Thursday, December 30, 2010

As many of you know my youngest child is..............different.
To say he marches to his own beat is an understatement! He is nothing like what the 2 older kids prepared us for!!!
This 3rd child is on one hand the most layed back easy going in regards to his schedule and doing things and how quickly he will bounce back from changes BUT he is also the most stubborn, opinionated, devious, super duper smart, problem solver, get into trouble and fast, type.. I thought the 2nd was keeping me on my toes but she was a walk in the park compared to #3!!!!!

With that said let me continue, as fall approached us I realized that he needed something more than just his "blanket" to cover and keep him warm....
After much searching I found this cute, soft,
throw blanket with Dino's all over it

The child rejected this blanket, wanted nothing to do with it, would sleep cold before he was going to let that blanket in his bed "crib".(remember he doesn't do well with sleep/bed type changes, was not ready for the big boy bed after putting it together and we had to go back to the crib) After at least 2weeks of putting it in, having it throw out, him using it to watch tv or read books but NOT allowing it in bed he finally gave in and started sleeping with it.
As a matter of fact he would yell for us to put it in bed and ON HIM if we forgot or it fell off before he was asleep.....
insistent little bugger!!

This brings us to winter, NOW it's much colder than a silly fleece dino throw can manage sooooo we ask Papa "aka fil" to get him a nice blanket for Christmas, not to big or thick because I may end up sewing the thing....

Papa gets a terrific quilt for the child for Christmas(I actually have the exact same one on my bed just a different shade of green), it's a little on the big side but not a big deal..... WELL he wants nothing to do with it, no way, no how!! He doesn't care what you say or what you do it's not happening(aside from duct taping the thing to him:)).....
Norah thinks she would like that nice quilt on her bed and hey why not, hate to see a thing like that go to waste, go for it girl, use it and we'll put the blanket nanna made ya on top :-)

Last night after work I went to get a gift card for my 18yr old cousin to do a little shopping(were doing Christmas this Sunday with them) and what do my eyes show me, why a super awesome warm down alternative fleece one side microfiber on the other blue throw blanket.. I check the price of it and wouldn't you know it's only a buck more than the Kohls cash that's burning a whole in my wallet, obviously a sign and ment to be..

What did I do you ask.................................................... I washed the thing and then this morning I went ahead and sewed dino blanket to microfiber side! This kid now has a super warm winter blanket that shouldn't be a problem for him to accept(at least so far so good).. :-)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

back from the dead....................

Hello there,
This is my year(fall/winter) to re-immune myself so to speak. I am 100% sure without even seeing a doctor that I have strep, or should I say had... I had a miserable Christmas, just awful! I did however try my best for the kids to look like I was having fun:) We have pictures of all the different Christmases except for the one I just couldn't bring myself to go to. I missed out on Christmas day late morning at my FIL'S.
My husband ROCKS to put it mildly. I did just about nothing but live in a chair for about 3days straight taking any and every drug I could think of to numb the pain in my face and the razorblades in my throat. I gargled just about every hour for days on end to no avail. THEN I remembered I had Antibiotics left from my tooth issue several months back........First dose Saturday night, Second dose Sunday morning and it's only gotten better from there..........

Now onto Christmas, we are really getting into the "want, need, wear, read" thing we've done 2yrs now(Thanks to an awesome woman named Carey that I only know in computer world). Not only is it awesome on preventing overspending but also on keeping gift count on an even level(cuz you know those little buggers(isaac) count)
The most challenging part this year was how a few categories kept changing :)

That could also be the fun part, depends on your personality.... The break down went like this:

Want: board game, stuffed horse, stuffed Triceratops

Need: jeans(1outfit), winter jacket, long sleeve shirts

Wear: slippers, headbands, slippers

Read: 2 dog scholastic books, 2 beginner reader books, 2 leapster thing a ma jig books.

Santa got: Wii Just Dance 2, stupid fur real walking barking dog, Large Stuffed T-Rex
and then stockings :-)
All in all MUCH better received by the older kid and a huge hit for us as well :) We even had money to get each other gifts this year, Who doesn't LOVE that!!!

This is also the 2nd year that Isaac has gotten up WAY to early, esp. when your not sleeping cuz your sick!

4am he opened the door in the hall, I lovenly said "back to bed"(you know I'm sleeping in the chair)

5am he's here again, I lovenly although a bit clenched tell him to grab a blanket and lay on the couch, his reply was "but I can't sleep anymore" and then he looked at me and layed down.....hehehe
After an hour of listening to him whisper(talk) to the cats about all the awesome things he sees I hear Chris come upstairs, it's 6.

