Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Needs a home

So I'm reaching out to all you readers (like all 7 of you) i have this wonderful, beautiful approx. 2yr old female kitty that would love a forever indoor/outdoor home:) She is a proven hunter. She will come with shots and will be neutered prior to going to her new home. She is a lovely cat. We call her mama kitty.she is mom to our newest(they look exactly alike only son is grey and mom has prettier eyes) She would like somewhere warmer to spend her evenings and i can't have another female in my house!!!! I have provided for her the best i can for the winter months in my garage(she is set up!!!) but i know she would love more attention and warmth that a house would provide. If any of you may know of someone please send them my way. Just have them mention you!!! Thanks:):):)

Monday, December 29, 2008

What a week

Oh my what a busy/crazy week I've had. Between working much more than normal and our 5 (count them 5) family Christmas's It's no wonder it's taken me this long to get it all together. I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas holiday and are anticipating the fast approaching new year:)The biggest plus to me working till 2 on Friday and till 1 on Saturday is that i didn't have to find a home for yet another batch of Christmas gifts:):)Biggest downfall, i didn't feel like i was home much at all except for Sunday, and i really wasn't:(:( Thankfully back to normal only without any school or petsitting schedule. I need it!!! We had tons of fun seeing everyone this last week and the kids had at least one "THIS IS THE MOST AWESOMEST" gift at each place we went to. Also had some awesome food at each place:)"Moms favorite part" Oh and the necklace has been found, my heart is not broken anymore:):):) I tried to do 5 pictures of each party in the correct order but didn't take the time to put captions with them, I'm still just to tired:( I also thought I'd show you what Chris was doing on Christmas eve at about 8:30pm.......Stupid Pearl!!!!

Christmas Eve with grammie and brad

She is so girl she is saying "yea, shoes"

Christmas Morning

Christmas afternoon with papa & grandma

"The day after Christmas" my sister's w/mom

and the final family Christmas"Lansing"

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hi, so how has your Christmas eve been treating ya??? My whole day was pretty good! We had a no T.V. day and ya know what, the kids were some of the best behaved kids I've seen. Don't get me wrong we had our issues but overall the day was awesome and quiet. We went to grammies for dinner and gifts tonight and that was super. Dinner was AWESOME. It was so strange there i sat and i realized that this time last year i was sitting in the same place eating the same meal(my choice) and i was a super big pregnant woman. Tonight i was holding a 9month old little man and was not super big.:) Then we get home............................ Half of grandma's Christmas present(which she's getting tomorrow) was embedded into the very fibers of the living room rug!!!! I am soooooooo pissed at a stupid dog, who will from now on be crated when we leave!!!!!!!!!!! and then i notice that somewhere during this once fab. evening part of my new necklace is gone!!!!! i got this as a gift from a friend from work(she had me this year) and the special part was a silver ring that said family around it and in the center was hanging all of my kids birth stones and a silver heart for my Ian. It was so special, i was so surprised by her thoughtfulness!!! It actually brought me to tears when i opened it..... and now......gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still need to wrap gifts and now I'm just not caring to so I'm checking blogs and bloggin myself....
Well Merry Christmas all, sweet dreams

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I have some super cute kiddo's!!!!!!!!!

He's a crawling machine!!!!

Oh yes and i must have at least one "I'm pooping face picture":)
It's official, the little man has spoken!!!!!! No not the typical mama or dada. My little man says Isaac!!!!!! Chris confirmed it last night at the dinner table, Isaac bent over and made a funny face with noise and Ari would laugh and then say Isaac. (like he was saying silly Isaac) He did it about 6times and then to be sure we had Norah do the same thing and he laughed but said nothing!!!

On another note I've been waiting 7yrs to shut a child's finger in a door and as of yesterday the wait is over:( Miss Norah's middle 2 fingers are all swollen and purple! I even, much to her dismay immediately doused them with snow, 2x no less!!!!!! The funny part if their can be a funny part is that after i shut the door we both realized it at the same time, she had quite the delayed reaction. Poor thing was just hysterical, Hyperventilating!!!!!!! All good now thank's to Pain meds and ice pak's!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Hi, so i was looking thru pictures this morning and came across one of Pearl and I can't believe how small she was!!! I think this was taken the day she came home. Just look at her crazy arse now:)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Just a few

