Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So our 2nd stop on the 4errand morning "the bank" she asked me how i was doing today(we all get along/joke at the bank) i replied fantastic.... She was surprised with my car load at my response, i told her when you have a baby that sleeps all night every night it's not hard to be fantastic esp. when your first appt. that was suppost to take at least 45min. only took 15, that is how our day stayed fantastic, we had a really good one and i just got back from my Wednesday walk with Andrea(i really look forward to those walks) I even got some cute pics today. this one is Norah's new swim suit from her cousins in Lansing.Isaac wouldn't go in the pool Norah put a bunch of sand in it. All the kiddos this am, what a purdy dress Norah has on and tonight Isaac unloading the dishwasher........(he did it in 25min)WOW it usually takes over an hour..........

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