Saturday, May 31, 2008


Good evening all,
Why is it that you can't ever keep kids in cloths let alone the correct ones??? Next thing i know Isaac is in his t shirt,socks,winter jacket (thats to small) and underwear and then i spy Norah she has decided to help me make burgers and is wearing only a pair of boys "panties" on backwards no less, rubber gloves and is smashing some burger. These kids are crazy i tell ya.

Check out this cool Iris i have growing, what an awesome color. I thought it was going to be black until it opened up.

Friday, May 30, 2008

2 Norah funnies from this week

1)we are sitting on the benches in the kitchen and she says "mom don't burp my butt"

2) Chris "Norah you don't like my ice cream? is it because it has nuts in it"? Norah "Yes, I'm just a little girl"


So i have decided that the "honeymoon" that was Norah acting more like her older brother "well behaved" is over, turns out that she is back to her old self and old ways and ya know it's not like I'm not a good mother, i do all the things good mothers do: color, stamp(which I'm not really fond of), paint,read, walk, stroller ride, go to parks and playgrounds, play play doh, really she is not bored she's just Norah and well.......... she's like a fart, when she's silent she's deadly!!!!! Have a good weekend all.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Already this morning!!, I'm packing Isaac's lunch and she comes to me covered in lotion of all things(hair, face,arms, cloths) argh!!!!!!! we get back from taking Isaac to school and i need to start laundry feed the cats and clean litter boxes(trash day tomorrow) so being the smart woman that i am i take her down with me to "help" well after i feed cats and start laundry i start the litter boxes and while I'm doing that she decides to "feed" the cats all over the floor i explain that cat food is expensive when you have 4 of them and that they were just fed and don't need more food "leave it alone"! back to cleaning, mind you I'm on a little chair just behind a dresser that we don't use thats being used as a blocker for little kids and litter boxes and she's on the other side, next i know it's too quiet once again and i look...... She has taken one of the just filled cat bowls and dumped it into the plug in water dish that i have down there for the kitties. So she gets a spankin and put in a spot and told to stay there while i finish up with the threat that if she moves she will get a spankin that will hurt and no play doh today!!!!!Well let me tell ya i turn around and she has found conditioner and is just getting ready to "play" with's 9am.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Whew, I'll say it again Whew, busy days for sure. More work was done on the house hopefully next time it will be done. Norah has been a very good girl since the addition of Ari, not so naughty/mischievous, well that has all changed as of today what a number. We had to do a little food shopping and get Chris a birthday present and after the contractor got here we left. Well we decided to go to mcdonalds for some lunch on our way to mallie and roxies. Well she didn't want to come in bc she was eating and well that worked for me bc Ari was just getting up and i thought that she could keep him company while i went in. Apparently she got bored and thought it would be a good thing to take her chocolate milk and spit it out of her mouth out the window(it went down window and car door) and that apparently wasn't enough so she had to take the ranch dipping sauce and spread that all over the inside of her door and seat. This child is well aware that that was not a good thing to do and sorry to say it folks but she did get a spankin (not a good enough one bc no tears) and then was not so gently escorted to the bathroom to get cleaned up and directly to bed for nap.Seriously i wasn't in the house for all that long!! I don't think her feet even touched the floor. All the while Ari is awake in his seat just a smiling away happy as can be. Well i get the car unloaded and get him inside and still smiling. get him out of his seat and bam i got a wiff, this is by far the rankest kid i have the little dude is just fowl!!!!!!! he starts laughing at me as i change the first blowout he has given me, JUST NASTY!!!!!!!!! Why do they have to be all happy about it. It's a good thing my gag factor has improved with each kid or I'd be pucking for sure. Got all that taken care of, then bottle, play time then nap. Wrapped some presents then got a couple of kids up to get Isaac from school.(have i mentioned how excited i am for summer vacation) Chris's birthday was today the old man turned 35. we had the dinner he wanted(homemade pizza, crust and all) then got a tiny strawberry cheesecake sang to him and had him blow out 1candle. Norah wanted him to have slippers and Isaac wanted him to have a cd so he got both. It was a good time, just got the kids to bed and we are getting ready for some pistons basketball. I'm gonna post some pics from the last few days then some of tonight. Night all

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just a quick thought, It's like reality tv only without the tv, you actually have to read!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Oh my gosh, what a beautiful weekend that went much to quickly!!!!!! Let me start off by saying Ari slept all night again last night only he went 8.5hrs that's 1.5 hrs more that before. Go buddy go! Mom loves it. Isaac and Norah went to Jeff&Cheryl's Sunday late morning til early evening Monday. I guess Cheryl had to work both days but "papa" took them on and that was awesome!!! Why is it that when they are gone their is so much to do and not nearly enough time?! We met up this morning with papa and the kids for the parade and that was a blast. If only we didn't have "chores" we would have liked to stay at Papas to go swimming and grill out. We had planned on taking the kids with us when we left but papa wanted to take them swimming before they came home. All the more time to get the house together. This remodeling SUCKS and is taking more time than we had planned on.(much more time) but it will so be worth it when all is said and done. Hope everyone had and awesome memorial!!Gotta go the 10 million loads of laundry are still calling(Loudly). I'm gonna post some pics that we stole off papa's camera today. They are keepers.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Amazingly enough it's a year today that i delivered my third child. In the hospital not to be taken home with me but to arrive home 3 days later in an urn that Chris purchased . It's 3days prior that he died inside me. Crazy how time flies. More than once today i looked at my little man that almost never was and cried. I can admit that i have thought about Ian and wondered what he might have looked like, what he would be like but then i think about Ari not being here and that i can't imagine. I think it's easier to loose someone that you only had a short time and didn't know than to loose someone that you've had. Since i was destined to loose a child i can only thank god that he took one at 5months pregnant and not one of the miracles that i have been blessed with. Ian...i think about him every day, he is in my heart forever and permanently on my arm........ Gotta go my little man is calling me.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Oh my gosh, imagine 9:30 this morning, it was freezing!!!! the wind was so bad your hands felt like ice!! There we were outside from then till about 1pm. FIELD DAY!!! It was a lot of fun. Isaac and Norah had a blast they(the teachers) had it set up for all of the younger siblings to be on a "team" and do all the events also, that was sooo great. Turns out Isaac's team(all grades white) got second place. Yeah go Isaac and then afterwards their was a family picnic and so much good food. It was so nice to actually meet, learn names and talk to some of these moms i see everyday at drop off and pick up but don't know. Ari was such a trooper he did awesome! He was done... well we all were at about 12:30 but made it to help with some of the clean up and left at one and all got home and took a nap! Well except for the kid that did all the physical work, he watched cartoons while the rest of us passed out. He never will nap no matter how tired he is. He can complain about his eyes burning but will refuse to crash. I'm gonna post some pics from today then I'm veggin in the chair. More home remodeling starting tomorrow at 9!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Some pics of the kids today and Isaac and Norah wanted pics of their wounds.


