Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Please meet the cutest little bugger ever to have entered my house!! These pictures were from his few minutes at the house yesterday before work. He doesn't look or feel like this today poor little guy:(


My daughter is in RARE form this morning let me tell ya. First off we are in the car coming home from the bank already and she tells me that she had to wipe her boogers on her jacket sleeve, ya know cuz "they were fallin out". Then she says mom where's my pink jacket? I'm gonna wash it today i tell her and her response is "finally". It's been in the basement for about a month to get washed but when you have 2 why hurry!?

Then i overhear her in her snotty voice to her OLDER brother "Isaac quit disobeying me!" um WHAT!!!! What pray tell did we create and how long will we be able to control her????????????????
Yup Isaac is home from school it's round 102938475.38271 of the booger/cough monster!!

Now on to happy/fun news, we have a new addition to our house his name is "Zero" and he rocks!!! so far anyway:) He is a 9ish month old Boston Terrier Mix and I'm in love again:):):) I'll post some pics later, rite now he's not feeling so great, yesterday was a long day. We picked him up at about 1:30ish drive the 40min home then to get Isaac from school then home then to my work and under he went to get neutered then home and then lots of puking poor little guy. Hoping he's feeling back to himself by the end of the day or tomorrow:):)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Only Girls!!!

Seriously, my daughter is crazy! She cracks me up so much!!! Yesterday at Meijer's she tells me that when she grows up she is going to have daughters. No boys she says only 2(holding up 2 fingers)girls. Only girls i say why??? Because 1 boy is naughty and the other is a baby! I do not pretend to understand. Well maybe to her i do but really i don't get it.(we did have that conversation for about 10minutes as she kept telling me why only girls no boys) Then today just a minute ago in fact she informs me that Ari "can do all kinds of tricks now"!!!! Apparently he is like a dog to her and the fact that he can put a block into a bigger block is some trick!! Norah you are something special.......

Well off we go to Ionia to see if "Zero" is going to be our new house mate:):) Wish us luck:)

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Imagine if you will for a moment that you are me, yes i know that's hard but try.......Now this morning you are filling the humidifier and when your done you take a step back....and step on a dog and go backwards and step on a dog again and this repeats in front of your husband for about 5 steps that rapidly get quicker and what happens??(you go back about 5ft in the process) You slam into the corner of the counter with your back and then the pantry and then slide down. Said dog never does get out of the way just keeps backing up with you and husband(who is known for saving the day in situations like this) just watches thinking that you will step on dog hard enough to catch yourself. Now if your a parent or have pets you know that when you step down if it's not floor you ALWAYS modify how you land because it could be animal, child, child toy, you get the drift so NO i wasn't going to step down hard onto dog and STUPID dog should have moved or better yet wonderful husband should have done like he has been known to do in the past and grabbed your outstretched arm as you tried to regain balance and saved the day. None of that happened and I'm one sore mama!!! I have 2 pics to share but I'm sure tomorrow will look tons better...................................

Friday, January 23, 2009

Love and Logic.................ever heard of it?

Why good Friday afternoon to you all..... I have come to the realization (yesterday actually) that this computer/internet has become to important to me and that I'm not prioritizing properly and so have made a promise to my kids(but just to myself not out loud)to not get on the darn thing or even turn it on for that matter until nap time.................. It's nap time folks!!!!:) I have been reading a book called Love and Logic for early childhood lately and i have to say i really like a lot of it,parts though really bug me too, like why do they need to over exaggerate the negative from other parenting books?? Why can't they tell you how it is without examples being the worst case scenario??? but it does has some awesome tips for moms like me who end up yelling too much.... It actually says "how to parent with consequences with out raising your blood pressure or a sweat:)" I have been trying some of the ideas out and it is actually working, on Norah at least. anyway we will see how it goes, i really like the idea of not yelling(i really hate doing it)and still getting my point across:):) Here are some pictures of the other morning with the kids all eating breakfast....... OMGosh does the little man look way to old and mature in that breakfast picture!!!!! Now I'm off to try to scare an unwanted male cat out of my garage with a dog and then have a little play time with a dog that is really bored and wanting a friend:)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This 3rd child of mine reminds me oh so much of a friends 3rd child..... He LOVES anything paper or babywipe related!!! Caught in the act:)
Yum, yum can't get enough:-)

This morning NOrah greets me like this and says "mom who do i look like??"
Why i look just like princess Jasmine:):) To cute

Monday, January 19, 2009

Dress up day????

so sometime this afternoon Norah decided that she wanted to wear her "school uniform" She will need to wear it when she enters kindergarten and here are a few pictures of the little darling.....Oh and big brother had to put his uniform pants back on to be in the pictures. He sounds really excited to have her come to his school. To bad it's another 2years away. Well see if he's still excited when he's a 3rd grader!!!