After feeding the dogs and getting coffee going

We let him open his stocking while the others slept because good god man, the littler people would be no treat if up this early....

Now for the pictures.................................

The tree before, minus Isaac's gift from Santa(he moved it to the couch for some reading time)you can tell because only 2 gifts arn't wrapped and Santa doesn't wrap his(no time you know)

Girl is loving her "want"

Ari happy with his "want"

Soo happy with a box of headbands

Ecstatic with his "read" present.........

enjoying gifts from Santa

Awesome parenting in action

My company in my chair with my awesome new homemade gift from my mom!

Fabulous gift from Nanna(my mom) for all 3 kids, draw on them and then they light up and rotate, they gave us a dome parade...

Christmas gift turned Torture device, WHO KNEW?!?!

Friday, December 24, 2010


Tell me whats MORE fun than a sick kid..............................A mom who is once again in a bad way... I've begun to really feel back to my old self so last night I didn't take a final dose of Sudafed(you know the little red pill) and skipped the dose of Zyrtec that I've been taking for 2 weeks straight. I mean come on it's been 2weeks and that stuff ain't cheap. Not to mention I need some of it for the kiddo's!! Well that just lead to the start of a sore throat as I lay in bed to fall asleep and then a sleepless night from that and a little man who apparently thought sleep was over-rated......
It would seem that no amount of little red pills and warm salt water gargles will be fixing the problem and you know it's Christmas eve day and we have a Christmas eve dinner with my mom and sister and fam to celebrate tonight... I think this stinks! I do not recall in recent(past few years) me getting sick like this this often. I'm gonna blame it on the new school and all the "new" kids putting their stuff on my kids to bring home to me.
Hopefully **fingers crossed and praying** all this sickness for me will mean an immune couple of years!!
I feel like such a party pooper, not to mention useless!!!!

ANYWAY Merry Christmas to ya'll and happy new year! (in case I'm mia for the next week)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


So if you couldn't tell I thought I'd share with you that I found out yesterday when viewing the video I'd taken that sometime between late September earl October to now my handy dandy little hand held video camera somehow made it into the dogs water dish. Don't have a clue as to who could have done that ;-) but at least it still works even if there is a fuzziness to the video :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Ok, so the school's gym really wasn't set up well for this, way more people than they expected. Sooo these pictures didn't turn out the best, I was wwwaaayyy far back, the little kids though, turned out ok eh?!
He's singing, can't you tell
Before the concert Isaac and Caleb B.
The super cute Norah's
Ari smile, this is what he gave me
The Norah's again :-)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

beaten to a pulp!

Dear face, or more correctly left side of face including eye socket and brow: REALLY, you still feel the need to torment me?! I've even started to give you antibiotic's(3 doses) and yet you plague my sleepless nights and ruin my days.... I can't do much more of this while still trying to parent in some capacity...............

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Left side of face, please explode so I can get on with my day already!!! Thank you!

Monday, December 13, 2010

It's a snow day today, looking out the window I ask why?!? Really it's the last week of school before winter break, was this really necessary...... Now I have to take all 3 out and about to get some groceries for cookie making, yea me!!!

Norah has her "winter concert" tonight and I'm really excited to see her preform, Isaac's is Wednesday.. Strange how they do things this new school.....

Well I'm off to get my caffeine buzz in before any wake up, happy Monday :-)

**Winter concert CANCELED, canceled people, she's been in tears ever sense! To be rescheduled for AFTER the 2wk winter break, bahumbug!**

Friday, December 10, 2010

Norah's been wanting her hair cut again.. I kept telling her "but remember how it went last time"........Yup I wanted you to put it back on.......But then we have the daily BATTLE for brushing and even washing because she has so much.....

Last night she convinced me, off went her hair!

Then because it was so late and we were all so tired it didn't go well and I made myself stop for fear of her not having ANY hair by the time I was finished......Took her to the pro's this morning and we love it. cute, just long enough and even has some long layers thrown in... The girl "Molly" told me "no wonder you had such a hard time, she has SO MUCH HAIR" Yup she does :)

Now all that said I really wish I hadn't given her a trim of about 4inchs 2ish weeks ago because I'm sure we cut off so much length that we could have given about 3 kids some super soft awesome hair thru locks of love! Next time, NEXT time! :-)

I've been kinda absent lately but I'm going to try to fix that, lots of things going on that I'd rather not blog about and then the rest of it doesn't really seem blog worthy...............

Sunday, December 5, 2010

He's got a thing for other folks shoes/boots/slippers

Frank a.k.a. devil dog being such a good sport :-)
Isis getting all "dressed" up Who cares if it's fuzzy right?!