Monday, June 30, 2008


As promised a few pictures of the shirts we made yesterday. Can you tell who doesn't' like theirs:) Also a pic of Ari in his new seat:-) Compliments of his great grandpa. I think he doesn't do to bad in it.


Sunday, June 29, 2008

lazy days

Happy lazy Sunday to all, we had a slow but fun family day today. We tie dyed some t-shirts in the morning(I'll post some pics tomorrow when they are done). Then we hungout outside while Norah and Isaac rode bikes (dad did some work on Isaac's 2). then Isaac read me some books and we watched a movie. Grilled out our dinner while kids played in the yard with Pearl and each other. Ari has been in a funk the past 24. hours he was up for a loooooooong time during the night(not used to that anymore) and then naptime he was not a fan of, he just went down about 15min ago after being awake for about 3hrs. Somethings going on with him but not sure what at least he was happy most the day seeing as how he was awake more than not....... Pearl was introduced to an electronic remote coller yesterday and the one time she jumped the back wall it wasn't on:( but it did work for the pool and the bike tires, turns out if done correctly she will only stay away from the object and chill out not hide or cower.... Hopefully a good purchase we'll see.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Some pics from the past few days. Norah is quite the stamper(everything but the paper) then a few of my sexy self right after a 3mile walk today in the blazing heat and Isaac after the walk then my handsome hubby........ Ari was sleeping..

She's done it again!!!!!!!!!!

So, it would seem my 55# 10month old puppy has shown us up again....... As you may remember we had to install a 2ft fence at the top of the rock wall that is at the back of our yard to keep our "puppy" in the yard and as you may recall we didn't have enough fence to do the whole thing so we left the middle open to witch she said haha and climbed out behind our backs with us out there. I have sense gotten more fence and Chris finished that, well once again she showed us her powers of genius and found a week spot in it and went over. Now up until yesterday she has only done it a few times and i have been walking her about 2.5/3miles a day witch has helped a great deal.Well yesterday................Isaac put her outside while we grabbed some water and got ready to go for a walk to a playground and to bring her with us, it's about a mile there and a mile back with some good sized hills so i thought it would be a good workout for all. 15min later we are ready to go and Pearl is no where to be found. gone.........she is not coming back when we call her and this has never happened before, i personally think ok don't come back your a pain in my side something fierce, Isaac on the other hand is almost in tears and wondering if we are going to go look for her hoping we don't have to make signs and such..........DARNIT!!!!!!!!! He is such a tender young man of course we are going to look for her the last thing i need is for the big dummie to get hit by a car and have to spent lots of $$$$$$$ to save her for him, well we do eventually find her she is in someone else's fenced in yard (the fence is like a 4 maybe 5 footer)......... I tried to find out if they had put her in there or if she got her self stuck in there but noone would answer either door but we all know she can jump that no problem. She did not get to go with us, that was her punishment. So one again we have been out smarted by the dumb or should i say smart dog and today we are looking into a remote shock coller or an electric fence to put up in the back, so fun! Oh and last night i took her for her first bike ride telling her the whole time that "hey you wanted to run my dear so lets run" she was a very well behaved puppy last night!!!!!!!!all it took was a 10min. bike ride.Hope you all enjoy your weekend

Friday, June 27, 2008

These are a few pics from the last few days. While my back was turned my laundry "helper" was in the other room on top of the cat sleeping table. Isaac just lost another tooth and the last 2 are of this am. That boy sure does love his sister.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pain and Dinner

Good morning all, let me start off by saying the strangest thing happened to me the other day....Tuesday about 3ish Norah was wanting the candy thing, it's kinda like a little 2inch long soda bottle but filled with sour sugar powder. The bottom of it is a screw off and from the others i knew it could be tuff to get off, well i try and can't unscrew it so i try to with my teeth, let me tell you, i thought i was going to unscrew my teeth along with the darn thing thats how hard i tried but no success (my mouth hurts like heck) but the top or should i say the bottom is still on, Norah says look mom i got it and sure enough she just unscrews it. I tell myself i just loosened it for her thats all, anyway about 15 minutes later all of a sudden i get shooting pain from my jaw all the way around my neck to the other side then up the back of my head to my forehead and now i feel like i have a major neck injury and my head is just POUNDING!!!! I need to be to work in about an hour and all i want is to lay my head down and rest my neck. I pop some pain pills and off i go, it gradually gets worse and worse and I'm at work moving like i can't move my neck it's so bad then home and shortly after to bed, I'm icing and popping pain pills all night and into the next day, Isaac is due home after like 4days at my sisters and all i want is him to stay and to go to bed. It really sucks!!!!!! well after i got Norah and Ari down for a nap i found some ibuprofen to take with the other stuff and grabbed another ice pack and layed in the chair for about an hour. When i get up I'm actually starting to feel better, i can even chew on that side of my mouth without to much trouble. Quick get the kitchen cleaned up, start some laundry. Well by 5:30 I'm feeling tons better and STARVING. Isaac suggests that we go out to dinner. Well that actually sounds real good, we haven't been out to eat in a sit down place since Ari was born. Well we have these free dinner coupons for the kids for Russ's so we decide to go there, cheap good food. Ari ate at 5:30 so i knew he should be good to go till about 7. We get there and of course the place if full of older folks and Ari is an immediate crowd pleaser being a baby and all. It went great, i couldn't have asked for a better time(didn't like my food) but it was sooooo nice to go out with the kids and enjoy ourselves.... Isaac and NOrah actually did awesome no fighting. Chris and i really needed it, it was very refreshing! We both left feeling very picked up.
Moral to the story......Don't try to open kids candy make them do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Some pictures of Ari from this afternoon when Norah was sleeping....and one of beautiful me without any makeup..........

