Sunday, February 28, 2010

This week it seems has passed by in a busy blur.................. Norah had at school(on Tuesday of course) an "Art" thingie. Chris and the kiddo's went and had such fun I'm told. They herd stories, did movement(dance), pottery, face painting and a few other things. I can't wait for my "vase" :-) Wed. I went down and get the cross tattoo that I was suppost to get when I was there getting the start of the vine but we ran out of time. So down I went and brought a plate full of cookies with me :-)
Friday I spent the DAY at work and the little pup had her first of 2 major surgery's poor puppy, maybe more on that later :(
Saturday I had to meet a client at work bright and early at 8am. (her dog is soooooo very fearful that with moms help her treatment's go very smooth :) I got home about 2pm and straight to the couch I went with an icepak......... Don't clench/grind your teeth at night, just makes you miserable for the next few days..... Finally here I sit Sunday at just about 4pm.....NOT at all ready for Monday!
My Miss. Lion
My strange looking polar bear
Little man chose something green for his hand??
The AWESOME cross :)

I couldn't resist a pic of the cute doggies.......

Oh and I almost forgot, I have a bran spankin new pair of glasses that are awesome!! AND they come with those little thing's that go on the front to make them sunglasses, never had that before :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Holy mother to all that's holy!! 37 days and no longer waiting!!! WOWZER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Still waiting....................................................

Monday, February 22, 2010

It has felt like spring around here lately, couple that with the smell of skunk and I would have said for sure.. Until I woke up today that is....

Can you say spring fever!! HA
In case anyone was wondering they are eating vanilla yogurt in those cups
and off they go into the snow...............

I love my kids! They are so neat!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's over now!! The 2nd child is now old enough to play soccer.. We can no longer get away with only having to pay for 1 child to play, I'm thinking it goes down hill from here(where any extra money is concerned). Gymnastics is next for her, just need to be able to bring her to every class:) She can't wait for soccer!!! Just pray that the games arn't at the same time....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dear Aunt Flo,
Now just because I started taking a complete B vitamin(in Jan.) and you chose to show up 15DAYS after your last visit and hang around for another 7 days does NOT mean that I don't wish you to ever return!!! Come on now, you can never return as long there is no health trouble on my end, otherwise give it up would ya, it's been plenty long enough already!!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Had a few hours to myself with just the boys this morning:) I Heart my boys!!!!!

Isaac has this WHOLE week off for "mid-winter break" whatever! and Norah had Monday and Tuesday off but not today and tomorrow.. She sure does love school. I would love it too if only the parents could get drop off/pick up down and do it the way the teacher showed them!! IT COULD BE SO EASY!!!!!!!!!!!
Isaac has another ear infection and really I don't think the other one was fully cleared up so this was no surprise.... We go back in 2wks to check on the ear's and see if the cough he's had for oh lets say 6WEEKS is gone. Apparently it could just be from all the drainage or we may need to go for allergy testing:(

Although she says that it's not like when we were younger, not nearly as bad.......

Talk to ya later

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Me and the little man enjoying dinner all by ourselves!!

So nice and peaceful :)


As a wedding/bridesmaid, bride bonding thing we decided to get tattoo's together. We all knew it wasn't going to be the same thing but whatever we each wanted, but to just do them together. 2 of us are already tattooed and the 3 part of the party has talked for YEARS about wanting to get one....Sooooooooo

Well the 2 of us who have them already went in last night, on the brides birthday and had such fun....
**side note she loved all her presents:)**

These are the pictures of them, Mine is just the beginning of a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L vine that's going to wrap around my arm up over my shoulder down my back to meet at the very first ever tattoo on the left side of my stomach.... Her's took 20min. mine so far 3hrs 30min. and I loved every minute of it(even with the holy hell pain:)) mostly because she was there with me and didn't leave :-) I love her:)

Our 3rd member is scheduled to get her very first ever tattoo this coming wed. at NOON flippen noon when neither of us can be there with her... Kinda defeats the purpose and I personally think she' being a boob about it!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I just got back from birthday present shopping for a girlfriend of mine. I'm sooooo excited!! She doesn't even know I'm getting her anything..As a matter of fact I don't think I have ever gotten her anything before. Maybe cuz were getting together tomorrow with a visit to my tattoo guy and it's her birthday that's why I'm remembering :)
ANYWAY I can't wait to surprise her with a bag of goodies:):):)

OH OH OH and I only had one child to go shopping with.................A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Great Wolf Lodge