Picture if you will a 3.5yr old girl still in her jammies finding out that it's nap time: key in whiny voice "but mom you said if you got mail we'd leave" Yes but Miss the mail didn't come today so we don't need to leave and we vacuumed instead!!!still with whiny voice: "I don't want to nap and i don't have to go potty". You need to try and it's nap time."all done" hop in bed i say. whiny voice: but mom is Ari going to nap?I don't want tooooooooooooooo. Cover up miss cry voice. Mom it's not cry voice!! Well then what is it???????????????? it's whiny voice!!! She's so funny and no noone gives her enough credit, she KNOWS exactly what she's doing.... Happy nap miss NOrah:) 1 down 1 to go.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pets and such

Some would say that we have to many pets! Some would say more than one is to much. Those some arn't us!! I REALLY miss having 2 dogs, yes it can be a bit crazy at times but you need to look at it from the dogs point of view.. They have someone acceptable to chew on, run around the backyard and tackle, groom, sleep next to, be stuck home with, sympathize with when the "people" are mean or better yet when the little people are mean!!! I can't wait to get another, just you wait we are so excited to get him/her:) Now on to our cats, yes we probably have to many but we LOVE the kitties!!! each and every one of these creatures are different(each one) even if they are the same color, different!! IT'S AMAZING to me how god does that. Each of our kitties have a different personality and i like and dislike things about each one. For example Echo and Polo just bug me, they "talk" way to much, drives me nuts so needy and vocal about it, but Chris likes it and they are awesome with the kids, they can do whatever/carry however and they just lay there. Jedi is such a wussy(by far the LARGEST cat i have ever had) but o' so pretty. Mars is by far my fav(and i almost didn't keep him), he doesn't take crap and will actually chase after a dog when pissed off enough. Ink can be snotty and standoffish(i love it:)) but loves to get love from me.

Now back to our newest and last one "Polo" this cat is CRAZY/RETARDED whatever you want to call it i have never ever had a cat like him, the things this cat does!!!!!!!! Yes this would be Polo playing in the bathtub!! having a blast, crazy fool
Norah got up from her nap after i was home from work on Saturday, yes this sweet thing dressed herself!!

Hey Ari what is that your eating/playing with?????????
Oh yes, dog food!!! It's more than just my critters that are CRAZY!!!

Hope this finds everyone healthy and well, looking forward to this week, the last was bad:(

Friday, January 16, 2009

Not ready yet

Just wanted to let you know that i had to delete the last post because i was concerned that i was to descriptive about my work. Now on to funner things.................

Yesterday I"m getting ready for work and Norah's sleeping and Ari's playing in the living room talking to himself so cutely... I walk into the living room to say "Ari, what are you talking about?" below is the pictures of what i see>!.!. Totally not ready for him to start doing this................:)

If you can't tell that other foot is not on the ground!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

This is what trouble looks like
or it could look like this
Polo has finally gotten smart and flees the scene when Ari gets close
Hi, how are ya?
Could he get any closer to the action?!

Moving on

Ok so i was going to get us all past the last post cuz each time i see it i still want to cry. Anyway blogger wont let me put any pics up yet to go with this.(stupid internal error) so I'll just say that for the first time EVER in my dog owning years i/we were able to take a dog, a German Shepherd no less to the pet store and it totally rocked!!! She was so good to each person and dog that she saw, luv it:):) She got lots of compliments and treats(it was so cool).

Ari had is 9month WCC a little late, i didn't even want to go because of it being sickie season and we are all finally healthy. Anyway he rocks!!!!! His weight growth has slowed down but is still good he's a wopping 22.10pounds and long as all get out something like 30in?? I don't remember. He has said his next word "cat". What a strange kid this one. Last night Polo walks into the living room and he gets a big smile on his face and says "cat". Go buddy!!!! We also have sight of the new tooth on top(finally) and if i may be so bold: boys are soooooo much better than girls when it comes to teething:) Miss Norah was wicked! We are rounding the corner to him being 1 already. Now if only we can stop calling Onyx Pearl we will be all set! That's the hardest part, kids are all doing really well, it's ok to talk about and be sad about but when it came down to it we all decided that we loved Ari way more than her:):)
phew i was so glad they all had the correct answer, even my cute nephew Jaden:):) I'll post some fun pictures of the little man as soon as blogger will let me

