the friends that come over for her to play with. I would have some pictures from the past few days but i took them all with my phone and i have no idea how or if my phone can put them on the computer, the batteries are charged in the camera so i'll get some asap....... Oh and Ari today used his feet to bring a toy to his hands....that's right folks all 3 kids have feet like their mothers(AWESOME) I call them gripper feet. We all are really cool and can say our feet(toes) work like hands.... That's all for now, i only have a few more minutes to eat lunch, and get ready for work before the little man is due up to eat.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

kitties, kitties and more kitties

The time sure does get away from me lately.Even with a baby that sleeps thru the night from 2months on, by the end of the day I'm whupped. We have had a fun few days, done a lot of playing. Here are a few pics of the past few. Isaac greeting me in one of his new outfits.Soo handsome Norah in one of her cute hand me downs, and i almost forgot, Saturday at about 7:30am i go outside to turn on my sprinkler(I'm a water waster) and i hear all this meowing, I'm thinking it's the neighbors cat stuck on my neighbors garage roof and I'm gonna have to get her down to shut her up(she's not a nice kitty, she will charge you!!)but no it's not her i see this little head sticking out between a fence and a bush up on the neighbors property (but my backyard) i go up to the wall "kitty, kitty" and he comes running. Just what i need another cat!!!!!( i need another cat like i need a whole in the head) In my defense i did bring him up to work to try to find him a home but by the time they closed no home was to be had and i didn't like the idea of him being stuck in a cage all weekend plus I've never had a kitten find me before, makes me think he's ment for me. So once again we have way to many cats. WHATS NEW!!

The kids enjoying a beautiful Saturday!!!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

b-lated birthday to me

Last night my other mother-in-law for my birthday took me and Isaac out to dinner(per my request) and then we went shopping and Isaac got a bunch of cloths(per my request). We went to applebee's for dinner and had a really nice time, i had a heart attack on a plate,hehe and then to pennys where i got to pick out 4pairs of shorts and 3 shirts for Isaac. It was such fun and then on the way out i even got to get a new purse. I haven't had a brand new purse in forever!!!!!!!!!!!! It's one of those things for woman (like shoes) and since the children it's been part of my past life. It is sooooooo stinkin cute. I LOVE IT!!!!! what a nice time last night thank you Bonnie!!!!! Today i received a birthday check from grandpa(i have been VERY blessed with this extended family i have married into)and i put that in the bank and went to the dollar store for some things we have needed for a bit and then we went to lowes and purchased 5 trees(little ones)for my front yard....such fun!!!!!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now I'm gonna eat some dark chocolate brownies that are fresh out of the oven then out to plant my trees(bushes) whatever you want to call them they get TALL.......

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Healthy kids

As promised pictures of Ari at one of his first meals. He also was the one to put the toy on his face, funny guy. Ari had his 4month ck up and is doing fine, He's a big guy at just about 17pounds and 27inches long he's in the 90% for growth.(Nothing like my friends little man who is like 16hours older and TONS bigger) but I'll take it. Norah also had her next shots and did AWESOME i don't think she even cried tears but she wanted me to take a pic of her bandaids just the same. Have a good one all.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So this goes out to all my pet owner readers cat and dog alike, at work we have this new brush or you could call it a comb with a brush handle, anyway it's called the furminator, anyway i used it on a cat and dog tonight and decided to by one for at home, these are 2 pictures of my yard after maybe 5minutes of brushing pearl this evening!!!!!!!!!!! I could have kept going but it was 8:30 and i had just gotten home. This is the most awesome brush ever, Chris thought i was cutting her hair not brushing her so much was coming off her, this thing rocks!!!!! They are on the expensive side but so worth it. I just purchased the small or maybe it's medium, look out kitties the furminator is coming.


