Sunday, November 28, 2010

sometimes mom does know best ;-)

Tonight I am making a cookie that calls for baking cocoa... I have several of the ingredients out and ready when wouldn't you know it the 2 older kids come into the kitchen and spot the cocoa... WE WANT SOME they say all big eyed with delight...
(I have the oldest actually read it and he still wants in)
You wont like it, I tell them...
Yes we will, we LOVE chocolate.......
Ok fine you can try it......
They look at each other in pure rapture at the idea and can't believe when I tell them to lick a finger........
by this time little bro wants in on it too


All 3 tell me that nope they actually don't like baking cocoa, at least that's what I got from the gagging, nasty faces and running to the bathroom sink :-)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

declarations on tudey kids :-)

My oldest child has really become a struggle for me.. Over the last few weeks he's grabbed hold of and embraced this new...shall we say tude..To the point that it now also gets used upon dad, not just saved for his favorite parent "me"!! He argues everything and by everything I mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!! give him choices and he will argue, ask him a favor and he will argue, tell him to do something and he will argue, tell him to do something he likes and he will play dumb to have it turned around somehow and guessed it "WILL ARGUE"

Today I told him to go get his reading in since all he wanted to do was bad mouth and pick at the show I turned on for Ari and kinda for Norah (Miss Spider and the sunny patch kids) Isaac I say, go to your room and get your reading in for today while they watch this show........ TUDE, glares, argue argue argue...... stomp feet and shut door.... I check on him and see he's reading of all things "strawberry shortcake" Isaac I say, why you reading that, I mean really???? WELL I CAN'T FIND ANYTHING I LIKE TO READ!!! What about those 2 (big huge chapter books)you just picked out at the library?? I NEED HELP PICKING OUT WHAT TO READ, SINCE YOU WONT HELP I PICKED THIS!!!!!!! double devil eyes while delivering that last statement......
Side note: he never asked!
So I say to dearly beloved child: Well as of today I do believe that I will no longer do things for you that I don't like to do...............
icy glare asking what I mean.... No actual words spoken
Oh for example, I don't like to cook (baking I love, cooking not so much)so when you get hungry you better get yourself something to eat...

Ummm lets see, I can't stand picking up after you kids so when you loose something, please don't come to me "MOM I can't find my, where did you put my" because see honey I wont know because I'm not going to pick anything up....

OOOO and my favorite, I can't stand doing your nasty, stinky, 9yr old boy laundry so when your supply gets low feel free to wash,dry,fold and put away your own cloths.

Please remember you have a dress code at school and I'd hate for you to get into trouble for wearing the wrong things to school....
AND I do like to tell you if your doing things incorrectly so I will be standing by when you do your laundry and your cooking to make sure you don't ruin any of my machines...
Love you buddy!!! Have a nice rest of the day.......................
Your favorite parent XOXOXOXOX

Friday, November 19, 2010

A quick photo shoot

Angry face's!
More angry face's!!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A moment so rare I had to take a picture, who cares if it's dark and a little fuzzy, must have proof that it DID happen :-)
My other boy "yo yo you" Shhh don't tell him the hat's pink ;-)
THIS is what sleep-less-ness looks like. Think we've finally found out and fixed the 10 day up at 4am refuse a nap problem!!!

Oh and I'm officially a brunette, I'll get a "decent" pic and post it for ya, You know your curious!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Does she just break your heart or what? This is what it looks like when little brother bites the top of her muffin when she's not looking :(
He told us, he's all set for school with his lunchbox purse :)
We have been talking a lot lately with the big kids about proper brushing and proper length of time...... This was first, both Chris and I were stunned :-)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

About 2wks ago I stumbled upon this brilliant idea.. You see I have these hooks, 3 to be exact(and they are super neat) that I had just laying around FOR MONTHS and finally put them up in the basement for me to hang my hoodies and sweaters on. Now I didn't give them another thought(over a year ago) until about 2wks ago when I looked at my benches in the kitchen and saw all the crap(backpacks and such) that just gets tossed on them making everything look messy...It drives me nuts, but up until this day I didn't have anywhere for the kids to put them, we have a 4 hook kitty coat rack in the entrance way but no room for anything else...

Que these 3 hooks, I got to thinking I could put them up in the kitchen, they would look cute and wouldn't be seen unless you came in the house and stayed, otherwise they would be behind the door.... OH and the one I was doing for Ari was his favorite animal, baby Jaguar and OH Norah's favorite Webkinz is a Zebra.... SUPER PERFECT!!!!!!!

Let me present the backpack hooks! So proud of myself for thinking about these...
I love them, Ari puts "rescue pack" on his and the best part, the kiddos NEVER put their backpacks anywhere but on these, no more mess!!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

A treat gone wrong, although the dogs were in heaven!

NO pictures please!!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

You know I've always said that the stupid little.........I mean that sweet little dog that Isaac loves could eat paper and would grow and thrive that's how much she cares about what goes in her mouth........ Honestly today confirmed that she shares a kin-ship with my youngest! First I caught him dipping and swirling his breadstick in his juice before eating it and then looked over saying "what's that noise" only to find the little sh#! dog eating the brand new box containing SOS pads!!!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

edit to previous

Did you know I forgot to mention amongst all my whining about Halloween that my most favoritest part of the entire thing is when they little people dress up and go door to door! AND NO it's not for all the delicious candy they bring home(although=BONUS) I LOVE watching their little dressed up faces as they get a piece of candy from a grown up at the door. It's so fun to watch and hear! I could walk for a really long time to the houses with the lights on just to watch them:)

Monday, November 1, 2010

The take

This is a picture of each very ecstatic child with their "take" from going up and down almost 1 entire street last night :)