Sunday, May 31, 2009

Is it wrong of me to find these pictures of his sad face cute???? I didn't think so:)

Stuck between some wicker and a hard place......

Ari and Ben meeting for the first time as moving friends:)

My beautiful family and one of my good friends Andrea:)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My goofy looking princess in her new outfit and homemade crown from awesome family in Lansing:)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial day folks!! Hope everyone has enjoyed the long nice weekend with friends and family..I know we sure have..... Nothing like an early morning parade to really get a great day started:):) The big kids sure had fun, Ari tried to watch everything that passed by and he did enjoy a few sweet treats himself:) Then lunch at Culvers and home for a good nap. He seems to be back to his normal self:)

O and the pics in the backyard...would the kid look at me for a good picture...No way!!!

Have a good one all..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Today, what can i say about today............................ It does indeed surprise me how quickly time passes.. It seems that many forget or more correctly they don't remember as often as i. Even husbands it seems forget more easily than the wife.....Which is all normal i suppose.....
Today, 2 years ago today my life changed forever..

2 years ago today i found out just how strong i really am.....

2 years ago today my husband walked out of Meijers with a beautiful purple calla Lilly plant (i had admired them for years) telling me that i didn't need to walk into my home empty handed.....

2 years ago today at about this time actually i delivered my little baby angel already in heaven with the lord...

For the past 2 years not one single day has passed that i don't think of you Ian Thomas..
For 2 years not one day has gone by that i don't reach for the silver heart around my neck...........
For 2 years i have wondered if you would have looked like your brother or maybe your sister or if you would have had red hair......
On this day for the past 2 years i am once again back in that hospital room holding you............

And as always on this day i sit here crying and looking at my newly purchased Calla Lilly thankful to the lord for my time feeling you grow inside me kicking me.........................

Saturday, May 23, 2009


The last few days have....well sucked!! Not only have little bugger's been sick but i have been really sick!!!!:(:( Yesterday was by far the busiest and worst if you ask me.

First off gotta drop of Isaac and dad and Ari at school for field day while i take The miss to her 4 yr wcc. and it turns out she does need 2 shots and didn't give any Motrin and forgot THE blanket..real nice, then off to freeze our butts of for 2.5hrs for field day where i only got to watch Isaac do one thing bc then i was off trying to keep a baby happy when all he wanted was to go home and take a nap.......Missed it all:( Then home for a partial nap(he's sick and not napping well)and then off to the Dr.s for the little guy to ck those ears he keeps tugging at, just filled with fluid but the awesome dr. wrote us a script for "just in case something changes" and he gets worse we'll have it....I love when they do that, to date i have yet to actually fill one when they do it...
Oh and did i mention that with me being over by a truck sick that i haven't been sleeping well at all.......

Oh well, here are some pics of the only event i was able to watch......
Side note, don't have little boys do a jump roping competition when the ropes are way to long and said boys have yet to do it well at home.........

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I just love this picture:)
This would be my sister visiting her oldest "Spencer" at the island school!! Man is he getting old :(

Monday, May 18, 2009

The kids

So we had my sister's 2 youngest over Saturday afternoon and evening and it was Ari's first time (that he'll remember) really playing with cousin Jona.... Man does she love him!!! I was so pleasantly surprised by how much she played with him...

See it was his bed time and I forgot to put his blanket in the dryer and ya know he needs it to go to sleep. Anyway Miss Jona took it upon herself to be the baby entertainer until it was dry... They played just the 2 of them for about 40min(blanket was dry but they were having such fun):) Crawling from one side of the room to the next then playing peek a boo with the double cat tower thingie in the sun room....It was awesome!!!!!!

Oh and get this, we have decided that we need her to come over every night at about 7:40 for about 30min. Once everyone was in bed but her and her brother she just organized the toys and picked EVERYTHING up. Shoes too.... We told her dad we'd pay her to do it:) She's 5!!!!

First time with the puppy towel:) Chris showed him what he looked like and he actually barked:)


I'm calling all you believers out there for some major prayer!!
My best friend, the one with the high risk pregnancy that in itself is a miracle is due for this little miracle in July and he keeps trying to come NOW !! Now is to early!!!!!!! and I've been praying away but we need more prayer.....
PLEASE if you think of it pray for her and this little guy that really needs to stay in mom for at least 4 more weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

who? where?

I don't know who this child is or where he came from....
He can't be one of mine. He is seriously going to KILL me this one...
Norah was my climber but she would only climb to get to something she shouldn't have.....
Ari climbs just to climb and I'm going crazy with it.... I left his sight for a MOMENT and this is what i come back to......................................

Do you see that face?!?! The only word that comes to mind is disdain!!! He is something else.
Oh and yesterday he fell off stuff 2x's and hurt his head, will that stop him??? Heck no!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The big 4

The big day...........................4yrs ago yesterday i was 40 weeks pregnant plus 2 days:( Her due date was May 11 but when i found out it would be the wonderful "Friday the 13th" that week i KNEW that would be the day and it was.

