Friday, July 18, 2008


The day did seem to improve somewhat as the morning went on. I snapped some pictures of our afternoon in the backyard. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Check out the swim suit that i just found in yes another bag of cloths that i didn't know about. I did wonder where all those cloths went to from last year and found it yesterday! I swear bags of cloths just keep turning up every now and again! I love the suit, it is so stinkin cute..... I just got back from taking Pearl for a little and i mean little walk and what do ya know another "punk kid" has snapped all my flowers down by the sidewalk! that's 2years in a row that this has happened, why would you do that????It sucks. Tomorrow is my first Saturday back to work, not really lookin forward to it but the money will be nice. Have a good weekend all.

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