What a combo: pasta,beans,blueberry muffin and carrots(yum,yum) look closely and you can even see some muffin in his ear:)
Auntie took this pic, thanks auntie it turned out so well: noone was hurt during the making of this picture:)
Isaac the other morning chocolate milk and all:)

Friday, December 19, 2008


Honestly folks I don't know who my children are on snow days!!! They don't act like themselves at all. Like my friend Erin blogged about, you have 1 coming to you crying and the other shouting over them saying "NORAH'S LYING" "oH NO I DIDN'T" and such and it sucks!!!!! It started at 7ish and it does not make for a good day let me tell ya....Anyway what the bleep was up with the snow today?!?!?! Over a foot at the very least. I shoveled the sidewalks and entrances and i was DONE. I guess i wasn't leaving the house until Chris got home to shovel the drive or better yet maybe our friend who plows would drive by and do our driveway(he's been doing it almost every day that it snows so far) Huge blessing!!! Today, not to be and our neighbors plow guy shows up about 5min. after Chris starts and he asks him if he gives him $10. would he do ours?? The guys says ya but just this once. We think it's great until he's done and gone. I'm pissed at the waste of a $10. He didn't do the entire drive and at the bottom he puts most of it in our sidewalk and at the end. Did a real crappy job!!!!!!!!! I wish i would have thought of it sooner i would have had the neighbor boys use their snow blowers for $5. and they would have done way better, but like i said i was waiting/hoping for Jeff to make an appearance. Well the kids are in bed and i just got back from walking the dogs(boy was that fun, NOT!!!) and i need a break!!!!!! Hope this finds you warm and snuggly:):) Erin hope you feel better soon!!!!! answer the call from the bed:)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So I'm gonna start this off with an Isaac funny or cute: Monday on the way home from school he tells me that Mrs. Mast wants to have a small little party before Christmas break. He then tells me "ya know mom, i want to bring a birthday cake" to which i ask "why a birthday cake?" He say's because mom it's Jesus's birthday!!! How stinkin cute is that!!!! So tomorrow night I'll be making a birthday cake for Jesus:-)

Got a call from my sis while at work last night and my mom is back into the Hospital!! Satan leave her alone i say!!!!!!! She did get to go home in excruciating pain waiting to have a mri done on her Knee? My sis says it sounds like she blew out her ACL!!!!!!!!!!! I told sis that we were just going to have to sell her house and have her move in with her:)

On another note Isaac had his first Karate belt test last night.... He did awesome, they all really did awesome!!!! Isaac went from a white belt to white deputy and he even broke a board with his fist!!!!!!!!! RIGHT ON DUDE!! Now i don't have any really good pic's apparently my camera is outdated and sucks along with poor lighting:(

Monday, December 15, 2008

A HUGE ginormous hug goes out to my sister and the kids........ Their last dog(they lost "Monte" last year) "Kendall" was hit by a car this morning, broke her back and had to be put to sleep:( I am sooooooooooooo sorry guys, giant hugs all around....

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Just some more

I told Isaac to pretend he liked the person who gave him life and smile.... Didn't work until dad said "dude sit your butt down and smile" Thanks dad:)
Folks, i had to post this picture because.....if memory serves, my 15YEAR old nephew wore this snowsuit when he was little and i even remember a picture of him in it in a pumpkin!!!!!!
Nice dad!!! That's what i get for saying "smile"

Such pretty dogs!!!!! but Pearlie why so scared??? Oh that's right that's how you always look!!!:(

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Tree Day

Well today was my day to "sleep in" and really wasn't happening. Between "Daaaaadddddyyyyyy, waaaaaaa" and Isaac coughing and Ari yelling then crying it just wasn't meant to be but that was ok. Last night for the first time in a long time i wasn't up with any child(Yeah me)...... Today was find our perfect tree day:)and we did!!!
Note to self......When going out into field to pick tree check tree prices first!!!!!!!!! We found the perfect tree cut her down and then found out how much her kind cost!!Ridiculously expensive for a cut down tree but i guess on the plus side i have never had a tree that smells like a bag of oranges!!!! I is simply wonderful.... and you know i can't remember the name for the life of me....
On our way to get the perfect tree, the best shot i could get in the van:)

How strong are ya mom?? can you pull all of us??

"The One" a little on the small side but then where we were going to put her she would have fit perfectly..

We picked a different spot and we could have gone bigger!! Our tree 2008

Now if i could stop seeing this we would be ALL GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll post some other pictures from today at a later time. Hope everyone is well:)