Friday, October 31, 2008

It's raining candy:)

What a fun Halloween, the kids had a blast!!! Isaac "Darth Vader" Norah "Funshine Bear"(thanks Jana)...... Ari didn't dress up but did wear his Halloween bib:) He had fun till about 1hour after his bed time then it was time for us to return home..... I do believe that Norah was a hit of the neighborhood again.. Last year with the awesome alligator/crocodile costume that i didn't see on anyone else and this year she was the only care bear and every house "oh how cute is she, o would you look at her, honey come here"that is until she took the head off, the girl was sweating something fierce...
Hope everyone had as much fun as we did:-)
O i almost forgot in the midst of all the fun Norah was running full speed towards "mallie and roxies"(without the head on) and BAM she lands face first on the sidewalk.... what does she do she gets up laughing and puts the head on and off we go.. Awhile later Chris notices that she not only has a bloody scratched spot on the side of her face she has a robin's egg sized bump just below her eyebrow..... She's one tuff cookie when she wants to be...

The end

She's a girl after my own heart.... We've been to 3 houses and she starts eating her candy..Why wait! They got entirely to much candy. I think i might have to fix that after they go to bed....;)
Apparently all photos are in reverse order than uploaded in..


Hi, thought I'd check in real quick. It's been a LOOOOOOOOOONG week. My house guest is a peeing/pooping machine. I feel like all I've done is do laundry, i have to change the little guys wet towels 4x a day and not to mention that during the night at least he's been pooing on them. The urination is to be expected but the poo................

On top of that i have finally taken Norah to the doctor because of her cough(that she's had for about 2.5weeks) and i turns out that she has cough-variant asthma......(cough induced asthma)unlike the normal kind with the wheezing/tight chest/shortness of breath they just have a cough. So we now own an inhaler with a spacer that we need to 2x a day. I'm hoping that this will not be a regular thing, the last time we had a problem like this she was 7months old i think (makes sense though that when she's running now it always makes the cough worse).I read up on it and aside from allergy's being a trigger cold air can also trigger it. FUN FUN We are suppost to do it every day for at least a week if not 2. We also were given different allergy meds. The Doc we saw yesterday didn't like what she was on due to her age. I hope this one works just as well and that it can keep the allergy's down w/out needing the inhaler.

Well that's all for now, gotta go pick up the house, do more LAUNDRY and get ready for Halloween:)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Wow it's been a crazy few days. Sunday was my day to serve and after church at 12:30 we did the swap a baby for an Isaac at grandpa's house... Then got home in time to put Ari down for a nice nap and have Norah picked up by Auntie to spend the afternoon with Jona (she woke that morning telling dad she was crying bc she missed her Jona) how cute is that. I proceeded to eat lunch then go outside in some CRAZY weather and rake about 2inchs of leaves off the grass....then came in cleaned up a house played with a baby then off to walk with my girl Andrea. After that i pick up my eldest nephew who on the way home tells me "ya know aunt Janet when Ari's 15 I'll be 30" I about freaked out told him to hush up, not only would he possibly be married with kids but also i would be soooooooo old. Get to my sisters at 6:45pm. Home by 7:30ish. Today was a typical Monday except that i had to do some more winterizing and get the front entrance ready for a canine guest that's going to be coming from my work to stay with us until Friday or sat.... He had major bladder surgery and needs to have a close eye kept on him and I'm just thankful to my mother in law for letting him come here vs. having to go over there 2-3x a day. Now it's just figuring out the morning routine with adding another dog that can't as of yet go out to potty with Miss Squirlie....aka Pearl. Have a good night all time to watch "Chuck" and "Heros"
The little man's new sleep sac's came today*YEAH* and there is lots of room to grow!!

A preview of Norah's costume on daddy, he's so funny....

The many face's of Ari, he's so cute!!


What fun the kids had carving pumpkins on Saturday..... For the friend record turns out boys don't like carving them out when they are seven years old either. That is until they find out their 3 year old sister does:)

Norah wanted heart everything, what a girlie girl:-)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Seriously wrong! The girl has feet/toes like her mother:)
The 4 pic's are what Norah takes pictures of when mom's not looking

So happy first thing in the morning:-)

Thursday, October 23, 2008


So here are some pictures of the past day.
Evidence of my neglect, it actually looks better on film......

