Monday, March 29, 2010

soccer balls and bubbles

We found out over the weekend that Frank really loves to sleep. He also really loves to play soccer and catch bubbles as I blow them in the yard:-) WHAT a neat dog this one is......................................

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Meet Frank

We found him.. The perfect dog(the only other one not in my house) was found in Lansing and he is indeed a mutt/mix:-)
The family took a trip last night to go meet "Frank Sinatra". See everything about Frank and the little video showed him to be a perfect fit for us. Only hitch was that he hadn't been around little kids, like Ari little kids. So we went to kid test him and having talked in great length about this we(Chris and I) agreed that one sign of any type of aggression in regards to the kiddo's and that would be it. We could at least say that we kid tested him for the foster mom and move on... I don't know exactly how I came upon him online but when I did I got so excited.

See Chris has always wanted an English Bulldog. ALWAYS!! and well I've ALWAYS told him that we wouldn't ever be able to afford to buy a bulldog puppy let alone afford to keep the walking skin/ear infection comfortable.. All that I've even known have had huge skin/ear issues to go along with their breathing issues...

Within the first 10min. I was in love with him but he was ignoring Ari. Another 20min later and he was running laps being chased by Isaac and Norah around the house, but he still hadn't looked at Ari...... 10min later and he stopped, walked up to Ari(who was on my lap) and kissed/licked his face clean and we were sold!!!

Please meet the goofiest looking English Bulldog mix I'VE ever seen "Frank"
The lady doggies love him.........................................

Friday, March 26, 2010


It's morning, Norah is on the computer playing some game and the T.V. is on but no one is watching, I hate when it's left on like that.
Anyway I'm picking up and putting laundry away when I notice how quiet it is(you know the I'm being sneaky quiet)......Hmmmmm where is Ari?

Found him :-)
so I give him the top of the cupcake and then guess what he does with it.... Remember he is a thief in jammies...................................
Oh yes he crumbles it up and shoves in down in his jammies... Oh well, he needed a bath this am anyway.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The big 2 and soccer brrrrrrrrrrrr

The little man loves Nemo, Nemo on ice not so much "scary" "no like dark"! Real nice lesson to learn the first time you ever take your kids to a Disney on ice adventure... ANYWAY............................................................

Happy Birthday Ari, I sure do love you....
your still my favorite **shhhhhhhhh** don't tell anyone ;-)

He loves himself some books:)

The miss warming up during her first ever soccer practice!

This is what we did during the first hour of soccer practice.....

This is the family for the second hour of practice. Isaac is the kid in the Green/Grey jacket with the brown hat. We are the folks who moved the van to viewing range to watch from inside.... IT WAS FREAKEN COLD OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The dogs collar's have been reflectorized(I don't think it's really a word but I just made it one)!!

This is the best I can find for size and reflector's, I don't think it looks to shabby.. I may need to find those punch thingie's that you can punch thru leather to keep them there, if the super glue doesn't work that is................
I think it will help anyway esp. on the dark lady:)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All sorts of junk..........................................................

Tomorrow he will be 2! T-O-M-O-R-R-O-W!!! Where have the last 2yrs gone.....................Oh I remember each and every time I look at my face but anyway.... I just can't believe it......

We had preschool conferences(like they are really ness.) but it was super fun to gush over my little lady who just happens to be a ROCKSTAR in school!! super awesome and smart and kind and blowing the teachers mind in a few areas(go Norah, go Norah)!!

Tomorrow also starts what's bound to be a super fun soccer season(please read the sarcasm in my voice) you know cuz 2 are in it and one has practice at 5 and the other at 6.. WOO HOO and we get to keep a toddler happy on a field with a ball to play with that he wont want bc it's not one of the ones they are using and neither one of us will want to be on the playground WAY above the field with him missing one of the kiddos practices.... Oh hell, pray for us......

oh oh oh and on Friday we get to go and meet a "sounds perfect" potential most perfect dog to add to our house... We are gonna go and give him a kid test :-) If he passes it'll be sweet and Chris will be the happiest man on the planet. If not we will be a little sad but I have a back up in mind to see on Sunday who happens to be (In my mind) a little more size wise and age wise perfect..............
If it's not ment to be this "Frank" will growl at the little man and we'll be on our way and will hopefully meet "Yoda" on Sunday....