I awoke at 4am in labor(it was a massive thunderstorm) showered by 5, woke Chris at 6 to go to work and do what he had to cuz it was baby day. We were at the doctor's by 9 and told yup your at 6 going on 7 well let them know your coming. My poor husband was so nervous he went the wrong way on the highway and took us 15 min or more AWAY from the hospital.. I just prayed that she would stay in till we got there because i knew from the first child that i was in transition and he couldn't handle a car delivery:):)
Got to the hospital and the poor soul pulled in the wrong way and needed to turn around, well i left him to that and got myself(i will leave out the dramatic and wheelchair stealing details) to the 9th floor to check myself in and yup i hear "she's at 9" Chris barley made it into the room in time because a few minutes later she was a coming:):)
The Doctor watched from the door:) hehe
Side note you want to see some nurses run when your about to deliver tell them "it feels like i might poo" (Thanks Dusty for telling me that ahead of time)
Norah Simone quite simply the quitetst, calmest, bestest baby I've had right after delivery.

This birthday day started out much quieter too......
We began with a little of this and some singing and cupcakes for the class:)

Followed by a little of this

Then a little lunch time treat........Followed by a naptime so mom could have a rest...

Then we picked back up with some dinner and some presents (she said she wouldn't mind if the little man helped but her tune changed at actual present time)

The day was topped off with a lot of this!!!!!!!!

Little bro getting into the cake quick..............Man is that boy fast:)

This awesome thing is our version of a canopy:) Wish they made BIG leaves i want one......

No more Spiderman scooter for her.....Check out her awesome coordinating outfit...My girl queen of style ;)
Happy 4th birthday my beautiful little angel:)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's one day away from THEEEE day... If you don't think little people remember days and birthday's then you should have been here this morning......
Miss NOrah came out of the bedroom area this morning and the first thing she says to me is......................."is today my birthday mom"?? Nope 1 more day... You should have seen her face when she says ugh!! turned right around and went back to bed......................................I'm not joking!!!

She had a little present evening on Sunday night. 2 of her 3 grandma's are out of town for her birthday and the other one has to work so it will be a very quiet celebration tomorrow night:(
Chris REALLY likes having a little dog:) If you couldn't tell
I have this feeling today that i just LOVE my kids, dogs and well a few of my cats anyway!!! ;-)

The calico is "Echo" and the black and white tabby is "Mars" they are 4yrs old and brother and sister....and yes i like these two....Some day I'll get a picture of there retarded feet:):):)

Monday, May 11, 2009

I have just come home from getting some groceries and unlike a friend of mine i LOVE putting them away!! I love the organization of it getting ride of old things gone bad and restocking the shelves but as i sit here trying to find room for everything i have decided that i work with a kitchen that no one else in this world would tolerate!! I have 3 cupboards to put put food into, did you read that 3!! 1 is big and 2 are small like above your fridge small.... I am in serious need of a new mother lovin kitchen in a BAD Way!!

Thank you that's all, hope everyone has a good night!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers day to all my fellow Mommies!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Last night was the 5/3 junior run for the kids. Isaac for the past 2 years has trained at school for this "race" and has gotten free entry. This year he wanted to do the mile i think.
He is sooooo AWESOME this boy of mine... He loves to run and is really good at it:) I don't really know how many laps around is 1 mile but i believe he went around 8 times.... The set up this year SUCKED and was so confusing compared to last year and we don't think we even had him in the correct group. Oh well he loved it and that's what mattered.....

Little sis all dressed to cheer her brother on:)

He always starts out with a smile and fast feet

Starting to get just a weee bit tired. Like his mom and dad beet red in the face:)

So handsome...............I'm talking about the big one :-)

Oh i can't believe i almost forgot...............the little dude is sooooo close to walking. 2 different times already today he has taken it upon himself to walk a few steps(like 5-6) to different things.............go buddy go!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So today on our walk home from M&R's house Norah says something to me a little under her breath and i need to repeat it back to make sure i heard her, i say Norah did you just say "mom i really like boys"????? she gives me a smile and says yup i did.. I laugh and say ya know what i do to!!
And she is going to be trouble in her teenage years if she's telling me this now at ALMOST 4 :-)
It's over, I'm done!!!! Her dad won't make it if she's anything like me!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The other $4. dress!!!! I love kohl's 60-80% off racks

The little man loves his blanket too:)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Check out this AWESOME brand spankin new, never worn by a cousin or friend's girls' dress and the price tag $4.00 (woot woot) O yes and there is another that will be worn tomorrow!! 2 dresses $8.00 total regular price for dresses $44. Kohl's ROCKS!!

Then she thought she could "ride" the little dog around the house, um nope not ok but was picture worthy:)

This is daddy on Saturday

I said "smile for me" and this is what he gives me!! Turd!!

Those teeth

It has happened!! I put it off as long as possible but with the appearance of the pre-molars it was bound to happen..
Little man has had his first McDonald's!!!! and while he was lovin it Chris tells him "they put crack in this food so get ready to start cravin it!!!! He did eat his 4pc. nuggets and some fries(mom ate most the fries)!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

THE blanket

So my daughter has a blanket that since she was 2months old WOULD not sleep without it....Seriously i did on more than 1 occasion forget about it being in the washer and come nap time said little girl would not sleep till she felt it upon her. Anyway this blanket needless to say has been thru a lot in the past almost 4yrs. and instead of throwing it away(she would die she tells me) we decided to go to the fabric store and attempt to "fix" it... A new back(yes it has a front and back and need to be put on child correctly) and patches on parts of the front.....

I then pretended to be a person who sews and tadah this is what it looks like............