Friday, January 9, 2009

Miss Pearl

Well folks it would seem that Pearl has crossed the T's and dotted all the i's so to speak. I am feeling like such a failure and a coward and it sucks! Tomorrow morning Miss Pearl will be leaving here never to return, you see when it comes down to it ya just can't have a dog that you can't trust and we have been put into that position on more than one occasion over the last year with her and adults and well now it has progressed to children and the actual biting of them and with her having ALL the issues she does placement just wouldn't happen:(:(
If anyone wants to trade places with me tomorrow that would be awesome!!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Good afternoon, I need to start this off by telling you all how incredibly PROUD i am of my husband!! What he has accomplished in the past 2.5 years has me almost speechless(almost:)). He truly amazes me to no end. Some people never accomplish what he has in an entire lifetime. As of yesterday I'm just beaming with pride for him.... He has been granted permission to go ahead and be a driving member of society!!! With lots of stinky restrictions but none the less DRIVING!!! The way i understand it he is among the "VERY FEW" who actually get approved on their first try, it takes some 2-3 and more try's and you can only apply for it 1x a year.... My husband ROCKS!!!!!**Chris you truly are AWESOME** Folks the sun is shining, soak it in the world does indeed make sense sometimes:):):) Here's to a new chapter for this family, it only gets better from here!!!!!!

On another note i went up to Isaac's old preschool today to enroll Norah(still can't believe it)for the fall and guess what, I'm on the ball because i was to early, they don't have any packets for the next school year in yet(prob.May) and with Isaac i was signing him up in August. Just go ahead and give me the camera lady:)
The newest big boy in the house!!
And miss Norah expressing her own style in the cloths department:):) Just like her big brother CRAZY!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Well Well Well

Well lets see.............. Today we made it to early church for the first time in forever.Nevermind that i had to set my alarm for 6:30 to get myself showered and partly ready and have animals fed before waking the rest of the family up:) We have been having a hard time with our church lately, first off the times just really arn't working for us, we think we need a church that starts at 10 or 10:30. second it's a 20minute drive for us each way. third our paster is only there part time and really we don't always like who they have to replace him........ I don't know change is a scary thing but each week we talk about it again and i do think before long change will be a coming:) Papa and grandma did take the bigger kids after church and we had a nice quiet day with our little man. It's nice to get alone time with him that's for sure, he also seems to really enjoy mom and dad all to himself:):)

Speaking of the little guy, for awhile there i was thinking he is never going to get the show on the road with all the developmental stuff.(at least like his big brother) anyway he has really suprised me this last week and it moving forward in HUGE leaps and bounds. Not only is he crawling.(like a rocket launched into space) he is pulling himself up onto his feet and hanging out that way, everything must be pulled up on. I even saw him last night try to pull himself up into the chair:) hang on little man give yourself more than a day with each new thing.(see what happens when i call him lazy):)
Oh i tried to walk the doggies today(like i do almost every day)but the weekend i get to do it in the daytime, anyway quite literally i was ice skating in my big brown boots. All over the sidewalk, sometimes i even let the pups pull me a little:):) anyway i wasn't comfortable doing it for too long, one wrong move and i just might seriously hurt something so it was a quick one. Here are a few pic's from today i thought I'd share with you.... Daddy had to give the little man a mohawk
Look at my handsome company today, two good looking fella's i tell ya.
Ari whered ya go, found ya, in brother and sister's room
The boy loves his pasta:):)
Pasta marinara with some elderberry jam on bread for dessert, seriously looks like a massacre:):):)Daddy got to clean this one up!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Future gamer:)In his cute new white turtleneck onsie and cute jeans!!

My fantastic clan after a long day
Ari has quality time with dad

What a pretty dog!!!!! I love my new camera:)


Well how are ya? Where to start............We went out for new year's!!!!!!! First time in oh say about 4yrs that we have gone out with our kids no less:) We went to one of our friends house and met another couple there... We had lots of fun, played this game apples to apples. Really had a nice time and Ari finally crashed at about 9ish on my lap and the other 2 were still holding strong.... We ended up leaving about 10ish(our kids don't know how sleep in)and i was up till about 12:30(stupid energy drink) and was up stupid peeing at 2 and 4:30 and then up with the little man at 6something..... Lets just say I'm TIRED but with my new life I'm happy so say tired without a hangover:):) I'm really getting used to that:) We ended up having a productive day and i have a few cute pics to share:) Have a good night all!!!Chris and the big kids
My friend Andrea and my other friend Laura's husband Ron "crazy freaks"
Me and Ari across the table from the crazy freaks:):)
When we got home the girls got their new year's treat