Such a handsome young man

Pretty girl on our walk yesterday

Future pianist..
The child abuse on the youngest has begun:( It took longer than the first 2, they were like 4months but we have entered that world..............1)Who knew the little guy could bend over something and wiggle downwards...(new milestone)........2) who knew his redheaded skin was sooooo sensitive?! The miss took a fall like i just saw when she was 4months and not a mark on her, this guy.................................HUGE purple egg on his head!!!!!!!! I suck and should have known better!!!! If I'm ok with it later I'll get a picture and post it.
It's about time he has some fear of falling, the world is a dangerous place full of all kinds of dangerous situations......That's my defense anyway.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


It turns out that i will by purchasing some sleep sac's ASAP. Why i never thought about it i don't know but i should have. He had to be swaddled until the blanket was no longer large enough, it's no surprise that i had to wake a baby at 7:30 this am after a night of uninterrupted sleep for him!!! Hopefully sleep problem solved!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Movin on up...............

The little man is starting to develop at the speed of light! Along with tons of hair(you just need to look close up)and actual viewing of teeth he is now an almost independent sitter.(He does still on occ. nose dive or flop over but is starting to catch himself). He is also on the move via rolling around the room and then pushing himself backwards and in circles. Chris said tonight that gone is the day where you lay him down and leave the room expecting him to be in the same place when you return. He will now be across the room or almost completely under a chair. Now if we could only get him back on track with the sleeping situation. I'm almost at the point of trying anything to get him back to sleeping like he was!!!!! Tonight i am trying the sleep sac thingie.(that he's almost to big for) If this works and he sleeps uninterrupted you know what I'll by buying tomorrow!!!! Cross your fingers and say a prayer folks, I am one exhausted momma.
We have teeth

Check out all that hair

So proud of himself, the boppy is for my peace of mind

He seems to like the sac so far:)

Saturday, October 18, 2008


It amazes me how tired you can be and still somehow keep on going.
Let me start with last night, i was so tired that when i went to bed last night at 10pm i think i was asleep w/in 5min. only to wake up at 10:45 and not fall back asleep until....well it was after 11:30 anyway. Then at 1 i wake up to a baby talking away. I wasn't going in there unless he started crying, well the little guy talked to himself for at least 25min. and FINALLY fell back to sleep only to wake up at 3 and after about 20more minutes of talking to himself i went in and yup had to flip a baby over and recover with must have blanket(he likes to smother himself and eat the thing) back to bed i go and he falls asleep. 5:30 yup he is TALKING again and I'm not a happy mom!! 5:40 forget it i get up and go in and flip a baby and cover again!!!!! 7am the good ol' alarm goes off, i hit snooze..................13min. later up and time to wake a baby to start the stinkin day!!!!!!!
Isaac has his run for funds race/walk this morning for school it's at 9am sharp, yippie!!!! Well i am planning on just me and Isaac going but miss had to tag along too. Well let me tell ya Isaac ROCKS! the dude ran 12laps(each is 1/4mile) he did a total of 3miles in 1hr. WAY TO GO ISAAC!! He made a bunch of money for school, i was so proud.
We get home @ 11. ARi needs a bottle and lunch then off we go at noon to my friend Laura's house for me to go out into the field and get myself some rocks. I got enough med.big sized ones to cover the floor space of the entire van and decided to call it good, i did after all have to move them again when i got home and then vacuum out the van and at this point i am starting to feel the lack of sleep. I will be needing to go out there again at least 1 more time i want lots and if i can move them i can have them..............................
Home for kids naps and i move some rocks again!!! kids up, play a little do some fun outside play and then dinner time after dinner get a baby to bed at @ 7:15 and time to walk the dog!!!(I don't want to be bothered by ANYTHING/ONE after i lay on the couch) Home from walking dog at just about 8. give bedtime hugs and kisses and nose rubs and downstairs i go to take a quick shower(I'm one dirty girl) Now I'm gonna finish this, post some cute pics from yesterday and Isaac at the race and then the couch and i are going to become one. Have a good night all.......
Oh and a quick "THANK YOU LORD" for keeping my brother in law and my 2 nieces safe this morning. They were on their way to the run and ran over a 2x4 that had nails in it and popped the tires, did a few 360's and ended up flippin the car and ending upside down in a ditch and no one was hurt other than a cut finger......
The little man was sleeping, miss Norah had to get in on the picture and we just told her to pretend.

Look at that guy run............ No he didn't run the whole thing but i took pics of the running.

After the run he was so proud!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


This is my backyard after the nice windy,rainy night last night. The one and only good thing about the darn things and they provide awesome insulation for all my flowers esp. my glads that i refuse to dig up in the fall and keep on coming back each spring.......

I couldn't even get the entire ginormous thing in the camera view! Put it this way it would crush the house like a little bug if it ever fell over it's so big!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Well it turned out that i only had one sick kid sleeping(how fun is that) and Isaac's apt went awesome the kids rocks the 75% for weight and he's 90% for height, not something i didn't know. Got some cute pics of the little man this evening. After supper and then all ya need is to disinfect a sink and a baby that can sit can rock out with the water and make a HUGE mess:)