Thursday, July 24, 2008

b-lated birthday to me

Last night my other mother-in-law for my birthday took me and Isaac out to dinner(per my request) and then we went shopping and Isaac got a bunch of cloths(per my request). We went to applebee's for dinner and had a really nice time, i had a heart attack on a plate,hehe and then to pennys where i got to pick out 4pairs of shorts and 3 shirts for Isaac. It was such fun and then on the way out i even got to get a new purse. I haven't had a brand new purse in forever!!!!!!!!!!!! It's one of those things for woman (like shoes) and since the children it's been part of my past life. It is sooooooo stinkin cute. I LOVE IT!!!!! what a nice time last night thank you Bonnie!!!!! Today i received a birthday check from grandpa(i have been VERY blessed with this extended family i have married into)and i put that in the bank and went to the dollar store for some things we have needed for a bit and then we went to lowes and purchased 5 trees(little ones)for my front yard....such fun!!!!!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now I'm gonna eat some dark chocolate brownies that are fresh out of the oven then out to plant my trees(bushes) whatever you want to call them they get TALL.......

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