Sunday, October 31, 2010

So last night we thought we'd try the "trunk or treat" that church was having and then we would have "trick or treating" out of the way............
Apparently the entire town thought the same thing and we had to wait in a LONG line for about 45min. just to get to the start of the trunks :-( Not the best experience if you ask me so we may end up going down one or 2 streets tonight, not sure yet :)

I will say I had the cutest costumed kids there!!!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


So Yesterday the big kids had their "Fall Harvest Party" at school and Chris surprised me by taking a half day and going with us(me and Ari).....

For some unknown reason 3 of the 5 pictures I took of Isaac's room say unable to read or something like that, that's why there are more of Norah's room...

The kids coming in from recess and see what's waiting for them:)

Friday, October 29, 2010


I decided to make a treat for Norah's fall harvest party, which turned into me making one for Isaac's also. Norah is in a nut free room so my search began......

I found a cute picture of Pretzel Ghost's and decided that was it:)

This is the kids "Ghost's"
AND these are for the teacher's and a few of the school staff that have been so helpful to us with all the transition's we've been going thru........

Pumpkin Crashing

I hate carving pumpkins almost as much as I hate getting Halloween costumes with my kids(this was the last year for that thanks to K)

I actually love carving pumpkins but with the little people, it turns in to a whining, fighting,non stop grouch fest that ends with dad usually doing all of them, or someone did theirs wrong or whatever it just stinks. I vote no pumpkins next year!!!

The closest Ari got to going in his pumpkin was touching the guts in the pie plate with one finger......:)
Ari reach in your pumpkin I say........Ari leans over, looks and says NOOOOO that's nasty mom!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

SUCCESS with the blue Dino, yea so happy!!!!!
Saturday night Chrs convinced me to let him get out the "big boy bed" for Ari. Ari said he was ready and was so excited to have it. Played in it for the entire evening.....
Sigh my little one was growing up and I wasn't ready, not to mention he never once tried to get out of his crib and slept in it all night long. I mean come on why ruin a good thing right, he can wait until he's 5 can't he...

Anyway bedtime comes and he's all set, has his sippy cup of water (just in case) and climbs right in:)

side note, I was only ok with this because I knew last weekend he slept in a bed for each nap and bedtime.....

5 minutes into having everyone down and sleeping he starts Crying out loudly with real fear in his voice. Chrs goes in and is gone for some minutes only to return to the living room stating "I need mom".. I go in and the little guy is very upset stating he's scared and "I scared and need my bed" no amount of convincing him otherwise was going to change things, he wanted his crib back NOW and wasn't going to sleep unless it he got it...
(internally my heart is singing)
Chrs I say we need to put his crib back up, he's not going to sleep if we don't.
Upset dad reluctantly gets up and crib is brought back upstairs and put back together without the wheels on it. BONUS

Oh happy day, my little guy was no happier than I about growing up :-)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Figures ***said with my sarcasm***

So this evening when Chris got home from a friends house (where he watched the 1 o'clock games) we went out to purchase Halloween costumes..........................

Insert drama voice and facial motions along with some arm smacking from me for the remainder of this post.....

I can't stand going costume shopping, CANT-STAND-IT..... No matter what, even if they know what they want to be before we go it still ends up changing, over and over and over and I'm gonna rip my hair out and beat someone else's kids over!!!!!!

We look and look and I have Norah all set to be a kitty, we need to get black sweatpants and a black turtleneck.. yea she was easy!

While Isaac brought me what he wanted above mentioned child, you know the easy one, finds that she also wants to be a dragon from the movie.......... GRRRRR start to look for the nonexistent size, then they want to be the same one! MOM, SHE CAN'T BE WHAT I WANT TO BE(make sure you hear whining)

All while this is happening Chris is trying to find this super cute lion in the size we need for Ari........................................

Meanwhile the little sucker (I mean stinker) sneaks past me to the other "big boy" costumes and see's a "werewolf" costume a.k.a. Big Bad Wolf and will have nothing but that, nothing else will do. They don't have it in your size buddy, how bout this ninja..NO BIG BAD WOLF

By this time I'm pretty hot and frustrated but oh so happy to see the bigger 2 kids working together (Isaac trying to find something else for Norah so she will BACK OFF his costume choice) and they find one. Each a different dragon, in correct sizes... OH happy day:)

Then daddy happens to find THE costume of the only girl from said movie and little daughter is ecstatic.... WOO HOOO.....

I take obstinate toddler out to vehicle on the promise that we were going to another store to find him a costume in his size (thank you lord for no yelling screaming fit exiting store)

New store same attitude: the little bugger was shown AT LEAST 15 different costumes with the same outcome "NO want BIG BAD WOLF"........

We finally find a "decent looking" big bad wolf type of costume complete with the mask and the hands, toddler is just about jumping thru store he's so happy.... Parents decide to suck it up, so what if they are the only family with a 2yr old wearing a super scary wolf costume, it's what he wants and that's all that matters correct?!?!?!?

Fast forward 15minutes and stinking-mother loving-monster turd-drove me crazy-made me want to go ape crazy-yelling in the store with angry eyes-can you even believe it toddler REFUSES to put any part of BIG BAD WOLF costume on because it's TO SCARY! No one else can put it on either, it's to scary and he's not wearing it!!!!!

