Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Wow time does seem to get away from me lately. Lets see if i can post before the computer decides to go offline again. We have been having such trouble with our connection of late, even had a guy out here last night to check it out and thought he had fixed the problem, obviously not! Anyway quite awhile back i took some round up out front and laid out my plans for some good sized flower gardens out front.A long time ago actually and I've just been waiting for the time and motivation to get started on cleaning out the dead weeds and grass and moving some flowers. Well Sunday we only had Ari for the afternoon and I'm feeling motivated(it's amazing what you can do with just an infant at home) anyway Ari eats and then we head outside. I find a nice shady spot for the little guy and i get started, now i purposely leave the hardest part(the dead grass part) for last hoping that my wonderful husband will be up from his nap and maybe i can convince him to at least shovel the crap for me(would make it soooooooo much easier) After about 45min. of sweating my butt of Ari is ready to go in so i get to take a break and put some laundry away with the little dude till he's ready for his nap the out i go (Chris is still sleeping)after about and hour and a half i have only the hard part left to go and Chris is up and outside to say hi! I am soooo tired it's great. He goes back in and i get the dog out to keep me company and say to Chris "any chance i could get you to loosen the grass part I'm loosing steam" "Give me a minute he replies" out i go, i know what that means. To my surprise he joins me a few later THANKYOU CHRIS. Anyway all said and done i get the whole thing ready for some flowers. Monday dawns and it's my birthday yeah me, it just has to be a good day. Starts out fine then i fine out i have to say home from 2-5 for the comcast guy to come over, puts a crimp in my plans!! Oh well i'll move some flowers while the little kids are napping and Isaac can ride his bike.......... my nightmare begins. I go to move some Iris........ it's rotten WHAT it did fine, bloomed this spring whats going on????? then i see these big giant pink colored worms about 1-2in long and fat, what the heck!!!!!!!(like a grub only not white) i look at more, they are all over, I'm freaking out smashing them, Isaac being a boy wants in on the action (thank you lord for giving me a boy) after i find one whole bunch all rotten full of these nasty things we decide to go online and find out what we are dealing with.(Iris are one of the hardiest, hardest to kill flowers out there) Well we find out we have Iris borers!!!!!!!! and that they are no fun to get rid of. Yeah me! we go back out to kill more and find out that out of about, i don't even know lets just say that i lost about 95% of my iris to the jerks i almost cried. flowers and gardening are my thing, i love to do it, maintain it, it's what makes me happiest and on my birthday i have to destroy massive amounts of flowers. SUCKS, it was like a slaughter in my driveway....... Wouldn't you know it no comcast guy either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I take my birthday money from my inlaws(thank you so much) to the store and get some groceries. (that's what i do) We soooooo needed it. then I'm getting ready to make dinner and Chris and Isaac are riding bikes to the book store when the comcast guy calls (it's after 6) He's here and in the driveway. Chris comes back (i don't want to deal with him) he's here for like an hour and a half thinks he's fixed the problem and while he's there i take pearl for our walk (another thing i love to do) and while we are walking i look over at her and see that she is pooping as we are walking(like a horse) not even trying to stop to go. I don't have a bag, never bring one she doesn't do this.......omg does she do this every walk and i"m just now noticing??????????? I'm so embarrassed!!!!!!!!! Now we need to walk in the street in case she does it again.... I'm so bummed........... I wanted to go to the water park with the kids have a nice calm dinner and a family walk for my birthday and what did i get, kids fighting, flower killing, and a dog pooping!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy 32 to me!! OH i almost forgot, the best part.....Norah was giving pearl some water while i was washing the good iris. from the hose to the bowl and walking it to her, little did i know that she was also watering the DRYER VENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! flooded dryer (pool inside) flooded basement floor and their is still water in the dryer tube. I did cry after that.

Chris did get me a cool gift (I'm so easy, really) i got a set of those aqua globes that you see on tv to water your flowers... They are AWESOME.......and so pretty Now I'm off to shower, make dinner and then get a baby up in 1hr for a feeding. Ari also started eating some realish food 3days ago and i think last night he actually liked it(no yucky faces) i'll post some pics.

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