Tuesday, July 8, 2008

This one's mostly for Papa aka"Jeff"

So last night Chris and Norah are sitting on the couch and Norah has Isaac's pretend razor and is trying to shave the "fur" off daddy's legs, Jeff you know where I'm going, anyway all of a sudden she stops and looks at us and says with 3yr old girl certainty that "my papa has LOTS of fur on his boobies" we busted out laughing, i was almost crying i was laughing so hard. Now as i sit here typing a few emails i look over (the big kids are eating lunch) and i see this little miss with her pb&j(apricot jelly) and she has piled her mac & cheese on top and then her nacho cheese doritos on top of that and she looks at me with a smile in her eyes and takes a big bite saying mmmmmmmmmmm, yummy!!!!! That my friends is just sick and wrong almost as bad as Isaac loving his peaches dipped in ketchup when he was younger!!!! YUCK these kids are so gross!!!!!! Please Ari be normal,please!!!!!! Gotta go shower while i have the chance.

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