God bless the huge turd, At least he proved he is indeed mine :)

Tomorrow I'll be back at the second store for this super cute blue dinosaur costume that "I" just love :) or maybe the cute puppy one.....hmmmmmm

Oh and I DON'T make costumes.........

Friday, October 22, 2010

If you can find the blog THE MEANEST MOM you must check it out, she has me rofl each and every time I read her:) You've found it if you see a blond devil woman with 4 kiddo's cartoon pic on the header :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

blah blah blah

My bouquet for the day
This is me post wedding well into the reception, makes me a little sad, you can't even see the makeup I'm wearing... I mean really I'm a virgin (well I was anyway) in the eyeliner dept. Yes I know, the makeup lady couldn't believe I've never worn any before EVER! My hair was super cute too, I pulled about 20ish bobby pins, I had so many twisty and turnies(my word) all over :)
Everyone like's the big dog

This giant nasty fish is what nightmare's are made of. Thank goodness my kid's never REALLY look at him.......eeeeeeewwwwwwwwww
So much for my awesome weekend away with Chris, ended up barely seeing him on Saturday due to us going to the salon to get readied! Man was it a LONG day/weekend. I think I came back just as tired as when I left!!! The night of the wedding, once we finally got back to the hotel we ate a few snacks and then I pulled all the pins out of my hair and brushed it, changed my cloths got into bed to watch the rest of a movie and WAS OUT!!!!!
It was a really fun day though, couldn't be happier for R & A. Such a beautiful day full of warm sunshine (in October no less) friends and family there to celebrate them :)

As soon as I see some fun,good,nice pictures of the wedding I will steal them and post them here.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Sitting here in a hotel in Ohio, enjoying a nice peaceful breakfast in the peace and quite:) Yes the weekend I've longed for is finally here. We arrived yesterday around 3:30 and will be leaving to go back home (that is if Chris can get me out of here)around 11am on Sunday:)
I am shortly off to spend the day with my bride to get beautiful(hair, makeup,nails) before the wedding starts at 4. Have a good one folks:)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So just wanted to throw out the kiddo's weight's

Isaac: 72# just turned 9!!

Norah: 43# age 5yrs

Ari: 33.6# age 2.5yrs

HOLY CRAP 10 pounds is all between the 2yr old and the 5yr old!! WHAT IS THAT!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Beginning Gymnastic's

Norah had her last class of beginner gymnastics today. Man was it ever fun. I think this will be something we will continue:)
In at least one of the pictures is some part of Norah's friend Noelle(black and white print legging's) who happen's to be one of Norah W's older sisters. What a small world, we didn't plan that AT ALL.

We were both shocked to see each other on the first day.. God sure does put us together a lot.....Hmmmmm

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Wanna know a huge perk to this new school.....................Helping out! I love being able to help out again!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

Friday Norah's class had a field trip to a pumpkin patch/apple orchard of sorts and it was so fun.
I was able to get Chris to take a half day so that it could be really special for her and not have little brother with us:)

We learned about the different apples, had cider and donuts for snack then went a playing. We petted baby goats and kittens and bunny's and a younger chicken. We fed BIG goats and picked our own apple from the orchard then we found our own pumpkin. Then we went down a fun tunnel slide and played in a corn box (super fun, I want one) much easier to clean up than sand (BONUS)!! Then played in a straw mound(they made it really fun by putting tunnels thru the straw at different places, the kids had a blast. then went and jumped off a big mound of straw bales....... All in all a fun day......

Did I mention how much I love being able to help out again, even if I have to bring the little man along with.....LOVE IT!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Traffic, HA what traffic

This is a little view(what I could get of it) of what my every day Monday thru Friday looks like. All together it takes approx.30 min. from start of wait to getting home with kids........

I wanted a picture from the top of the hill going down but if I had stopped I woulda caused an accident I'm sure! :)
Plus there is always tomorrow, hehe

I really need to start taking my camera with me everywhere just like I do my dog nail trimmers ;)
We had such a busy fun weekend... I cleaned out the van on Friday afternoon. CLEANED, like pull out EVERYTHING and have the big kids use soapy water and washcloths in the back(good lord what I saw) and then I scrubbed the rugs with the carpet cleaner and stuff called Equalizer (from work, gets out EVERY stain odor you can imagine) I really should buy stock in the stuff.........
Saturday we had soccer and Isaac rocks!! scored 1 goal..... Then we went and did a kid swap. We picked up Norah's friend Norah W.(remember from pre-k)and left Isaac in her place to play with her brother Noah. Isaac and Noah are the same age, actually 2wks apart....
Everyone had a blast!!
Saturday night I left the family to go to the bachelorette party for my girlfriend, 2wks and counting on the wedding.... Man am I old and so not missing the "party scene" The best part of the night was the comedy but I must say I had to hide my yawn's, seriously after 10pm and out in public, not my normal AT ALL:)
Sunday we opted out of church and hung around the house and cleaned up some more, did laundry, then Chris had a buddy over who brought 3 of his 4 kids and WOW!! Norah and I got to escape to Gymnastics and so glad........

I really promise to start taking my camera with me more often and taking pictures more often, I've kinda hit a lull and don't really like it.............
Hope your weekend was good too..............................