Monday, February 28, 2011


Tell me how can she sleep like this?! Out cold she is!!

I do like this camera after all :-)

The girl is so on fashion eh?! She paired the outfit with her white cowgirl boots.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

This and that

You know how sometimes in a relationship it's just easier to "blame/use" your spouse in situations when you don't fell like doing something or going somewhere because you really don't want to do it and it's just easier that way. COME ON YOU'VE ALL DONE IT :)
I don't mind doing it at all and have let Chrs "blame" me on many occasion's even sometime on his music purchase's (shhhh) it's just one of the perks!! ANYWAY
This time I'm not gonna do it!!

We have a new camera in the house, our old one broke and we were back to the old old one and that was fine by me. I could have found many other things for this house to spend that money on but Chris didn't think that was the case.
He even tried to tell me that we NEEDED it for the family.

As soon as it was out of his mouth I cut him short and said OH NO WE DIDN'T you wanted a nicer camera to take pictures of YOUR FISH!!

He gave me this smirk of his that told me I was dead on and then followed it up with how we did need a family camera.... Whatever makes you feel better about it darling!

This afternoon I made all the "homemade" things for the week and thought you know what I'll take some pictures of the food to share with you all :-)

Lets start with the bread. I have been dying to make this homemade bread recipe for weeks and finally have bread pans to do so. NOW it didn't turn out quite like Amy's(the blog I found it on) but I think I may have rushed it and the rising time. I will also look online to purchase that one ingredient that I didn't have but substituted shorting for. It still tastes good and hey it's all the bread in the house so it will be eaten because I wont be buying any :)

This week I made granola bars with a few fruits that Norah likes. So far this granola bar recipe is really awesome and well received. I will continue with it and just continue to change up the add in's. I also never use the brown sugar because the fruit is sweet and I use sweetened coconut.

Tonight I also tried for the first time goldfish crackers only in heart shapes. They turned out pretty nice only not crunchy like I had hoped. Hey at the very least I have a better snack for myself(except I'm not usually much of a butter eater??)

Friday, February 25, 2011

stinky stinky stinky.................

Know what really stinks?! I mean REALLY stinks?! The fact that YOUR dresser is moved at the moment so not in the correct place and because of this the back of said dresser is available to little people and their hands!
My "urn" for Ian has been on my dresser for awhile now and it's been fine. Last night while I was out "someone"(Ari) grabbed that little porcelain/stone box and was apparently playing with it. Now I did superglue the top on so that this would not be a problem.
What I never imagined was that it would be played with INSIDE a dogs crate! You know only the dog with jaws of steal has a big enough crate to play in...
I however didn't know this happened until about 1hour ago when I got home from dropping Miss at school and noticed "something" in his crate!
Yes I have spent about 30+ minutes trying to put my little angel's ashes back in his urn only to realize that the dog has about half of him inside his body!!
I can't even stand it! AND I'm crying again.....

Hope you all have a much better day than I'm having!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Ok so I will have a whole different post about the girlie's bedroom once the last few things come in the mail. It wont be the same without them!(Plus I can't paint the secret things if she doesn't go to school)!!! I can say that all that's officially left is one piece of trim that I didn't measure correctly and need to redo:) That project stunk but the after affect = priceless...

Today was yet again a snow day and I decided to be brave and take all 3 kids out to lunch. You know a place where you sit and wait for your meal! They did great and we ate fast and I brought most of mine home but hey, they did great and no one yelled or ran thru the restaurant or spilled anything or threw anything. WOO HOO mom alone out numbered 3 to 1 and it went great!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Is it over yet......................................nope, almost!

To say that I underestimated the project that lay before me would in itself be an understatement. I have basically lived in Norah's room since Friday and it's not finished yet. Turns out it's much harder and takes much longer to try to do things right and not rush the drying process,even if everything takes 2 coats of paint, and aprox. 2.5hours to do a room full of lines. Only to have to do them again....
BUT had I known I probably wouldn't have started or at the very least attempted the detail of this undertaking...

In the meantime I leave you with a small glimpse. (remember wood and the lines on them are flawed:))

I am also SUPER DUPER proud of some of the things I've done here in this room ALL BY MYSELF!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

progress despite that which surrounds me.........

This is the progress that has been made despite strep and kids(they have a stupid mid winter break) and dogs and work and other crap......