Monday, March 22, 2010

I am in love with our new.......spring loaded gate :-)!! Sure wish we would have thought about it oh lets say a month ago!!!!!

It's turning out to be much harder than I thought to find that next "perfect dog"!!
*****sigh***** I know just have patience you say, well know what...........WE DON'T HAVE ANY!! ********double sigh*********

Friday, March 19, 2010

so ymmy

Man I love chocolate and ya know as a child I wasn't a fan of the stuff, not really. I didn't even like cake. I LOVED ice cream and would only eat German Chocolate cake, any other way!!(My first pregnancy ended my cake aversion)
I have been wanting chocolate cake for 2 days (thanks KJ) Yesterday I resisted and we bought cupcakes but those only lasted the night and well I kept thinking of this cake I saw at Meijers....chocolate mocha torte..............

Oh and yes I got chewed out for eating the last cupcake for breakfast this morning while the children still slept.....

So having to go to the store for a few things prompted me to go ahead and get that cake(Norah had to remind me in the car on the way there too)

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM is was/is sooooooooooo good!!!!!!

THE chocolate monster, I just wanted to lick him clean, not to would have been chocolate abuse!! :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I gotta tell ya. With each and every kid Chris has been all about telling them what our names are and thinking it's cute when they use them. NOT me, I don't think it's right. Well it wasn't a problem before because each one never took to it but this time with child #3... Let's just say Chris is not so happy with himself this time, all we hear is "Hi Chris" or "Chris help" or "by Chris" you get my drift. He's been home for all of 5 minutes and I think I've heard it 4-5times already :-) Serves him right I tell ya!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


goodbye little buddy! Norah is doing well by the way, if she needs to tell you she says her dad accidently left the gate open:) mission accomplished

Now if I could just figure out why the big kid KEEPS LEAVING IT OPEN!! Seriously, he's NEVER left it open and now all of a sudden each and every time and all he says is "oops, it was an accident" 2x now the pug has almost made it to the road!!
Had a nice talk about how we may not be so lucky next time and the poor dog might not die right away and will be in pain and how none of us want that and that if it were to happen again there would be no more getting of dogs because it's to hard on our hearts!!!

Yes we have on it's way a hinge type locking thingie for the gate so that you don't even need to shut it, it does it all by itself :-) Please hurry shipping company, please hurry!!!

good bye good friend!!

The younger 2 are indeed happy in this picture and the big kid... I don't know, I think he's getting hormonal already on me...................

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

At the suggestion of one of my girlfriends I went out yesterday and purchased this

and I also got these to decorate it

The plan is for each of us to paint a side, I had a few pictures printed off and when I get his ashes back we are going to spend some time writing down all the good and funny things we liked so much about Zero and put those in the box too......

This one is turning out to be really hard for me too.. It's one thing when they are old and sick and you are giving them peace(still hard but easier) and it's another all together when they get a screw loose in their head and decided to not like people(no matter how much training you have done) and get very fear aggressive and then snap at and break the skin on a baby.(still hard but WAY easier) Zero was in so many ways an awesome little, fun dog that was taken at the ripe age of 2........................
We'll get there, yup we will:)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

**Quick update to previous post**

It would seem that Norah has "chosen" to believe that it really was an accident and that it being an accident no one is to blame. That or she is believing that dad really was the last one in and the plan was to go back out but that he had been distracted and forgot...
EITHER way the poor child has learned the lesson,(NOT the way I would have chosen for her to learn it) Yesterday and once today she has been the last one in and I've watched her stop turn around and shut the gate..
(The Norah of past HARDLY EVER shut the gate without being told to)

We will begin looking for our perfect rescue dog to help fill this HUGE whole in our hearts and hands when we walk the dogs and just ya know........................only no more mostly DARK doggies for us and I'm going to go looking for some reflectors to attach to the dogs collars and tags!!