Wow time does seem to get away from me lately. Lets see if i can post before the computer decides to go offline again. We have been having such trouble with our connection of late, even had a guy out here last night to check it out and thought he had fixed the problem, obviously not! Anyway quite awhile back i took some round up out front and laid out my plans for some good sized flower gardens out front.A long time ago actually and I've just been waiting for the time and motivation to get started on cleaning out the dead weeds and grass and moving some flowers. Well Sunday we only had Ari for the afternoon and I'm feeling motivated(it's amazing what you can do with just an infant at home) anyway Ari eats and then we head outside. I find a nice shady spot for the little guy and i get started, now i purposely leave the hardest part(the dead grass part) for last hoping that my wonderful husband will be up from his nap and maybe i can convince him to at least shovel the crap for me(would make it soooooooo much easier) After about 45min. of sweating my butt of Ari is ready to go in so i get to take a break and put some laundry away with the little dude till he's ready for his nap the out i go (Chris is still sleeping)after about and hour and a half i have only the hard part left to go and Chris is up and outside to say hi! I am soooo tired it's great. He goes back in and i get the dog out to keep me company and say to Chris "any chance i could get you to loosen the grass part I'm loosing steam" "Give me a minute he replies" out i go, i know what that means. To my surprise he joins me a few later THANKYOU CHRIS. Anyway all said and done i get the whole thing ready for some flowers. Monday dawns and it's my birthday yeah me, it just has to be a good day. Starts out fine then i fine out i have to say home from 2-5 for the comcast guy to come over, puts a crimp in my plans!! Oh well i'll move some flowers while the little kids are napping and Isaac can ride his bike.......... my nightmare begins. I go to move some Iris........ it's rotten WHAT it did fine, bloomed this spring whats going on????? then i see these big giant pink colored worms about 1-2in long and fat, what the heck!!!!!!!(like a grub only not white) i look at more, they are all over, I'm freaking out smashing them, Isaac being a boy wants in on the action (thank you lord for giving me a boy) after i find one whole bunch all rotten full of these nasty things we decide to go online and find out what we are dealing with.(Iris are one of the hardiest, hardest to kill flowers out there) Well we find out we have Iris borers!!!!!!!! and that they are no fun to get rid of. Yeah me! we go back out to kill more and find out that out of about, i don't even know lets just say that i lost about 95% of my iris to the jerks i almost cried. flowers and gardening are my thing, i love to do it, maintain it, it's what makes me happiest and on my birthday i have to destroy massive amounts of flowers. SUCKS, it was like a slaughter in my driveway....... Wouldn't you know it no comcast guy either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I take my birthday money from my inlaws(thank you so much) to the store and get some groceries. (that's what i do) We soooooo needed it. then I'm getting ready to make dinner and Chris and Isaac are riding bikes to the book store when the comcast guy calls (it's after 6) He's here and in the driveway. Chris comes back (i don't want to deal with him) he's here for like an hour and a half thinks he's fixed the problem and while he's there i take pearl for our walk (another thing i love to do) and while we are walking i look over at her and see that she is pooping as we are walking(like a horse) not even trying to stop to go. I don't have a bag, never bring one she doesn't do this.......omg does she do this every walk and i"m just now noticing??????????? I'm so embarrassed!!!!!!!!! Now we need to walk in the street in case she does it again.... I'm so bummed........... I wanted to go to the water park with the kids have a nice calm dinner and a family walk for my birthday and what did i get, kids fighting, flower killing, and a dog pooping!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy 32 to me!! OH i almost forgot, the best part.....Norah was giving pearl some water while i was washing the good iris. from the hose to the bowl and walking it to her, little did i know that she was also watering the DRYER VENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! flooded dryer (pool inside) flooded basement floor and their is still water in the dryer tube. I did cry after that.

Chris did get me a cool gift (I'm so easy, really) i got a set of those aqua globes that you see on tv to water your flowers... They are AWESOME.......and so pretty Now I'm off to shower, make dinner and then get a baby up in 1hr for a feeding. Ari also started eating some realish food 3days ago and i think last night he actually liked it(no yucky faces) i'll post some pics.

