Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm sitting here chuckling to myself, all i hear is 3 kids laughing while a daddy is saying things like no, don't, you guys arn't funny while trying not to laugh:)

I just did something i said i would NEVER do.......I put something along the lines of a costume on my dogs:) and then even took pictures of it:) I will in the future deny this EVER happened and will deny the pictures every existence if anyone ever brings it up:-)

Just a little picture of the Little Miss's room now that she's back in it. Man wish we had done this sooner the benefits are huge for her already on day one.

The stats are in
Ari M. birth
Head circ=13?
Ari M. 1yr
Head circ=47.5
What a year little man!!!!


Wow what a weekend!!! Remember i said Friday i was going to a friends(escaping) well i went to my friends farm, yes farm.Chickens,peacocks, horses, cats, dogs, llama, goat, you know farm. Anyway while we are talking and watching Ari get into everything he's not suppost to Miss Norah keeps disappearing on me, silently no less. Every time i find her in the basement playing with the 5 dogs she really doesn't know!!! Let me break it down for you....2 intact Bull mastiff's weighing in easily over 120. then a male Shepherd pushing 100. then a female Shepherd about 70. then a little guy about 35.(the puppy of the group) Needless to say this future dog trainer extraordinaire has zero fear when it comes to dogs, zero!!!!Thankfully Lori's dogs are as well trained and to the same commands as mine are so they KNOW to listen to little people when they speak the right language....Those first few pics are where i found her on one of those times saying "mom i just wanna pet the dogs"

Saturday morning dawned bright and early to see a tax man to find out he can't do a thing for us regarding this little letter we received!!:( then clean(pick up) for the party for the little man's first birthday...Lots of family came it was AWESOME and totally fun, some came early and left early some came right on time and stayed until it was Ari's bed time! We ALL had an awesome time.

Sunday morning dawned and well everyone was much to tired still to get butts off of the furniture to get to church:( Instead we had a nice quiet t.v. less morning and then by mid afternoon we were ready(kinda) to do something we have been putting off for quite sometime. We moved the little man out of his sister's lavender and butterfly bedroom and in with his big bro and the miss has her purdy room back!!!!So far ok, 4:30am came and Ari woke up and thought it was cool that not only was he in a different room but there was someone in there to play and talk to..........6am FINALLY back to sleep, que cats scratching at door early trying to wake kids BACK up early!! que grumpy mom starting her day way to soon!!

2nd time around just as good:-)

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Much to say, much to tired now!! Must recuperate,must rest and renew one's energy supply.
Great Party, great little man:):)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Shhhhh just between you and me I'm a little overwhelmed at the sheer volume of people who might invade my house tomorrow and as a result I'm leaving the house for the day:) Now because of who i am i will probably be panicking for no reason and all we'll have is 7 people vs. the number I'm imagining but to be safe I'm gonna finally clean my bathrooms while little man is taking his morning nap then I'm outta here till tonight.
I just got back from taking the dogs jogging(2.5miles in 20 min:)) so i wont have any guilt in that department while I'm gone:):)
Have a good one all.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just some pictures to look at until you get to the real reason your looking on here today:) This is the happy face i see all day every day these days, yea me
Like AWESOME Erin taught me, his last bottle ever...............
Me looking all super sexy in my makeupless acne covered glory all Cinderellie like for the start of cleaning like no other:(
Stuck between some bikes and a hard place....He doesn't seem to bothered by it though

Handsome little bugger!!

The Cake

After a lovely birthday dinner, onto the cake.......... I have many pictures from his sticking his face in to the last one but i don't want to be on here all day, lots of cleaning to do still:(
Just mom taking some WAX off his finger, yes he put the candle out with his hand, i must be getting old he was to fast for me
I'm still cracking up with this one, He actually went from sticking his hands into the cake to this>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Crazy little man:-)

A Present

Even though we are having his "Party" on Saturday with as much extended family that we can fit in this house, i always like doing our gift on their actual birthday:) What's the best present you can give a 1 year old (in my experience at least).....his very own chair. I went to 5 stores on Tues. evening after work didn't get home til almost 10pm trying to find a chair that we wanted to get with no luck so we settled on this one....................... Peeking at it :-)

YEAH our new favorite toy:):):)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What the.............................

Ok, so I've been preparing myself for this day for quite some time.... Still not ready for it! My baby, my very last ever in my life baby is 1 today:( Seriously WHAT!!!!!! I was sick to my stomach ALL day yesterday while thinking about today! Still not able to grasp it........................So glad i got fixed back in July, otherwise i would end up a divorced mother of like 12!!!!!!!!!
Still in Shock...........................................................

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dear lord, today I'm going to need some divine intervention or I'm not gonna make it!! I'm in this house with the tired naughty drama queen and the teeth creating monster has returned and made my baby a whiny,screamy, MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
p.s. I just wanna clean my house for the first time since fall:(:(

Friday, March 20, 2009


I must say that yesterday for me was like Christmas all over again:-)First I've been researching dog foods trying to find something GOOD that i can afford and i found one "i think" that both dogs will gladly eat(the shepherd is picky) and hopefully put some weight on Onyx(cross your fingers)and my first bag was FREE people and it was a 40# bag:) Then in the mail my new stroller came, I'm soooooooo excited to be able to go jogging during the day with the dogs AND now the kids....Thanks grammie sooooo much:-)!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

in for it now

Our calm peaceful existence or what there was of it(with the cute perfect baby) has ended as of this evening..... Ari has reached another new milestone and it spells all kinds of trouble for us, see below!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How weird is this picture
Doesn't he look soooo thrilled!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Man o Man has it ever been a long draining week!! Isaac's been home sick from school all week. Actually his school's been closed all week because of the # of kids sick... Or maybe it's just that i spent abut 2.5 hours this afternoon in a huge room with total stimulation overload!!!(woman's expo/bridal show) I've also been jogging just about every night this past week. Regardless I'm one tired lady! I almost fell asleep at the dinner table tonight if you can believe it.... The first few pictures are of what the house looked like all week and then just a few from today or maybe yesterday, i don't know...... Ari's increased his vocab "Dada" that's a new as of today. He's up to i think 8 words now:-)

What is it you ask that they are playing keep away with????? Oh yes it's a piece of duct tape that they ripped of the top of the sandbox....
My handsome guy lovin the doggie:)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Days like today i remember FONDLY my almost 4yreas alone with Isaac!!:-) I wish he did too.

That said i LOVE all my children:p

Monday, March 9, 2009


Just a quick little bit about me. As many of you know i have recently started jogging or as seasoned joggers say running. Anyway Thurs.Fri.Sat. pm i took both dogs and we got up to2 to 2.5miles about each night. That was definatly where i need to stay for Zero(at this point in time) otherwise it might be to much for him. Well i just got back with just Onyx and i believe we did 3miles. It feels so awesome to do this i can't even tell you:-) I love it and do wonder how many I'll get up to by the end of summer!!!! Now all i need is a jogging stroller!! Seriously I've been looking on e-bay and it seems feasable but I'm just not so sure as of yet even used they arn't cheap especially when your looking for a double one.
On another note my little man who is almost 1 just keeps increasing his vocabulary:) No walking or even standing alone but talking away.
That's about all i can remember at the moment.He's so cute!!

Lori how ya doing??????

Sunday, March 8, 2009


So what is it we do on a crappy, cold, dark, rainy weekend you ask................. We roll like a ball with our blanket
we watch lots and lots of movies.............Please take note of the good looking pair on the screen:-) And just around the corner in the next room................

Oh yes and we are caught eating belts too...Yup they are edible or so he thinks. Have a good night.