Friday, July 31, 2009

Isaac and puppy

Isaac says last night at the dinner table "Isis isn't as cute as she was yesterday"
What, why??? "Well she's pooping in the house, on me, and in the crate"......Ha Ha is my internal response...
Well Isaac that's what puppy's do and she didn't poop on you, she pooped in her crate and you just stepped on it:) "O well then she's just as cute"!!

She is a really good puppy and if you know me you know i hate puppies, to much work and accident's in the house but really only 3x's in the house with the poo and 2 of them were in her crate(she's never been crated before)and were working out her schedule.. No pee in the house as of yet...AWESOME!! She's really fitting in nice:)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

what have we done?!

I wasn't going to post about this... I wasn't going to open myself up to comments about how we don't need this, we have enough already, I'm crazy and so on but really this is not my pet. This pet belongs to Isaac(an early birthday present from 2 of the grandma's) and Isaac is going take care of her, clean up any accidents in the house, help clean up the yard, take her through obedience class, name her, help to pay for her shots and her neutering.... He is welcoming this responsibility... Honestly we all have someone except for him and i welcome the maturity he is showing in this. I have Onyx(well they are all "mine" but you know what i mean) Chris has Zero, Norah has Polo(who she named) Ari has the rest, and now Isaac has Isis:)

I think the only person who understands and doesn't think I'm crazy or out of my mind is my bestest friend Lori and for that I'm very thankful:):):)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

well, well, well

much more normal than i thought:) hehe


-- Personality Disorder Test --
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Not so much

There are things that I have learned in my almost 8 years as a parent that you just don't do when you have little ones, and sometimes...if enough time passes you forget or think, more correctly convince yourself "it won't be so bad this time"and you give it a try again...Only to realize there is a reason we don't do these things when we have real young children, especially when you forget KEY things for the event.

Like our mega awesome flashlight or my personal favorite CHARIS!!!!!!!!

We had the opportunity to go camping with people from our church but just for an overnighter.. What a perfect way to see how awesome Ari will be we thought..........

While other peoples children 2 and 3 years of age were falling asleep on peoples lap that weren't even their parents no less!! mine......not so much, busy EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!all over the 55 acres that were to be had!! non stop, going like the energizer bunny, eating everything, dropping everything that was to be eaten in the sand and picking it up to eat it. Eating the sand, eating the dirt,eating and throwing rocks, climbing on EVERYTHING, trying to drink everyone's everything and did i mention we have only been going to this church for o maybe 3months!!!!!!!
I will say the little bugger was happy the ENTIRE time and didn't cry all night but did sleep and toss and turn and toss and turn and roll here and roll there........
you get my drift

The property was BEAUTIFUL and i loved it, i don't even mind the no bathrooms/showers/electricity part(turns out porto's don't smell bad when they are brand new not used yet)as long as children are older and we have chairs to sit in and ya know a FLASHLIGHT to see in the dark to the portajon!!!

We will try again sometime this year at a campground with all the necessary equipment and my sister's pop up camper:)
The real awesome part(for me) i put on my new pedometer on Friday at about 11am and by the time i went to bed around 9:30ish i had walked almost

The awesome view from our "campsite"

and to the left

The obsticale course!!

getting ready

Isaac so brave, he went down, hurt his finger and yet still got up to pass the baton before getting all upset

Our hosts:)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I've been feeling like i don't have a moment these last several day. phew!! Yesterday was my birthday and what a nice day to be had. Went to my friend Erin's house and the 6 kids played the morning away then home for nap and while they were sleeping i went out to lunch with my mom(no they didn't stay home alone:)) Then it was off to work for me.... My was he paying attention this year he got me 2 things i really wanted but had just mentioned casually. one being something that i can keep water in to drink while running and it even has zipper pockets too so i can take my phone...I had mentioned how i don't really feel all that safe when i run bc I'm not able to take my phone..(i don't get out to run until about 8:30pm) and then he also got me one of those pedometer's that measures steps and distance....LOVE IT. Then of course other family got me cash, nothing wrong with that:) I have tattoo plans for that, if i can, something always comes up that i end up spending birthday/holiday money on.. Oh well such is life.... Here are a few pictures of yesterday:)

Monday, July 20, 2009


There i said it, i feel better!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The eyes say it all

So i have a friend, you know i don't even know if i can call her that, I've never actually met her or even spoke to her on the phone..I read her blog and in turn she checks mine out. I think she's awesome and if we lived close i do believe she would indeed me a good friend of mine, she cracks me up all the stinkin time(seriously LOL funny)Plus she's pretty awesome.. She does something i could never ever ever in a million years do..............She's a stay at home mom of 5 kids, the oldest is 5 and the youngest set of twins is almost 1!!!!!!!!!!Anyway she posted on her blog pictures like what I've done here and i LOVE them, think they are so cool so I'm stealing her cool idea.........

