Monday, August 31, 2009

Tryin out the hat

Little man trying out big bro's hat and actually smiling for me and the camera this time:)

Man do i have some cute boys or what!!!!!!!!!

Nope not this time

Can't get the little bugger to look at the camera! Not even for a second!!!!

Best shot i could get of the cute little man in new jeans and shoes:)

Did i get any good pictures during the awesome football game Friday night??? No i did not but i did get a few shots of us packing up to go home:) better luck next time eh?!?!

Friday, August 28, 2009

The breakfast Playground the other day


This is what my shopping cart looked like during our quick stop to Meijers after the mall....
My I've never seen before at that store. They rocked and i made sure to tell each how awesome it was that they were so well behaved. No mad mom, stress free, no yelling from me and to onlookers i had the bestest behaved kids in the world :-) Then we got to the car.........................................
I'll take what i can get:)
Have a good weekend all......

Good Morning

Mornin all. Today we are off to the mall to return some jeans for a princess. I've been to the mall more in the last 7 days than in the past 2yrs combined! Ugh i don't care for the mall!!! Turns out she's probably a size 4regular or maybe 5slim. 4slims don't work(to tight) and 5 regular is a bit on the long side but if they have the awesome adjustable wait(that wasn't out when Isaac was young) were all good..... Thought i was going to have to return a little man's shoes but turns out that they do work for him:)

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Well back from the good old Dental specialist it was double rooted of COURSE....
How much is it to be tooth/jaw/head/neck pain free (this time)??????? The tune of $860.00. Well $500. right now anyway the rest pay as i go :)

I am seriously tired of paying dentists, dental specialists, dental surgeon's!! I'm sure I've by myself paid for way more "fun" for these people than any person should have too but i guess it's my own fault for not taking care of my teeth for all these years (no insurance) and going thru 4 pregnancy's!!!! One of these times I'll be able to pay my dentist off and be able to get an actual tooth cleaning:)

Have a good one all.....

Oh ya tomorrow night is the first game of high school football and my awesome, extremely talented now 16yr old nephew "Spencer" will be starting and again was in the paper...woot woot go Spencer, go Spencer....


Ari got his first almost all over hair cut....Don't think i like how old it makes him look...

This is what it looks like when he says "cheese"

Puppy is getting big. Good job Isaac, I'm so proud of you for taking such good care of her....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The little man's vocabulary is increasing very rapidly:
-mom or mamma
-All done
-Cheese (said with a huge eye shutting grin)
-out (talking to dogs with hand slapping table:))
-get (again talking to dogs)
-He's finally tried his own version or Norah
-Kitty or so we think:)
-drink (or something like it
and there was something else??????

My boys and their talking, way to go little buddy

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


2 more days and i get to go to the dentist, the dentist, the dentist, 2 more days and i get to go to the dentist, I can't hardly wait.

2 more days and i can stop this drug induced false reality and be pain free and me again....


Monday, August 24, 2009


My camera hasn't been doing the greatest job but i had to post anyway.

How cute is this??? I'll tell ya DARN cute. He is so funny this 3rd kid of mine:)

All Business

While I was out playing bride and bridesmaid this is what the hubby was doing...... He told me that this is his favorite day of the year, above even Christmas.. He likes it so much that he was up at 4:30 in the morning and got out of bed after tossin and turnin at about 5:20

He is a self admitted DORK!!!!! gosh i love him

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My moment as a bride in a huge awful so tight i couldn't inhale to save my life wedding dress.... We were there to try on ONLY bridesmaid dresses but a little please do you think we could, got us our wish granted :-) That was the most fun we had the entire 1.5 hours:):)

Now those of you with delicate sensibilities please read and look no further

We were just having a little fun and trying to get the beautiful brunette some boobage and me some to with only 1 hand:)
We have way to much fun together the 3 of us girlie's

Just a trim

Last night i go into Isaac's room and my gosh the floor is covered in fur.. Not just little bits of fur but massive clumps of it. Like the kind you see after a cat fight or.........................a hair cut!!

Yup Norah decided when the opportunity presented itself, mom busy outside in the yard where Isaac and Ari were and dad busy fixing the kitchen sink and a pair of scissors NOT on top of the fridg that her cat Polo needed a hair cut.. MY WORD poor cat, looked like a massacre of fur... At least she left his whiskers alone this time.....

Saturday, August 22, 2009


ok so maybe only for a minute(more like 2hours:)) but hey we take what we can get right?. I had the awesome privilege to go out to a clothing store and try on cloths ALL BY MYSELF!!!! super incredible, awesome, stress free. Well for the most part anyway.

It truly does amaze me, I brought 3 pair of the EXACT same jean(same brand,#,size,color) in the dressing room and wouldn't you know it each stinkin one fit differently!!

I even wandered! I haven't wandered in a store for well longer than i can remember......

Then i went to a pet store(2 actually) to find a choker for the little Isis.....and you know what, It was a must to change my cloths in the van before i went into the first one...hehe

OH HEY speaking of cloths, last weekend part of my extended family came into town and stayed at the house for a bit and they have a 17yr old daughter and she brought a friend and while we were getting ready to go out to a movie,(terrible, horrible movie) the girls changed into comfy cloths and i just had to do it....

I had to take the 17yr old's new super cute jeans and try them on................Oh ya they fit. All the jiggle went into those puppies and it rocked..Now i do still have "to much junk in the trunk" to actually wear them out (although she did try to get me to) but man it felt good...
Those of you who don't know me in real life should know that from the ages of 16(maybe 15) till 20ish i was a big girl i went from a 12 to a 16 and from about 155# to 190ish#......and now in my 30's after birthing 4 children I'm fitting into a 17yr old's jeans!!!!

Now to change the subject, I just might find a moment a little later to post some pictures but now I'm off to TRY to get a little man to bed and then to bathe a girl then to run the big doggies:)

Friday, August 21, 2009

still working on those stupid tickers up there!!!!:(


It would seem that i will be giving the miss a little home schooling this pre-k year.....

Please pray for me!! This child has already told me that once she knows how to read she wont be reading out loud to me(like her brother does)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I say yes you will she says "Oh no i wont"

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I am just so incredibly irritated at the moment..... Very irritated!!! You see last Feb. I went up to the pre-school where my oldest went and put my daughter's name down(first on the list, i didn't want to repeat the experience with the next child of procrastinating to long) and then in early May I went and filled out all the correct paperwork and boy was there a lot of it....

I was told that we were all set and that we would get a letter in the mail probably in August as to the open house date to go visit again and bring dad along and find out if we got am or pm (we so totally got am).......

Well yesterday i realized i didn't receive a letter yet and that worried me.I spent the last 2wks checking out different school choices for my oldest because of the possibility of his school not being able to open this fall due to financial concerns....

So first thing this morning( I mean 9am SHARP) I call up the the pre-school................. O well that's on hold, you should have gotten a letter from the state. They are waiting until Sept. 30 to decide if they will re open certain schools for pre-k.


Why didn't the teacher/school send anything out. esp. since i have kept in contact with the teacher for the past 3yrs. even got her a kitten and see her from time to time at the vet... I mean we like Mrs. Pam and wanted our second child to have her....

The receptionist tells me O and Mrs. Pam has taken a Kindergarten position somewhere else because of the budget challenges.......

Well Shit!!!

2.5 wks till school starts and I'm back to square one and looking into having to pay for another kid to go to school..........

Soooooooo regardless of my proactive approach to pre-k for Norah I'm back into the same place i was with Isaac all those years ago, looking like a procrastinator with limited options............