AND yes, I'm a girl who likes to do things right so yes those are holes that have been sanded and filled. Waiting for them to dry and probably add more and wait...... While I wait I will be icing my neck and taking a wee nap...
Hope to have this puppy finished by the end of the weekend. We'll see though, it's tuff with a toddler who lives on speed!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Brought low in the middle of a very productive week, sigh...............

I leave you with a picture of my latest mini project while I go and gargle gargle gargle with some warm salt water......

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Part 1

TODAY I have finally started it. Norah has been desiring a change in her room, one that just moving her furniture can no longer ease. She want's a new paint job or in her words "Mom, I want a horse room". I have put it off as long as I was able but now I have begun.

You see something my VERY pregnant self didn't think about when decorating a little girls room was removal of things. Or maybe I just didn't think she'd ever want to get rid of the beautiful butterflies adorning her walls....

sniffle sniffle

Anyway, the non pregnant self realized how time consuming it would be to remove each and every mother loving butterfly that I thought how cute to cut out and paste ALL OVER HER WALLS!!!

Here are a few pictures of her room as it is today, mess and all and when I'm finished I will amaze you all with my budding craftiness and not just purchase the items I'm thinking of but take the time to create them and just you wait, It's gonna rock EVERYONE'S world!!!

**side note, I made her promise to not criticize or say any sentence that starts with: I don't think, until I have the finished product for her to gaze upon***

Wish me luck and now back to those da#* butterflies :)

Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day this year my kids could bring valentine's for the kids in class and I thought well I'll make something to give to teacher's and staff. I've done this for each and every "holiday" as a thank you for all they do for us and my kids. I made a double batch so that I could give to my kids to bring in for classmates too..

I found a recipe for "Valentine's heart cookie sandwich's" read all the reviews and modified things a bit. This is what they ended up looking like.....

These are the bags for the teacher's and some of the staff. Some are just the cookie sandwich's with homemade sugar cookie frosting(made with Almond Extract in place of Vanilla, yummmmmm) and the others are made with seedless raspberry jam with some lemon juice then topped with the frosting....

These are for the little kids, they each got the little heart that was cut out with frosting on it. The bigger kids got an individual big cookie with frosting on it. Turned out real well and according to all the staff I saw last night at conference's they were delish :-)
Chris came home with a bouquet of flowers and the card, well lets say it was awesome, I love this husband of mine.(most days) and I returned the favor later in the night :)

Hope you all had a day too........

Friday, February 11, 2011

This Day

6:37am I'm just about to take a sip of my first cup of coffee. Isaac comes out crying almost hysterical saying that his throat hurts so bad!!
My first thought CRAP I know that pain this kid has strep...
I give him some Motrin and have him gargle with salt water. Go lay down in the chair and try to relax bud, the meds will kick in soon and you'll feel a bit better.

7:20am Norah gets up, Isaac's not going to school today? Nope and he's real sick so don't go by him, you don't want that..
We talk about how she's excited and nervous about this upcoming sleep over birthday party at Norah W.'s house.

8am I call the doctor, when can we get him in. 10:15 ok then we'll be there..
I gotta get moving because while I'm dealing with this I'm also working on my hair to bring it back to blond and right now it's ORANGE!
* No K, no picture for you*
So the plan is to stop at the "beauty store" and get some more necessities then the doc's then hopefully have enough time to get home grab a quick lunch and get Norah to school.
Ari gets up while I'm getting ready, I have yogurt out for all and finish getting ready.. Just after 9 out the door.
9:50 were early :) We get in to see the doc and man I love this guy. It's my 2nd time seeing him and he won my heart as did his nurse.(when not a regular scheduled apt you don't always get "your" doc) I don't mind this at all
The nurse swabs him and says 6min. Well 4min later doc comes in yup, strep!
This wonderful man after talking with us and taking all the time says hey guys why don't we look in your throats and see how you look.
God bless him, now i wont be worrying and wondering if one has trouble. They both looked fine. THEN this wonderful man says to me, so now you know if either of them start having the trouble Isaac is, you can just call here and tell them that they were just in and fine but now they are not and they should just call meds in for you.
If he had been closer to me I woulda gave him a big ol hug!!!
** Inside i thought, he knows, he knows**
10:17 leave dr, head to meijer
11:00 leave meijer with meds and a few other things
11:15 home for a quick lunch
11:45 back out the door to drop Norah off to school and then run to m&r's
12:20 back home for nap and I pick up the house and sit to fold some laundry.
2:45 wake up Ari(with the usual fun greeting of NOOOOOOOOO) poor kid, hasn't been sleeping well for a while, which means neither have I but anyway have that figured out I think.
get gas and get to school to "line up"
3:20 get Norah in the van and go to bank, then back home
5:- Leave to take Norah to the party/sleepover (her mom didn't mind her coming still)
6:30 back home.
7pm give Isaac more motrin(the 3rd time) and make some eggs. Tell him he must eat 5bites.
7:15 Isaac tells me he thinks he's going to puke. I say sit down breath, he burps, I turn to say feel better now to see him start puking all over his bed.......
Get that squared away, including him in the bathroom over the toilet in his undies.
7:45 grab the last handful of NASTY bedding(only take as much as my hands stay dry)only to look down and say to Chris WHO JUST PUKED ON THE FLOOR..
On to dog puke.........
It really only went downhill from there and I don't want to make this any longer....