Friday, March 12, 2010


Well tonight we lost our very good, dear little buddy :( My bestest jogging buddy, our 25 doller rescue dog to a car.....
Turns out that the gate was accidentally left open and I was not aware of it. Let the dogs out, forgot I let the dogs out cuz ya know we have family in town from Lansing staying with us this weekend. Remembered that I had let dogs out about 20min later and went out. Dogs were gone... Onyx came back first from the back panting like crazy... Next is Isis the little pug ACROSS the street, get her in the house and Zero is the last to find........A man in a van is talking to Jon and apparently he saw a little brown dog get hit by a car and was kind enough to stop and put him on the side......

Our little buddy was gone...........

Oh and my super smart daughter becomes hysterical for the next hour because she was the last in the house and left the gate open! No amount of convincing her otherwise will make her think differently...poor little girl :-(

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I was going to post some fun pictures from today.........***Stupid blogger***

Today I decided to take it easy! Which ment that the nasty mess from last night stayed in the basement until after Chris got home from work and it also ment that the breakfast dishes were on the counter until just about 3pm. It also ment that the house wasn't vacuumed until about 4ish....
I am so glad I did because it looks like I will be working Tomorrow for a few hours, quite possibly Friday night and then I am scheduled for Saturday. If this happens, today will be the only day I don't work at all.......................PHEW!!!!
I had the fun pleasure of spending my 2.5 hours alone with the little man at the children's museum and boy did we have fun.. Also ran into our friends Aimee and Ben :-) It's so funny to me to go there and see all these parents just standing there and watching their kiddos, I mean I'm all for individual play and such but COME ON at least pretend to be having fun WITH THEM!!:)

So much less worked up(I mean stressed) now that my mornings Monday-Thursday are cut down to just the 1 child for a few hours....SSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice!! If I get a second later I will try to post those pictures :)


THE most favorite part of the museum, the mirror tunnel

My future pianist.......

Such Focus :)

Watch out Ben, Ari's not buckled!!

Look out there's a crazy driver on the road

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this thing. Oh and the massive bag of sea foam that I've been eating for 2 days...Back to this thing, I Love it! Wanna know why? I'll tell ya.......I works amazing feats on both dog and cat alike. Not on kids however(I've tried) but dogs and cats...............Just the sound makes any 4 legged creature in hearing distance RUN, BOLT, SCAT(the name):) It's the best 23. bucks ever spent and I don't have to zap a critter!!
Oh and replacement thingies are(as you can see) 12.99!! Who knew a HUGE BURST OF WHITE AIR could work so well... My coffee is now safe in the cup where I leave it in the mornings:)Among other things... Just ask my sister, she was witness to 2 dogs and 3 or 4 cats sitting pretty and then it made "the noise" I thought she was gonna pee her pants she was laughing so hard!!
-Just another thing I love :) ***sigh***

Monday, March 8, 2010

You know if I was the type of person to get anxiety/panic attacks, this next week or 2 would do it for me.... Just thinking about it makes me sleepless!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh the lovely sounds she makes..ALL THE TIME!

Just a brief glimpse into what she sounds like when she wants out of the crate. Trust me she just keeps going and going and going like the energizer bunny!!!

Stupid dog keeps getting on my counter and drinking my coffee!!! Last night I got some awesome deals at meijer for some cloths... Fleece zip up $5. turtlenecks $1. pants $4. and I could have kept going but man I'm not made of money :) Erin get your tush to Meijer, cute cloths SUPER cheap.....
This week of cage rest for the dog is almost over, I just might tape for you all how she sounds... Dying Gremlin doesn't quite do it justice:)

Monday, March 1, 2010

one size fits all???

So yesterday Norah dressed herself for church. She had a shirt on that I don't even know where she got it from and then shiny pink leggin's and a skirt with socks... By about 7pm I tell her to go take of her "tights" and put some pants on. I've had it with all the fidgeting and such, they were buggin her... She comes out of her bedroom "mom how bout these pants" and has on a pair of brown capri pants. well those are just fine I tell her and then I take a closer look cuz ya know I've never seen these pants before......................................................

Wait a sec Norah those are Ari's pants!! The ones I was looking for this morning actually........ Well arn't they a nice fit!! She will be 5 in 2 months and he's almost 2!!!! Seriously people they are a 2T and they fit her great, not tight in the waist or crotch and could totally pass for Capri's!!!

Older bro told her to growl or rrraaarrwwww for the camera!