Saturday, November 29, 2008


What a long, fun, fantastic, uneventful, short Thanksgiving break! and we still have 1more day. Thanksgiving was at my sisters and it was such a nice time. We had family from far away Colorado in town and we were able to visit for about an hour in the evening with them. We each had very tired baby's. Wish we had more time but i think it's always that way with out of town family. We just need to get together during the day next time they are in town. I'm sure they like me best anyway:) It was so nice to see their little girl Miss Hannah who the last time i saw her she wasn't even a year and now she's just turned 2!!! Mr. Blake is 6months and an absolute HAM.... I think i was the only one to get those awesome flirty smiles that evening(that's right i rock) but like i said the baby's were very tired and we still had to go to grammies to feed the kitty and it was going on 6pm and no i don't have any pics of the day because i forgot my stupid camera and apparently my sister's isn't working so i can't steal from her....SUCKS

Mr. Ari is soon going to be more mobile that before. I don't think it will be long before he is done with the whole rolling from place to place and room to room(I'm bummed cuz i like it so) and be onto the whole crawl thing. He is just about there!!!!!! I did get some pics today of his progress:)) Oh and the new dog.......... I'm in LOVE!!!!!!!!!! She's so cool!!!

Norah loves our new pup too!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


What a morning!!!!!!!! I don't understand what has happened with my older 2 kids, honestly i don't like it when Isaac's on break from school anymore. Every day(when Chris isn't home) is just getting harder and harder!!!!!! As soon as i turn off the TV it starts...................pick,pick,pick resulting in whine,whine,whine,scream, cry!!! I have been tested this mornin and i don't think i passed very well. I ended up putting one in the bedroom to get dressed while the other brushed teeth and then sat at the table until the other was finished and then switch. I told each that if they behaved like this at the store...lets just say it wasn't going to be a fun vacation.

Got to the store to get a few needed things for tomorrow and put Norah in the cart and things actually went well and then a nice lady working a booth made me a single serve cup of coffee(hazelnut) with a neat new coffee machine and check out(which i normally hate) went smoothly. We are exiting the store and i say to both kids (one on each side) 1 hand on the cart now and don't let go.................THEY BOTH DID IT W/OUT COMPLAINT:) I said aww look at my awesome, respectful, obedient kids, god is smiling down on you guys now!!!!!!!! I decided to reward with lunch(bk the line was shorter) and home we came to eat and put Ari down for nap(and he doesn't think it's needed right now). Thank you Jesus for letting me know they can listen w/out my yelling and i can find peace during a frustrating day!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
Have a great turkey day all

Monday, November 24, 2008


Stupid, Stupid, Stupid snow!!! I hate hibernating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Well folks after a looooooooooong day of driving we now have a perfect new addition to our home. A great big THANK YOU to auntie for watching the 2 bigger kids from 8am Saturday morning till after church today and to papa with a little grandma for watching the little man from 7am till almost 8pm last night. We were able to actually have a 10hour car ride not seem so bad!!! It was so nice to sit and NOT talk! even when we took a break from music....Ahhhhh the lovely silence. It's been Awhile. Anyway it was Isaac's turn to name a pet, he never has and we promised him when little sister did last time w/out argument from us that he could next time.... Her name is Onyx she is 7months old and she rocks!!! She is AWESOME with kids.Even Ari, today he rolled over as is his way of moving and ended up underneath her and then rolled over and grabbed the fur on her rear leg to give himself some help. She didn't even acknowledge that anything was happening. She is good with cats(although she would be lots better if they would let her smell them:)) She is great with Miss Squirlie(who is getting into having a playmate) and for having never been on leash until yesterday at the rest stop she is doing great!!!!! Honestly the hardest parts are done the obedience is the easy part especially with her being a Shepherd. She just keeps making progress!