Friday, July 18, 2008


The day did seem to improve somewhat as the morning went on. I snapped some pictures of our afternoon in the backyard. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Check out the swim suit that i just found in yes another bag of cloths that i didn't know about. I did wonder where all those cloths went to from last year and found it yesterday! I swear bags of cloths just keep turning up every now and again! I love the suit, it is so stinkin cute..... I just got back from taking Pearl for a little and i mean little walk and what do ya know another "punk kid" has snapped all my flowers down by the sidewalk! that's 2years in a row that this has happened, why would you do that????It sucks. Tomorrow is my first Saturday back to work, not really lookin forward to it but the money will be nice. Have a good weekend all.


Folks, I'm in some serious need of extra prayer today, My patience is in short if not zero supply this morning!!!!!!!!!! THis no pulling,pushing,lifting crap is driving me nuts, the dog is going crazy not getting her 3mile walk these past few days, I'm going crazy not getting it, so are the kids, My rugs are NASTY from no vacuuming!!!! I'm snapping at everybody over nothing and on top of it this baby of mine is driving me nuts with this 5ish bull @#*! almost every morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


So it would seem that a mom under the weather equals naughty children and a naughty dog!!! THings are looking up today though......... Isaac got a hair cut on Tuesday and i gave Norah some bangs yesterday. I didn't think that they went across her forehead just the sides(bc of her colic) but after her bath last night it would appear that they go across her forehead. She looks so old now! Ari is just the coolest, neatest little man there ever was, he's all smiles these days and man o' man is he ever a drooling machine,i don't think we have enough cloths or bibs to accommodate the mess:)He has been this way for about a month now.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So, it would seem after an all day wait at the hospital with my chouffer( i don't know how to spell it) aka "mom" who was just suppost to drop me off and pick me up but wouldn't leave no matter what all day. All went well according to plan yesterday. I had planned on being home by 2ish and didn't arrive home until about 6:30 that should explain things for ya. I woke up feeling really good, no problems but then as is my way i think i may have overdone it already this morning too much "mom" action and carrying a baby i think is the cause. I'm gonna take it easy for a bit than back to life. Turns out dad had a good day with all the kids also......More later I'm sure. Oh let me post a few pics from out trip to the Zoo Sunday.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Game boy

Ahhhhh, peace and quiet..... Chris has taken the 3 bigger kids to the movie(we have my nephew Jaden) and Ari is down for a short nap. I have picked up the kitchen and now get to do what i want to do. We have had Jaden since Thursday evening and after the last time Isaac stayed over there 1night(turned into 4) i told my sister she couldn't have him back any earlier than Sunday morning.Yesterday I'm not sure what exactly i was thinking, well i know what i was thinking, these kids need to go have some fun (outside) but little did i know what was in store for me...I took all 4 kids to the park by our house they have a water fountion from 1-5 everyday and my kids really like it but after about 15min in the water part Miss Norah was done with it and another 20min Ari was ready for a nap so I'm sitting with all our stuff and messin with Ari, Norah is trying to run all over and play with stuff that she's to little to play on while trying to also watch 2 boys play in the water park part....... whew!!! that was crazy but they really had fun and i only almost had a heart attack like 4x. I did get some fun pictures..... Any of you who know boys and their video games can understand that quite frankly both boys are about to "loose" them, they are driving me nuts with the darn things. All i hear is "can we play our game boys?" "my mom lets me play all the time, like 4hours every day" Impossible i tell them no way does my sister allow that!!!! Yes she does all the time. Since Thursday pm till on the way to the movie every 5min (when they are not playing them) "CAN WE PLAY OUR GAME BOYS?" I'm gonna throw them out the house i tell you!!! Their favorite game is "pokemon" ok and this morning they are WATCHING the cartoon pokemon and Jaden looks at me all dramatically saying "I'm bored" as he flops himself on the couch. I couldn't believe my ears. I'm thinking when they get home from the movie their games will be missing until at least the rain returns. Well i should probably switch the laundry and start the dishwasher(maybe clean myself up a bit while i can) then feed a baby and off to meet everyone for some icecream by the movie theater.... Oh and Chris had a buddy from his much younger years in town with his wife from Ohio last night and they came over and what a good time that was, i don't really remember the last time i was up until midnight hangin out talking with another couple it was a lot of fun and i really enjoyed meeting Dan after all the stories i have heard over the past 8 years. His wife is something else i think if we lived closer i would really get along with her quite the funny gal and you know me i really like the freckled people they are some of my favorites. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.Oh and if you talk to Jaden my sister also lets him have soda for breakfast, um ya ok Jaden.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So our 2nd stop on the 4errand morning "the bank" she asked me how i was doing today(we all get along/joke at the bank) i replied fantastic.... She was surprised with my car load at my response, i told her when you have a baby that sleeps all night every night it's not hard to be fantastic esp. when your first appt. that was suppost to take at least 45min. only took 15, that is how our day stayed fantastic, we had a really good one and i just got back from my Wednesday walk with Andrea(i really look forward to those walks) I even got some cute pics today. this one is Norah's new swim suit from her cousins in Lansing.Isaac wouldn't go in the pool Norah put a bunch of sand in it. All the kiddos this am, what a purdy dress Norah has on and tonight Isaac unloading the dishwasher........(he did it in 25min)WOW it usually takes over an hour..........

