Monday, September 29, 2008

Got a few

Hi, I've got a sec before i want to do some outside stuff and thought I'd hop on here a minute. How are ya? Were good, busy but good. On friday Chrs and i went to Forest Hills Eastern's football game with the 2 big kids to watch spencer play(finally playing again)we had a really good time, the team on the other hand not so good. Saturday was a normal sunny day and we went to gamestop so that Isaac could use his giftcard he got from nanna. The kid did awesome, he got 4 games and was only short something like .41(the card was for 25.) Good job Isaac. I got to spend the afternoon watching my friend Andrea try on wedding dresses and that was so much fun!!!!!! I even think we found one,I teared up when i saw her in it(i don't know motherhood has made me a sappy wreck)anyway she has all sorts of time to decide for sure.Yesterday was church as usual every other i have to serve so I played with a bunch of almost 2yr olds for the 11am service.Papa took the wee man so that Chrs could actually pay attention for the sevice. The last time we tried little man in the infant room and while he made it the entire service i don't think it was easy on him or the staff(they gave me pacifier on pick up and i said um that's not mine. to which they reply um we got it out of your bag...... Well i have to assume it's from the hospital since i don't use them i forgot it was even in the bag...They really had to look for it. I took that to mean he Isn't quite ready but i will be trying again soon i want to enjoy a service too sometime soon. When we picked up the little guy papa was nice enough to take to 2 big kids for the afternoon so we got to swap and have a somewhat quiet afternoon and then i went to meet Andrea and Laura for our weekly walk(which i love, i love those girls) and got home at about bedtime and then i got to see another of my favorite shows!!!!! I love that they are all back this fall, i have so missed my shows, heck some i even forgot about. A few pictures from the past few............................................

He thought this was too much fun!!!!
Oh and i almost forgot Ari had his 6month wcc and he is doing awesome @ 20# and something like 28inches long....way to grow buddy.Norah also had her 3rd set of shots and while she did cry out LOUDLY, she was very scared this time, She did awesome and didn't shed a single tear! I think getting brothers last laffy taffy was all the motivation she needed to get over it quickly!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The little man

My little man is so trying to grow up! He is defiantly getting the whole sitting up thing. He works his abs every change he gets when laying down i don't think it will be long before he has it!! Moms so proud.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How does a very special boy celebrate the end of his very special day?? With a little heart shaped cake with candles to blow out and a present from mom and dad and one from cousins in Lansing........ What a special day he says...........

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Turns out that while you are waiting for the timer to tell you you can go in and try to sooth a baby you can eat 6 peanut butter cups and SEVERAL spoonfuls of cake icing!!!!!!!!!!!!!and then not wait for the timer but say a prayer outside the door for patience and understanding then go in sooth a baby and prove to yourself you do have the stronger will and he will to go back to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)


It is oh so hard to believe that seven years ago today(tonight really) i gave birth to my first child. This is what the morning brought.
Good Morning birthday boy

This kid has more money than me.......

Thanks to great grandpa and aunt pat and uncle bob and cousins he had more to open today than just a little gift from mom and dad. All this before 8am, i wonder what the rest of the day will bring? stay tunded........................................
OH YES and i almost forgot, mess with a baby's before bed schedule............DON'T!!! You will pay for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I was just looking at some pictures and reminiscing about Isaac and getting all sappy and thought I'd share a few of them with you. This is Isaac at 2,3 and the last one he is 4.


So, in a matter of 2days my little man, my oldest son who was going to be an only child(for 3yrs) who no one could ever convince me needed a sibling but who now is the example setter,role model for a younger sister and brother(and is AWESOME at it) is going to be 7 years old, did you hear that 7! Where does the time go?? Where did that little man go?? I can't believe how much has happened since his birth. I'm blown away by what an awesome young man he is becoming! So responsible,kind,considerate,compassionate,gentle when necessary with his sister and baby brother(who is way better than his sister I'm told) It is so crazy what happens to this little person in a matter of years. Thank you god for blessing me with this incredible young man that wouldn't be here if not for you!!!!! Saturday we had some family over for a small party......All the grandparents and my sister with 3 of her 4. It was a good time for all and here are some pictures of the evening!!!

Everyone loves the cupcake cake!!:)


1more and some odd's and end's

Some have said that he's going to be a blond......I think not! He's all red head!!

Such a happy baby

Friday, September 19, 2008

I rock

I DID IT!!!!!!!!! I didn't even loose it once!!! We had my sisters 2 youngest over night last night and Chris did awesome with all 5kids solo! It was my turn this morning,and i did it, i got 5 kids up,fed,dressed,packed up and off to school on time!!! Even with me still feeling like crap(still have this stinking cold) and the fact that i was up to pee at like midnight then up with Ari at something like 4 and then again at 5:40 and then up for the morning at 6(not my usual 7) I still did it while keeping my composure the entire time. I even had Norah and Ari and kinda myself(no new makeup but teeth brushed and clean cloths did forget to brush my hair) ready to go into school so Isaac could share his show and tell bag with us present(they like a parent there if possible to be part of the show and tell). Mrs. Mast his teacher said "Janet I'm so sorry, they have art first thing this morning, when can you come back for sharing??Well wait for you whatever time" (she knew that we had all the kids last night. She is soooo nice i really like her. So back home we went to wait until 11:30(which works out perfectly) to go back for sharing time with Isaac. Have a good one all! Pray that i get a nap or I'll be done in by 3.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

They have arrived!!!!

My wonderful,awesome,amazing pictures are here. How does one choose just 5 to post out of 123??? One doesn't she chooses 19 to share and to all the family out there, i didn't post any of the best ones!!!!!!!! Those are still to be a suprise.....hehehe


and more