Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So in the past 24 o lets give me a little and say 36hours i have dealt with more screams, bumps, fights,tantrums, bruises that i can remember!!!!!

lets start with this viewEVERY SINGLE TIME I TURN AROUND this is what i find. At least this time he's not throwing EVERYTHING on the floor.

and a happy moment brotherly love

This was yesterday morning "somehow" a cute precious little face was shoved into the window sill of brothers window:(

and this yesterday late morning "somehow" ended up with a purple DENT into her face by her eyebrow

and finally this morning "somehow" ended up with toothpaste everywhere on the face, hair, bedding brothers pants and finally a fat bloody lip!!!

What the heck is happening i ask you cuz i sure don't know and i do "somehow" because the story changes with the teller and time.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

One thing you don't think about when your bedroom becomes the basement..........................................................umm DOORS.
and I'm gonna leave it at that people!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

So it turns out that transitioning the little man to 1 nap a day is not gonna happen.. I just don't think he's ready yet and that's fine by me as long as he doesn't start to get up at 6 every day again..

Chrs got the bball hoop up this evening and it's so awesome!!!

I ran 3.5 miles last night in the 90 degree heat with compression hose on up many hills.GO ME!!!!!

I need to find some willpower against ice cream and chocolate and well all things sweet otherwise all my running is going to be just to maintain my sweets addiction!!!:-(

The tooth fairy(the giver not the taker) is continuing on her quest to give the little guy teeth...oh what fun were having with that!

I can't figure out how to make my words in italic or bold like my other blogger friends do and it's PISSIN me off.............maybe lack of patience is also to blame.

MY BACK HURTS SO BAD, STUPID ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!50 sun block on my entire body except those spots on my back:-(

Friday, June 26, 2009

a little update about our beach day

This is what after nap looks like....................................
or it looks like this...................................

and the best part..............this is what it looks like when your the only adult and you let your kids help cuz "we'll do a good job mom" and it really felt like they did..............................

no wonder i was feeling so HOT!!!!!
After yesterdays horrible, miserable, just plain rotten day i decided that today we were going to the beach, gonna get out of here and do something fun..........

Went to the beach we did, for a whole 2.5hrs, probably would have made it longer if i had remembered to buy those little swimmers last night... It got real old to take a diaper off go in the water then put a diaper on to sit and eat and to play on the playground...... Had i remembered those then maybe i could have actually sat a minute and maybe gotten a better picture or two... it's hard to get a pic when your outnumbered 3 to 1 and on one side you have water and the other you have an awesome playground!!!!!! not to mention that the oldest of the bunch would not go into the water and just whined about being bored and wanting to go home...........
Correction he went in 1 time RAN and thru himself at me and clung on for dear life while he screamed!!!!!!(I'm not joking or exaggerating)
let me state that he's been to this beach before and LOVED it and i couldn't get him out of the water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This time.....................................HE WAS AFRAID OF THE FISH!!!!!!!!!!!

O and please notice the woman in the background smoking!! Seriously people my husband is a smoker and he would NOT smoke there! he probably would have gone over to one of the 2 parking lots away from ALL THE KIDS... More correctly he probably wouldn't have had a smoke until we LEFT and that woman was over there at least 3 times in the first 40 minutes they were there.......

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Today SUCKS!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

From across the room i hear...........................your a good mom mom. even when your mad your a good mom.....
Then she comes over and saysI feel like my heart likes you momand gives me a big hug!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, June 22, 2009

can you see the little guy's Mohawk?!

He really is having fun

My niece came to spend the day with us on Saturday and she brought along a dog she was petsitting...(my Aunt/uncle's dog). His name is Bandit and lets just say bandit won't be staying at my house any time soon!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

We had such a fun day today, i really enjoyed my kids all day long....we went to a "fair" of sorts and then played in the backyard for quit a bit:) Now the dogs have ruined the pool so it's just about the correct size and depth of a bath tub. how fun, mix in some grass and your all set...

I think my most favoritest part of the day was the last 15minutes or so when my oldest boy mimicked everything my youngest was doing and then seeing the little guys face every time he looked up at big brother seeing him do what he was doing..... That was sooooo cool!!! They really are going to be some of the bestest friends. I don't care what the age difference is....................................................

My lion

My kitty

I have no clue what he's doing but it was so darn cute:-)

Mark set go


The big dog's not such a fan of the pool

Zero's bobbing for rocks!! Who knew :-)

I caught the turd in mid flight from the big dog

He's so big now!!

Had to get a picture of Daddy and his awesome new earring.....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Such yesterday cuteness had to be shared:)Oh and these pictures arn't in the order i wanted them.