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Tell me where was this bumbo seat thing when to other 2 were little. Too big for the bouncy and yet to small for the exersauser what do you do??? you get a bumbo seat. they rock. This boy is something else once he gets moving he will be unstoppable he's already a crazy man....... This is what Isaac would love to be doing all day long if only mother would let him.... and please disregard the triple chin action I'm still working on the self portrait with the kid..

This one's mostly for Papa aka"Jeff"

So last night Chris and Norah are sitting on the couch and Norah has Isaac's pretend razor and is trying to shave the "fur" off daddy's legs, Jeff you know where I'm going, anyway all of a sudden she stops and looks at us and says with 3yr old girl certainty that "my papa has LOTS of fur on his boobies" we busted out laughing, i was almost crying i was laughing so hard. Now as i sit here typing a few emails i look over (the big kids are eating lunch) and i see this little miss with her pb&j(apricot jelly) and she has piled her mac & cheese on top and then her nacho cheese doritos on top of that and she looks at me with a smile in her eyes and takes a big bite saying mmmmmmmmmmm, yummy!!!!! That my friends is just sick and wrong almost as bad as Isaac loving his peaches dipped in ketchup when he was younger!!!! YUCK these kids are so gross!!!!!! Please Ari be normal,please!!!!!! Gotta go shower while i have the chance.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Holiday Weekend

What an awesome holiday weekend.(My pics are not in order sorry) We had family from Lansing come into town on Thursday afternoon and they stayed with us until Saturday late morning and that was a lot of fun, good people and a good time. We all went to the Ada parade in the morning then home to clean up and let Ari and Norah take a much needed nap then off to my sisters for a bbq and fireworks. She just so happened to have some family also in town (my brother in laws sister and some neices and a nephew) We had a really nice time, it wasn't as crazy as past years but was still lots of fun the kids all had a BLAST.... Ari did ok, he wasn't in the mood to sleep with all the stimulation so he was pretty much awake from about 3:30 until 9:30 when i finally got a room that i could put him into and let him cry for a bit. Poor guy was sooooo tired but even so he was pretty much smiling and talking to all..... Family left Saturday and i had the chance to clean up a bit then Chris and his dad took the kids to see wall-e while Ari and i had a play date of sorts(for atleast the moms) with a friend of mine who has a little man "Ben" that is 6wks old now. We ended up going for a nice walk(I love finding people to walk with and we are both driven to get our bodies back). Then Papa took the kids overnight and returned them to us this afternoon. Sorry again that the pics arn't in the correct order, I'll do better next time. Hope you all had a great holiday weekend.......