Moods have greatly improved here, got back from our walk and had lunch and both little one's are down for naps. I have a few minutes to be on the computer then shower to feed the little man at 1:30. He's finally on a 3.5 hour feeding schedule.YEAH Some Norah funnies from the past few days.
1)My 10yr old niece stayed over and in the morning Norah says:"You want some chocolate milk livie?" no not now "Well your a big girl you want some coffee?"
2) Today on the walk........"mom you breathing, why??" pushing 2 in a stroller up a big hill is hard work.


Girls, seriously folks, i have already prayed MANY times this morning lord please give me strength/patience today. Since 6:40 this morning all i have heard is wining crying from my daughter, from "i don't want to watch this" to "i don't want to use this plate"...waaaaaaaa to "i want to eat in the living room" (which we never do) to "i hurt my foot" to "i want different shoes" the list could go on and on. She has been put into her room to cry just for her ears with the instructions to not come out until she can talk nicely. Yes Norah has a LITTLE cold and the entire would must SUFFER!!!!!! You may say "she can't be all that bad" but if i could tape her and share the love you would say a prayer for me too. Just finished feeding Ari and we are off in the double stroller to take pearl and mom on the 2.5 to 3mile walk. we do this everyday both mom and pearl need it. Isaac has been gone for the past 3 nights and quite frankly i really miss his cuteness!!!!! He even lost another tooth last night(Finally a top one) and the tooth fairy had to come to auntie's house. Hopefully he will come home today and can help keep me sane amongst the Norah DRAMA!!!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


What a fun weekend even with the days getting chilly for a bit it always got better. We spent Friday at home and had fun just the fam. then Saturday we went out to my sisters for the afternoon, checked out her new kitten, new stray cat and the new 13 chickens they have. We had fun and Ari did awesome away from home, even napped(in his seat). Isaac stayed and we took Jona for sleep overs with the plan to exchange kids before church bc Isaac and Norah were going to Papa's and grandmas for the day to play, well Jona had a little homesickness for the first time and wanted to go home so auntie came to get her and we took Olyvia overnight instead, i was worried Norah would be very upset when she woke up to find no cousin, so instead she woke to a different one than she went to sleep with. We went to church (i had to serve) then a quite afternoon (o' the life of having 1 child) It's almost boring. then about 5:30 kids came home and we had gotten a tube for Norah's bike. Back story, it's been a year that this child has had to look at her bike and not be able to ride it bc mom and dad can be lazy on occasion. Any way here are some pics of Norah riding her bike for the first official time and some of Isaac on his big red bike that he won at the circus a few years back. Needless to say my sister was back over tonight with everyone bc they have a cat with some injuries that they wanted me to check out and Isaac once again is sleeping at his cousins house and Livie is here with us. Definatly busy.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This one is for cousin Kelli, Ari is very serious about his tiger uniform.........please notice the color of the gdiaper cover peeking out the bottom...
First thing this morning i get a cup of coffee and turn around and this is what i see, Isaac reading to his o man he has come along way since changing schools at the end of january. The rest are from my yard I'm proud to say that i have barked some this year......I have wanted to since we moved in but never had the chance, it's so pretty in the back now.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


This is what i get to see all day............such happiness

Here are a few pics of the last week and a few of the new floors/walls......Erin i totally forgot i had brought my camera to the park or i would have taken a few pics of all the kids and a pic of Norah holding hands while walking the boys to the truck...

