Sunday, July 6, 2008

Holiday Weekend

What an awesome holiday weekend.(My pics are not in order sorry) We had family from Lansing come into town on Thursday afternoon and they stayed with us until Saturday late morning and that was a lot of fun, good people and a good time. We all went to the Ada parade in the morning then home to clean up and let Ari and Norah take a much needed nap then off to my sisters for a bbq and fireworks. She just so happened to have some family also in town (my brother in laws sister and some neices and a nephew) We had a really nice time, it wasn't as crazy as past years but was still lots of fun the kids all had a BLAST.... Ari did ok, he wasn't in the mood to sleep with all the stimulation so he was pretty much awake from about 3:30 until 9:30 when i finally got a room that i could put him into and let him cry for a bit. Poor guy was sooooo tired but even so he was pretty much smiling and talking to all..... Family left Saturday and i had the chance to clean up a bit then Chris and his dad took the kids to see wall-e while Ari and i had a play date of sorts(for atleast the moms) with a friend of mine who has a little man "Ben" that is 6wks old now. We ended up going for a nice walk(I love finding people to walk with and we are both driven to get our bodies back). Then Papa took the kids overnight and returned them to us this afternoon. Sorry again that the pics arn't in the correct order, I'll do better next time. Hope you all had a great holiday weekend.......

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