Tuesday, February 21, 2012

At it again

So I painted again last weekend.. I am just about finished! All that's left is to paint trim and the stupid ceiling and for Chrs to get me some trim for the dining room........... I love this yellow, just yellow enough without being to yellow :)
p.s. also need to now paint the cupboards.......

I'm loving the change up of where the pictures and things have gone.

And I had to post this last pic......well just because Isaac ROCKS!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Tonight's dinner of choice (because were all about healthy and body growing) is either Fish sticks, corn dogs or waffles.... Yup that's how this evening is going!!!!

oh and each item will have an accompaniment of something or other to go with it!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So blessed

I have a new toy, LOOK.....it's so awesome!!!!

Amy I need to know how to make "honey wheat" bread..... My bread is already "wheat" how do I make it "honey" without it being to moist?? Any pointers bread Queen??

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stupidity..........or not :-)

So the day before my "accident" I tore apart my Living Room and put a first coat of paint on my walls and all trim (except window)with the intention of coming home from the birthday party the next day and doing the second coat:-) My how plans do change eh?!
Well I finished it yesterday..With an almost broken foot you say...well yes, for 2 reasons...
1)IT WAS DRIVING ME CRAZY to have "stuff" everywhere
And the biggest reason
2)we were having a baby over this morning and she's now mobile..........as in super fast lightening speed crawl her cute self all over this house......

I'll leave you with before.....

And after............

Yes I did put a basket of clean cloths in the picture for effect ;-) AND took a half of a Vicodin, showered and layed on the couch "directing" Chris as to where I wanted pictures and things to go...ahhhhhh, the life :)

p.s. How you like that new couch?? Me, I love having a brand spankin new couch...as in we are it's first ever owners :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Birthday party/ouchie

3 Days ago I was at a birthday party with Norah where I knew Mom and birthday girl.. Lots of family and family friends were there...
It was at the local YMCA....
Coming down the stairs I thought I was at the bottom.............I was not and ended up "twisting" my ankle.. NOW I probably would have gone down had I not been surrounded by strangers, so I played it off like all was fine but KNEW that it really wasn't.. I did hear "bubble wrap" as it happened and I've never heard that before.
Then about an hour later I had to take off my boot and sock to go into the pool area to watch Norah because she doesn't know how to swim...
I kinda freaked out a bit at the sight before me..it was in fact a "potato".. Then I had to put both sock and boot back on (remember strangers)**almost cried**

walking back to the party room I heard one more "pop" and thought well that wasn't good.......
Mom and sister hooked me up with some crutches and a "boot" so I could get around but if you look in this house you can tell "mom's been out of commission" (ha, poor big kids are out of clean cloths)
Anyway yesterday after resting it during nap time I forgot I had taken boot off and walked to the bathroom. I felt what I can only describe as "crinkly"...not sure what that was but it gave me some shooting pain behind my ankle and a little up my calf......
So long story short, I'm not as young as I used to be, DANGIT!!

As long as I wear my sexy hose and the "boot" I can walk pretty good and just feel really sore.......... I suppose running's out eh?!?!?!?!