Thursday, April 30, 2009

I gotta tell ya i am so so so tired of getting up before the clock says 6am!!!!! I don't know what happened to my awesome little sleeper but he's gone and this sleep turd has taken his place:(:( I have also found out it doesn't matter afternoon nap or no nap he goes to bed the same and gets up too early!! I want to do what i have done from the start and let him talk and cry a bit and i do think he would go back to sleep but he's now rooming with Isaac and well that poor dude needs his sleep, he has school every morning!!!!!
Plus it's not doing my diet/health any favors either. Like this am for example, the coffee doesn't brew quick enough and what happens.........I eat a half a butterfinger and some peanut m&m's!!! NOt a good thing at all and i just don't know what to do?!?!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stupid, stupid, stupid teeth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What do you do on a cold Tuesday morning with marshmallow's????
Why you make fruity cheerios/cheerios krispie treats of course!! ;-)

The little man "helping" big bro empty the dishwasher last night.

Monday, April 27, 2009

A steal

She may not be 4 officially (I think that's the age they should be) but when you find it you gotta go with it.... I have been looking for the past few months for a high back booster seat for Norah that isn't any form of obnoxious pink or loud purple.... Everything i find is either one of those(and it makes me literally sick) or it's sharp and costs 50.-80. bucks!! Neither of which work for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well i found it Saturday and i can say i have never seen one like it before.... It's just girlie enough without being loud and obnoxious :-) Where did i find it you ask...................... Low and behold "Big Lots" and the price tag..........$20.00!!!!!!! That's right TWENTY FRICKEN DOLLARS!!!!!!!!

Yeah me..oh ya that's right!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Boys and Cars whatya gonna do?

Yes 2 big kids are under the umbrella during the water onslaught given by dad :-)
They LOVED it!

I just felt the need to capture as best as my camera could the "carrot red" hair on this child!!! Did i mention I LOVE IT and hope it never goes away and that he gets awesome little freckles:):):)
(you must imagine it much more carrot than it looks in picture!)

That about sums up my weekend, what about you??

Friday, April 24, 2009

MMmmmmmmmmmm, the smell of sunblocked, sweaty, baby's after a day playing outside, i could eatem up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I settled for kissing all over :-)

She has dressed herself like this for 80 degree weather today!

This is what we let our baby/toddler(not a toddler in my eyes until they walk!) eat and play with, cardboard!! yum yum

Puppies having tons of fun the other day

I just love her in Blue!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Week 2 second outfit:)

Could she be any cuter with her new haircut. Even with the eyes on their way shut!

Please notice that MY daughter already at the ripe old age of 3.95yrs has tattoo's on her arm's :)

This one is for all you basketball lovers........Michael Jordon all the way down!!Honestly i don't think she even knew she was doing it...

Oh and this week they were on "dots" the squares were behind them! Way to go Miss.Sarah
When i was younger, when i was told i wouldn't be able to have kids and that was just fine by me many people would tell me when you have more than one they are each so different and unique.. Well duh i would think they are all made up of different DNA so one would think that yup they are each different.....

Today it hit me what they REALLY ment. All 3 of my kids are incredibly different when it comes to breakfast! HUGELY!!!!!

Isaac has always been a pancake,waffles,scrambled egg, sausage, kinda guy and first thing too....If it's ment to be eaten for breakfast that's what he likes.

Norah until just the past 6months if it was ment to be for breakfast she didn't like it and not before 9(no matter what time she got up), all of the above plus cereal = no way!! The child ate soup every cotton pickin day that's all she liked! now she wont eat soup ever, not even if she picked it out.

Ari this child eats everything except when it comes to breakfast! He's a first thing kinda guy too. or at least within 30min. waffles ya right, pancakes maybe a bite or two if your lucky, eggs get real and sausage you should see the look i get!!! He will eat yogurt that i mix baby cereal into make it more filling and get this.. cereal MY kind of cereal no less "life" and his fav "Quaker oatmeal squares" O and he loves the steal cut oats mixed with a packet of instant oatmeal.