So it seems that day 3 in the water park was not the best day to get pictures of happy big kids AND a happy toddler. Thanks to my good friend Lori the miss was also able to do the waterslides on that 3rd day. See I wasn't dressed for waterpark so with Ari being all grumpy and not "in the mood" she wouldn't have been able to ride any but good ol Lori went down a few with her...
Next time we do this I will totally be taking my friend "K's" advice and getting a waterproof camera, I would have had such awesome pictures if i had :(
We had a great time and the kiddo's did AWESOME, everyone slept in-their-own-beds(bringing along the guardrail totally saved us with little man) and everyone slept in(minus the bad dreams due to overtiredness) until 7 and then 7:40. Can't ask for more than that. Tons of fun and VERY exhausting.... And look home in time for the nice huge winter snow storm, stupid snow!!!!!
We will defiantly need to do the family vacation again, hopefully in less than 8years.
**Oh and I forgot, the little man did find a way to escape on us from our room 2x. Little turd has NO FEAR when it comes to that sorta thing and if the top latch wasn't flipped he was GONE**

The only smile that morning

Happiest when in the hot tub, well just a little in

Trying to swim :-)

Isaac is there just on the other side of the lifeguard

See I told you just thrilled

The cutest baby you ever did see (except mine of course) I swear he's the size mine were at 3months old and the dude is 7months.

Zack, Isaac, Josh and Ari. the first three are all 8yrs old


Stupid phone, always the phone

Sunday, February 7, 2010


How are you suppost to take pictures when every time you go to the water park you end up in the water?!?! I MEAN SERIOUSLY!!!
Well we are leaving sometime tomorrow and I KNOW we will be water parking it again before we leave and I WILL NOT PLAY in the water but will instead take pictures. The best pictures I can get :-)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

We are here on Vacation :) We arrived around 2 and played in the water park until 4 then got our room and went up to dry off and change cloths and then had dinner and walked around. Now we are waiting for story time and something else I don't remember..... I've been ready for bed for over an hour now if you can believe it and so far I have forgotten to take any pictures. Hopefully tomorrow :-)

Oh and already lost and article of MY clothing!! NOT COOL I don't have much to spare really...

Have a good weekend all......

Friday, February 5, 2010


I turn my back for a second last night to get the other 2 in bed and what do I find...
A little man who fancies himself computer savvy!!

I had 2 other pic's to go with this but they dissapeared

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's the first day.......

Today was the first day of school for the Miss... To say she was excited and nervous would be an understatement........

She had a great time and I know me and the little man are going to have such fun each morning with just each other. Plus I was surprised at how calm and peaceful I was at nap time today. It was a me I haven't seen or felt in quite awhile.

Norah I'm so happy you had such a good first day at school... I think you grew years in your 2.5hours away!!

Monday, February 1, 2010


If you are family and may offend easily please read no further......If you choose to read and get offended, not my problem!!!!!

For 8 years now I have been aware that I have family that thinks about money more than necessary. For awhile now I have realized that some family thinks about others financial situation and how they choose to spend their money WAY more than they should!! It has come to my attention that people come into my house looking to see what we may have spent money on that wasn't (in their eyes) "needed" and that TICKS-ME-OFF!!
Now having not grown up with this type of life it is hard for me to feel as I do. It is also not correct that because of people I am nervous about posting about upcoming things like trips because it will be talked about negatively...

Sooo I'm gonna get this off my chest............ Yes we do spend money (like most people) on things that WE like. We don't spend money if we don't have it. Furthermore WE ALWAYS pay for our home and what comes with it BEFORE we buy any "not needed" items. We also pay for OUR HOME and all the subsequent bills before we go on ANY type of trip!! Because of that we have NEVER taken a family trip and by god WE(and our kids) deserve to do that!!!!!!!

I could sit here and give you an itemized list of what each and every thing costs to live in and maintain this house but somehow I don't think anyone would be interested in that...
I could also give an itemized list of ALL THE DEPT that has been payed off over the past month but somehow I don't think anyone would care about that either...

I could however give an itemized list of all the "not needed" things we have purchased over the past month(and you would be interested) but frankly IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!

I have always said you only live once and you can't take anything with you but that always implies taking care of responsibility's FIRST!

Why is that because we have always worked our butts off to pay for our home and take care of our family before looking to "buy things" we are still thought of as "kids" who blow money???????????????

I will never understand this. I have also told my husband to not get so upset because all that REALLY matters is what we know and how god see's us!!!!

I'll leave you with a picture of my new rug!!! :-)

*I no longer need to look at pictures and see that ugly rug that's not in our taste*

p.s. I can write what I want it is my blog!!!!!!
p.s.s. I feel way better and am off to eat some ice cream and nap:)