Now I'm writing this and when I'm done I'll be going to bed(with my phone, she can call me anytime and I'll come get her)

Monday, February 7, 2011

The little miss and I decided to make our own Valentine's day decorations... THE boys couldn't be bothered by such things. I thought for sure that the little man would be all for it, he's always interested in destroying crayons, every chance he gets! Not yesterday apparently....

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Last night were sitting in church listening to a good friends husband teach.(We don't normally go to Saturday night church) He is really good, very fun to hear him, totally want to the next time he teaches. Were getting stuff together to go get the kiddos(we have 7 between the 2 family's) and my head just starts POUNDING, BAD!!!
It's been a few months since I've had a headache, let alone hit so hard that by the time were on our way home I feel like I'm going to vomit with the intensity of it.....
I blame it all on the busy-ness of the day combined with my lack of actual food... So we get home feed the kids, get myself something to eat... Pain meds taken, eventually go to bed and this morning, nope still here, just maybe not as bad. It's the top of my head that's the worse, So today I shall be "lazy" and stay in my chair with my blanket and an ice pak......

Here's hoping you have a better Sunday than I.

Friday, February 4, 2011


It is a sad day in my world... The little man just looked at me scrunched his face(eyes) and said "MOM, WHAT ARE YOU DOING"?

Me, I was cleaning the slider....................................

What have I become, where did the old me go and how long has she really been gone?!?!


Will she ever come back?!?!(said in a hopeful little voice)
MOM: Your my girl(said while grabbing both sides of my face) Awwww thanks buddy!! I usually get the opposite, "MOM, your a meanie"!!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Finished product and other things

THE NEW blanket. Now please keep in mind that I was on a very, tight budget going to the fabric store. Wasn't even planning on it but I needed to buy more needles for the machine, it was a last minute thing for my broke butt, so I didn't want to buy 1 full yard of fabric when I only needed 1/2 a yard and could just use both halves. You follow??
Once washed and dried she rolled all over the floor the rest of the day with it, twirling around, dancing. I'd say she loves it **phew**
She likes to pretend she doesn't like the cold......................

This is what happens in the little lady's room when she's told it's QT go to your room and read....

My super hero, This is one of the many reason's I love this man!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

oooohhhhhhh blankie

Now if it was up to ME I would wash this nasty thing one more time and then put it in a bag and box the thing up. Really each time I look at it I cringe and wonder how long it's been since it was last washed, I'm afraid to, even on the hand wash cycle...

It is NOT up to me, so as a final desperate measure we went and picked a fabric to cover the front to keep it alive. It's still the same blanket inside is what I keep telling her, not that she believes me or is comforted by it....

Once I get the new front on I'll take a pic to share.......

Snow snow snow snow snow snow snow and snow

As I'm sure many of you know my neck of the woods is in a MAJOR blizzard type thing. It's actually STILL coming down....
This is the first time that Chrs hasn't been able to go to work without first snowblowing the driveway!
So some pictures with my crappy camera I did take..

This is my front yard out my front window
Please take note of how close the swings are to the snow.....
Smack kinda right in the middle is a sandbox with a table/bench type combo...Really there is I promise.....
This would be a pic of in front of my garage......... I really mean he couldn't leave........................