I try to make the oatmeal a bit healthier and have the instant last a bit longer so I mix with the old fashioned or steal cut....and don't get me started on who likes what flavor!!geesh!
Man they are crazy these kids and their food choices...And heaven help me if i forget who likes what how...........................You'd think i was torturing them!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It drives me nuts when i forget that I've left wash in the washer!!! Makes me mad to have to rewash! I hate wasting that much water:(:(

Monday, April 20, 2009

Well it seems the little man is moving his way up to walking!! Officially he has started to sand by himself and balance for a few....................So proud :-)
p.s. those of you who didn't know me when my others were little
Isaac walking at 9months eekk!eekk and double eekk!!!!!!!
Norah walking at 11months still eekk!! although she did prefer to crawl when it was necessary to get somewhere quick or to make a quick getaway:)
Ari.......still waiting.........................................................

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Some pic's from this weekend

I just love all of these pictures :-)Such good dogs waiting patiently to be allowed to "clean up" the floor under the table after dinner this evening:)

Friday, April 17, 2009


I once knew a girl a really little girl with beautiful long hair...........................She begged and begged and begged her mama to cut it all off.........................................................................Her mama made her wait a few week to really make sure and yup cut it please like my cousin Jona........................................Mama cut really little girls hair and when done told her to go look in the mirror..................................

Mama i don't know that girl in the mirror she looks like a different girl, i don't like my hair short, i don't want it like this anymore the little girl says.........

Sometimes it takes a little time to get used to mama says, it's very pretty.............

New barbie Rapunzel well she needed to have her hair cut too..............Now little girl is ok and happy.............................................

Mama is so sad little little girl looks to old and grown up :-(

Hallelujah for antibiotics!!! Woohoo and a day full of sunshine coming our way!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

We are home from the Doctor's and it's official we(I) have a reason for why my little man has NOT been himself the past 3 days. He has one NASTY ear infection in his right ear. I knew something had to be wrong, he has NEVER been this way before EVER. Even thru all the different colds and such and the getting 6teeth in 7 days, never like this..................thank you to the medical professionals:-)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ballot and Basketball

Miss Norah started her first ever ballot class:) Finally she is old enough to take a class that we can afford that doesn't require parent participation and younger siblings are welcome.........
She loved it.....
Leave it to my child to interrupt class to have the teacher remove some little bugs that were by her square and then to stop doing what they were doing to "fix" her square :-)
Is it wrong of me to be a little bit irritated at the young woman teaching the class because she kept telling the girls to get on their "dot" and it was very obvious they were all standing on colored squares!!:) Man can i be retarded!!!!

Miss Norah was loving this and..........................................
Ari was loving life and doing this.............................

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Someone is having a ruff day and it's not me!(lord help me) Lets just say i can't wait to go to work :-)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Please disregard the dirty socks! I could wash my floors 3x (and have just to see)and they would still be dirty! Just walk already:)

Is that one naughty look or what?!:)

Death Wish

I swear this youngest child of mine has a immediate death wish!!!!! Isaac was never a climber, Norah was my climber for sure, this last one well i wouldn't even put him in the climber category!! Plain and simple he is my DARE DEVIL............

I'm sure dad will be a LITTLE(i scrunch my face while saying little) bit peeved that my first reaction is to get the camera ;-)

He did this for the first time yesterday but today he actually was trying to type and use the mouse:(:( and then in the 1st picture(uploaded wrong) was trying to catch something big sis was doing in the living room!!! Man you need to pay attention on the computer not look else where that's the very FIRST rule!!!!

I'm sure it wont be long before i will actually have an emergency Dr. visit with this one!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just chillin out

The very cute little man soaking up the sun on this awesome day:)

My Shepherd is just soo pretty!!! I love her so much!!!!! Both dogs will be a year old by the end of the month.......

Keep in mind by the child's eyes that she was woken from her nap waaaayyyyyy early so that we could go to the store but again i just needed to share what this child chooses to dress herself in! She's nuts!! This is one area that i really don't care what she chooses unless we have somewhere special to go to, soon enough she will be making sure everything matches.... Like they say pick your battles and this is one i don't ever want to fight over. The older one did the same thing and after about 1yr we were back to "normal" :-)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Eggin

A great big thanks to Aunt Heather and Uncle Bill for giving both kids their own Easter egg coloring box.. What fun they had....

Oh ya and the Easter bunny comes to our house and hides all the eggs for the kids to find in the morning.....yippie glitter will be everywhere!!