Speaking of progress, those of you who know Pearl or have encountered her at the house will get how cool this is............We had company over that had NEVER been here before and Pearl contrary to her normal way of growling and cowering and then running downstairs, growled shook for a minute(outside) BUT THEN upon seeing miss Onyx not have any issue with it, went up to HIM(deep voice, baseball hat, intimidating posture and all) and sniffed then came inside with them and DIDN'T immediately go down stairs. That my friend is AWESOME progress on not even the first full day of this new addition. I for see incredible changes in miss Pearl.... Anyway here are some pictures of her and them together:-)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Naps....what naps

So I'm sitting here with 1 down and 2 to go.... Today was a REALLY hard day for me.. I don't quite know what happened but the little dude slept for aprox. 1hr and 30 min MAYBE total today..... What the heck happened i ask ya cuz i don't know. He usually takes 2 naps 2hours each. I LIKE that schedule. I can play alone with Norah and the next time have my own time to do stuff with that schedule. It's impossible to keep a almost 8month old happy for that long the entire day i tell ya..... I'm still in shock..... Thankfully Miss NOrah was a good little girl so it wasn't all bad, just having a baby that basically screams and hollers at you unless being held or directly interacted with(no not a pain scream, a i found a new pitch scream). Not cool in the least. Here's to tomorrow being back to the NORMAL schedule!!!! Hope this finds you all warm and well........

Friday, November 14, 2008

Stupid blogger!!!!! Please read comments and put with correct will save me time.

My soon to be karate master!!!!!!
This is Ari's new blanket! it ROCKS!!!!! Chris works with a woman named Gail who loves to sew, so she made the little dude a blanket.....THANKS Gail it's awesome!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

walking zombie

Ahhhhh, here i sit. It feels as though I'm barley conscious, it's been a looooooong week and a half to say the least and after 3 almost sleepless nights i feel as though i could pass right out.......I will make it thru "grey's" if it kills me. Thankfully tonight was way busy at work but no reason to stay late.....:) Here are a few pic's of the chilins this morning.

Thank you Nanna for the awesome new "sac's" She made them and i have yet to find any so cute in any store. The kid is set for nightime.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lunchtime cuties

Even the dog

Miss Pearl aka Squirlie will not rest until she kills this latest ball!! She can carry it in her mouth no problem, she can tear the outside skin so to speak off without damaging the ball itself, she can growl and bark at it bc it makes her so mad and in the end she DID put a whole in it and now it won't work for other than a toy for her. It only took 1 day! 1more bites the dust!!! I think that makes 12 in the past year????

Summer fun.....In November?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

all gone

Hello all, hope you are enjoying this HEAT WAVE as much as i am. I'm also getting the rest of the outdoor stuff done(well as much as "they" will let me)... I've been promising miss Norah that i would cut her hair because she is always complaining about it needing to be brushed.."it hurts, waaaa" and i told her it wouldn't be as hard to brush if it was shorter. So she has been asking me to cut it for the past few weeks.(reverse psychology does work:)) anyway today was the day, bath first and then chop chop. She has probably had about 8 haircuts in her short time with us and she's still not very good about it.:) Dad doesn't as of yet know it has happened. I need to casually mention that I'm going to cut it(to which i hear that we should take her somewhere to do it)Seriously he says that very same thing to me EVERY time, and then wait a bit, then do it while he's at work. Really he always freaks out about it and ya know he just needs to chill, It's one of the perks for us moms when we have daughters!! We get to play and cut real hair!!!!!!!!! I do think i cut about 3-4inches off today. The most I've ever done.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I wonder if i uploaded them correctly???............. Anyway i do believe the little man has music in his soul just as much as the little girl has dancing...............

While big brother is at school these 2 crack me up, one plays music(drums and or keyboard) and the other dances around the house. This is what it looked like about 30min. ago.:-)

voting and rolling:)

Let me start off by saying i have VOTED already today and am so glad it only took about 5minutes start to finish...............Hope you all do too.
These pictures are of the other day. the first two(or maybe last two) are of the little man. I thought that since his favorite mode of transportation is by rolling across the room that i would put him at the end of the hallway and see if he would roll down it into the dining room. Nope just over into my room...... Then the miss wanted to pose for a few.