Turns out when you have more than one child even if your baby is now sleeping 7hrs at night any one of the others doesn't have to. Ari slept awesome Norah not so much (getting over not having a water sippy cup) so today I am lazy. tired, just plain pooped!! Had an awesome walk with my friend Andrea last night. It was the first time we have done it and i think we are going to make it a regular part of our week, we need it and so do our dogs. I was so tired afterwards that i didn't even want to get off the couch to feed a baby last night. I was one with the couch. Defiantly did it anyway gotta keep the sleeping all night in my mind and i'll do about anything. My husband is feeling a little out of sorts with the house being trashed, not having dinner made and needing to do his own laundry yesterday. Poor guy life is hard, Hopefully things will get back to normal soon and he can return to the spoiled life he once had.(Teasing i know he'll read this) We are all doing well. Tomorrow is field day for Isaac then a family picnic lunch and he is so excited. Wait till he finds out his dad is going to be there also. I'll make sure to bring my camera and get some good pics of all to share. Hope everyone is enjoying this day. I'm off to nap for a bit.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

better and better

Things just keep getting better and better or I'm just getting better sleep so it seems so. Ari went 7hrs. last night, thats one hour more than last night. This babywise thing really seems to be working out FINALLY it is hard work and doesn't seem likes its working and then wham it all just clicks. Today Travis came back over and did more work on putting my house back together again and the progress is great. Isaac was "sick" today at school(not really) i think he just might be feeling a little left out with all thats going on in the house lately and he is also very tired each day. Ari has taken a toll on all of us. Having him home is something else, Erin i have even more respect for you and your patience level with yours home all day. WOW. I can't wait for the construction to be done so that i can have my house back and have somewhere to put all this crap. It's driving me crazy my house looks like such a pit. Gotta go Isaac has his homework done and is buggin to go to club and play!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Let me start this off by saying i slept!!!! Ari got his last "scheduled" bottle at 10pm last night and didn't get up until 4:05! Thats right 6hrs!!!! keep it up buddy. Then up at 6:38 to keep with his schedule. Today Norah had her 3yr well child visit and i am one of those bad moms who doesn't do shots until they are 3 so she got those today also.(I like to make sure my children are "normal" before they get vaccs. just in case)I also like to be able to explain to them that it's going to hurt but just for a minute then you get a treat of your choice. Let me just say she did AWESOME, she cried but just for a moment and then she was miss Norah again and her treat of choice was a blue raspberry airhead and the Dr.s office gave her something like 6stickers!! She is also growing perfectly in every other way. Today was also Ari's 8wk wcc (already) and the little man is growing perfectly. At birth he was 7.4oz and 20in today he was 12.8oz and 24in. red hair still intact. He did so well considering that it ended up being a 2hr visit. off to Mcdonalds then to mallie and roxies for our lunch.(They are dogs that we let out m-f in the afternoon) They are both napping peacefully and in a few it will be time to wake them up to get Isaac from school.I honestly can't wait to get school over for the year. Same with the dogs, that ends for the summer when school ends. It will be nice to relax and get a lazy schedule!!! Thats all for now.

Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm sitting here waiting for Norah's noodles to cook. We just got back from a walk with pearl to mallie and roxie's house, Ari is fed and napping. After this weekend I'm wanting to nap myself and as soon as she eats her noodles we shall take one as well, I hope! Saturday we, meaning Chris and my friend who is a general contractor began the fun job of tearing down 2ish walls in my kitchen/dining and WOW what a difference it has made already. Those 2 guys worked Hard, they looked like a couple of old men both with bad backs and dust in their hair. Everything is down and hopefully by this next Saturday all of the putting back together again will be done. I'll try to post some comparison pics for you. Anyway he "Travis" had to bring his kids along so i got the wonderful job of trying to organize the crap from the 2 closets that we lost, watch a total of 4kids,(Zack,Josh,Isaac,Norah) feed and take care of an infant and do a pet sitting job and go to the eye doctor. Like i said can't wait for a nap. Hope you all enjoyed the awesome weather we had and I'll try to get those pics up.

Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm gonna give this blog thing a try. I have friends who do this and i always look forward to new posts and pictures and think it just might be a fun way to keep friends and family updated. Norah turned 3 on Tuesday it does amaze me how the time flies with each new addition. The little turkey seems to get smarter and smarter with her comments each day. Just like her older brother and i guess her parents too. Her favorite present was her Cinderella shoes bc you know she wants to be a princess when she grows up, she told me so.