Monday, June 16, 2008

One weekend

Hello all, well after what felt like a looooong weekend but didn't turn out to be all bad i have new FLOORS!!!! They look really nice especially the kitchen i LOVE those the best, something about the blackness to them really makes them one of a kind, very rustic looking. We probably rushed things a bit but we moved everything back into the rooms last night at 10pm. After starting a project that we were told would only take 1weekend that turned into 3 then with the floors into 4 we are finally done(minus the baseboards). Everything looks great. I have to say one thing about this last weekend we all had to live in the basement from sat. am to sun. late night and that just plain sucked!!! I went from being the worlds heaviest sleeper to the worlds lightest sleeper when children came.Seriously folks between the kids being up to late, Chris on one side snoring and the dog in her crate on the other SNORING the cats (4ofthem) thinking it was time to play with all the new bodies and stuff and Ari choosing to get up at 4:30 then Norah getting up and thinking it was time to get up to the cats trying to get into the room Ari was again sleeping in.......... sleep was something i didn't. It was a good weekend with the kids though. The last 4 weekends I've kinda been a single mom while Chris is working on the house and i quite enjoyed myself(for the most part). Glad it's done.........Now need to by a new mop and turns out i don't have any pledge.(I hate dusting). I'll take some pics and see if i can't find any old ones to show the difference. Those of you who remember my kitchen floor you will be amazed i just want to sit in it always.......Oh and the rug i got for Christmas from my mom for the kitchen is finally out of the box and it looks great. Thanks mom!!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008


Whine, whine, whine, argue, argue,argue, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!!!!! Oh, the life of siblings! What a great day.


Good Friday morning to you all, quick update all is well, Ari is doing better and better, Isaac and Norah are having such fun playing all day. Wednesday my friend Jamie came over with her kids and their puppy "ranger" it was a good time we haven't seen them in forever Kaitlyn is a good head taller than Norah and Norah is 2months older that girl is going to be 6ft easy. Ranger is quite the puppy, him mom needs to work a little with him but he sooo cute. Then yesterday we went to the park with my friend Erin and our kids got to play together for the first time and they really seemed to have fun with each other. Isaac and Jack, Norah and Mike(or Norah just running after the boys) and miss molly as we call her just hollered at all while Ari slept most of the time. We had a nice picnic lunch played some more then home for naps and for mom to get ready for work. It was a lot of fun (esp. for me) and we hope to do it again soon. This weekend my kitchen and dining room are going to get a floor face lift, i can't wait... Gotta go Norah is asking for mac & cheese for breakfast.(she never did like the breakfast stuff) Hope all have a great weekend!!!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008


Real quick, you moms with young ones, on a rainy day all you need is a $2. bag of balloons and you are set for hours!!!!!!!!! Play, bounce, roll, draw on, the possibilities are endless.


It has been a hectic few days, I have wanted to write every day but have been to tired by the end of the day each and every day. My first official week of work is over and it wasn't so bad, besides worrying about weather or not Ari was getting fed on schedule it went off without a hitch. Friday night Isaac had kindergarten "Graduation". For those of you who don't know 1st grade in public school is kindergarten in private school and they honor the kindergarten with a graduation along with the 6th grader's. That would have been a fun time if not for the fact that all that day i had been dealing with a monster migraine that started at my left temple and continued down around my ear and down my neck along with that i had nothing suitable to wear(thats a hole different story but lets just say i don't have cloths and I'm totally serious) and Ari choosing to act up along with my daughter running to and fro and refusing to whisper which she knows how to do. Anyway it was neat. Saturday dawned still with the migraine but Chris wanted to do more with the "new" dining room so i took 3 kids to the store then played outside, start blowing up the pool, put some bark down, inside anywhere and everywhere dad wasn't to stay out of the way and we put up a partial little(2ft) fence at the top of our 6ft rock wall in the back yard bc i have a puppy that will actually climb it like a stinkin ladder!!!!!! We didn't have enough for the whole thing so we decided to cut it and put it up where we know she climbs and leave the center open(we can see her there). Turns out she's smarter and jumped the middle when our backs were turned.Now we need to get more. Chris did get everything done and we now have a really awesome dining room thats almost finished. This weekend he with cousin bill are going to redo the floors in the kitchen and dining and we will be "camping" in the basement, the last thing will be the new slider which hopefully will be in about 2wks. It will feel like a whole new house by the time it's done. Sunday i had to serve in church(i swear every boy there was in a bad mood) held kids, tried to play then to Kohl's to try to get mom some cloths(3pants & 1shirt)=my whole wardrobe at the moment along with Chris's t shirts. before i knew it Sunday was over and now half of Monday and let me just say with a smile on my face"the drama started at 7:10 and really hasn't let up yet" Girls are CRAZY Here are some pics from the last few days. Hope i did this right. also have one of the whole fam at the graduation (Chris doesn't like himself in it) once i get it right I'll post it.