Not a fan of the hat in the beginning

See why we needed the hat, poor kid and his blue eyes... That is his "pool"

Look at this little man, he's good with the hat now, i think he realizes that it helps him to see :-)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Super woman

It is 10:30 am and I have all by myself jump started my van!! I'm somewhat of a handy woman if i do say so myself....Like a few months back when i did some minor repair work on my dishwasher even though the hubby said "I wouldn't do that" and "I'm not gonna fix it if you mess something up" and i didn't mess anything up and i unclogged a bunch of NASTY from different parts after undoing different hoses!!!! Put it all back together and everything works fine! "GO ME"

At this moment the 2 bigger kids are in the backyard pool with purple/blue lips and goose bumps all over their bodies and "no mom were not cold" CRAZY kids! You couldn't pay me to get in there now, it's like ice water!!!!
Have an awesome Tuesday folks:-)

Monday, June 15, 2009

It would seem that my plans to eliminate 1 nap from the little man's schedule has started today!
I was going to wait until next week when we didn't need to be somewhere in the middle of the day but today he stayed up until just after 10(his normal is 9-9:30)and he is still at this moment sleeping. Instead of waking him up between 11 and 11:30 like i would do if he was still sleeping, i decided to just let him go and see what time he would naturally wake himself up:-) Now that said we do need to be somewhere by 1ish at the latest so he may still get woken up, well see. I'm sure i will need to tweak it a bit but hey I'm just glad the little guy is doing it on his own instead of me having to make him stay up later and push for the one nap thing.
We all know how tired don't mess with my schedule the little buggers can act:-(

Wish us luck :-)
Oh and his new favorite word......."me" plain as day and said over and over esp. when he is hungry then he chants it... I love it, he is growing so fast right now. I'm hardly able to catch up and boom onto another thing, like getting in his own swing and pulling by himself the yellow bar thingie down to keep him in it safe....
WOW little buddy you rock!

Friday, June 12, 2009


We have an extra house guest this weekend and his name is Ranger, cute/goofy looking guy...

He is really fitting in well with us as you can see. I'm so relieved :)

Norah loves our guest, she keeps referring to him as "our new little dog" and we say, he's not ours he's Aunt Jamie's

Now the ones who bought this outfit are going to be shocked to see it "fitting" him, I knew it would, well the shorts at least anyway..........................Oh ya it's a 3month outfit :-)

This little turkey does nothing but walk now!! Since last week Monday(June 1st) he is a pretty constant walker :)

Now please don't look at the actual benches, they are a work in progress..What the boy is doing is what FREAKS ME OUT and kinda pisses me off actually. We have 2 of these benches and the other side connects to my one and only small kitchen counter ya you know where I'm going here.................CONSTANTLY climbing up and on my counter to throw everything off and dump everything on himself........ARGH!!!
I don't remember the miss doing it quite as much as this little bugger......

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Knew it!!

What do my wondrous eyes see??????????? A beautiful angel daughter who decided after more self imposed isolation to help out "and make mother earth happy"( nevermind keep our dogs from eating the stuff) and is picking up the stuffing from the destroyed pillow that SHE thru in the backyard yesterday evening:)it only took 3hrs :-)
The daughter has been wailing/screaming/crying for oh about the last hour and a half, first out in the back yard and now in her room and i REFUSE to give this time, REFUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!She will do what she's told even if it takes her all day and tons of tantrums to do it! MARK MY WORDS PEOPLE, IT WILL HAPPEN!!!!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Just a quick shout out to Lori!
Girl it's JUNE and the second week no less!!! AWESOME job keeping that little boy in that belly, i KNOW it hasn't been easy doing NOTHING all day every day......
Your in the home stretch WAY TO GO!! See ya tomorrow:)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Look who's walking and some other stuff

Needed a picture of the old kid on here, it's been awhile:)
Look who's become part of the upright crowd, since Monday non stop:)

and away.

I have given up!! I really have, he can get up and down and knows not to fall off the sides, what more can i ask for........

Look into those eyes!!
It sure is gonna be a beauty out there today! I LOVE Hotness:) They say high of 72 but in the sun it goes way up, you know where I'll be... I was going to put some new pictures up but my camera want's new batteries and they are now located in the basement and i just don't feel like it......

So what happens when you offhandedly mention to you husband that it might be a good idea to move your bedroom to the basement some time soon???(I'm seriously tired of Ari waking up Isaac)

It would seem you(weather willing or not) move your bedroom into the basement and your oldest goes into your old room. I say willing or not because as i sat whining to a friends voice mail about it all Chris was moving my bed downstairs all by himself while i watched... Really doesn't give you much choice does it.....
While i really like all the extra space and the no kids in my room anymore part of things i have YET to get more than 4 straight hours of sleep as of Sunday night.... UGH i really hate cats i have found.... Well maybe i just really hate having so many!!!!!!!!!
I was up 2x last night because of sweating my tuckus off unable to move because all but 1 were between us all stretched out.... STUPID BUGGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!
The fabulous kiddos are doing great with it though, we have some good nightlights to light the way if they get up and need something:):)
I told Chrs i would give it a week or two for everything to adjust.... but even if i still hate it then I don't want to move Isaac back into a sharing room...
That boy has surprised me by how MUCH he is loving his own room, i actually saw him on 2 different occasions practicing his Karate in there and he is quite content to just be by himself doing his thing in there.... He is changing with this new found privacy and freedom:):)
Anyway, rambling on but now must go and do something.....................
Everyone have an awesome day..oh ya and this morning was the last lunch i had to pack for many months!! woohoo

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A show

Last night i had the pleasure to watch a bunch of awesome kids put on a play so to speak called "stone soup opera" it was so cool.... I am so proud of all of those kids. Especially those boys who had to sing:)

Isaac himself has a solo part and he did AWESOME! This school has been so good for my boy. I'm so proud of all he's accomplished this year:)

My nephew Jaden singing proudly and loudly to the audience...

Isaac doing his solo thang:)

I just love this picture!! Ari was loving it to, clapping away....
Please disregard the extra chin on dad...(he would hate this picture because of it)