Sunday, July 27, 2008

kitties, kitties and more kitties

The time sure does get away from me lately.Even with a baby that sleeps thru the night from 2months on, by the end of the day I'm whupped. We have had a fun few days, done a lot of playing. Here are a few pics of the past few. Isaac greeting me in one of his new outfits.Soo handsome Norah in one of her cute hand me downs, and i almost forgot, Saturday at about 7:30am i go outside to turn on my sprinkler(I'm a water waster) and i hear all this meowing, I'm thinking it's the neighbors cat stuck on my neighbors garage roof and I'm gonna have to get her down to shut her up(she's not a nice kitty, she will charge you!!)but no it's not her i see this little head sticking out between a fence and a bush up on the neighbors property (but my backyard) i go up to the wall "kitty, kitty" and he comes running. Just what i need another cat!!!!!( i need another cat like i need a whole in the head) In my defense i did bring him up to work to try to find him a home but by the time they closed no home was to be had and i didn't like the idea of him being stuck in a cage all weekend plus I've never had a kitten find me before, makes me think he's ment for me. So once again we have way to many cats. WHATS NEW!!

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