Now if they post correctly it should be dad,mom,and so on

May be a touch to much forehead in the little man's pic :-)

Friday, July 17, 2009

He made it

A Great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mr. Noah Michael................
if i remember correctly the cute little bugger was
6 pounds 9oz and
19.5 inches long :)
and i know she was just being a smart ass but apparently he slept the day away "until i got there":) I got ahold of him and he was awake for a good 30-45min... Good boy that's what i say....
Man o man does he ever look like another little Travis.. That's all we need in this world :-)
You know i had to unwrap him for a full picture
He starts to wake up :):)
Totally daddy FOR SURE
Josh is a proud big brother, no longer just a little brother, big day for him too......

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We had a water balloon fight this morning after our walk with the dogs... I do believe that we had the most indestructible balloon's ever made.. Throw them at each other and they just bounce, throw at the ground at each other just bounce. Ari grab and squeeze with fingers and nails no popping.... So hey we got a much longer time playing with them anyway:):)
Oh and my best friend who is due(yes really young lady) july 21st. is going to be induced this friday:( She has never made it this far into pregnancy, the first she was induced 2wks early and the second came all my himself a month early. So she's new to the NORMAL end of pregnancy pains and complaints and somehow got her doctor to agree to inducing this Fri. So if she does like normal for her he will be here by Friday night:) I will post a picture of that little miracle man when i get to meet him.............

Have a good one all

Just another bruise and a black eye...
See what icing can do:)

Monday, July 13, 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen, drum roll please................................................................................................

I ran 4.5 miles tonight...well if not exactly 4.5 maybe 4.3 but close enough anyway:):) Those of you who know me and where i live i just went thru the neighborhood behind me and took Diamond aaaallllllllll the way to Leonard!!!! I turned at the light not a step before....................................and the 2nd best part is that i did it in 45min very unmotivated and very tired when i started!!


So at about 7:30 i decide to take the little man for a "walk" and the other 2 join us as usual:) So were walking up the road and we see our neighbor walking down to her house with her Mastiff "Max" so we stop to talk about dogs and nuisance dogs and kids and what not.... Well she has one of those squirrls that look to be stone and he's on a swing and she has him hanging from the tree branch by a loooonnnngggg rope and the 2 bigger kids are swinging him...... Isaac comes up to me a few minutes later holding a hand over his head saying "man did that hurt" and moves his hand........OMGosh i told him to run home and have dad give him an ice pack NOW!!!!!
These 2 pictures are about 15minutes post collision...................... Poor kid, it always happens to him:-(

Is he still my baby or is he a boy now.............

Is it just me or has this little kid all of a sudden grown up?!?!?!
I swear he seems so much more mature in these pictures, still naughty and getting into trouble but OLDER!! No longer baby...............................

Friday, July 10, 2009

little man trying to do it again:)

I've been trying to get a picture of this FOREVER!!! He never does it while i have a camera handy or he stops doing it as soon as i have the camera and am bent over myself:)(that in itself is a nice picture)

Just cuz i think he's cute!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I have learned a few things over the past week, 1 thing actually about each child.

My oldest it would seem is very attractive to bee's, wasps, pretty much anything with a stinger. Yesterday he bends over in the yard to pick up one of those ball thingies that you play ladderball with and jumps back screaming....Yup a bee sting on the inside of his wrist. It doesn't end there i look and see the little blood spot so i go in to get an ice pack first thing and by the time i get back(maybe 20sec.) the whole inside of his wrist is one big white bubble... Sooooooo I'm guessing that he's mildly allergic to them... Then applied mom's old remedy(i think i had it rite) and he was better then applied some hydrocort. cream and all's well.

The Miss has a big problem with mosquito bites.... This is not something I'm familiar with having never had a problem with them myself(EVER, don't even use spray)she gets bitten and in it's place is this massive welt like thing that itches for DAYS Poor kid!!!

The little man, well it seems he is mildly allergic to strawberry's:-(He gets a diaper rash each time he has them or strawberry jam and the last few times the rash went to his trunk in spots and then the last time even a little on the side of his face. The Pediatrician has advised to stay away from them all together because of the fact that the rash is getting worse not better and that sometimes it can lead to respiratory distress..(WE don't want that)
That one sucks big time, that is the family's most favorite summertime fruit:( I think he said to try again in about 6months............

I think someone is ready to go swimming! This was taken this am at like 7???

My handsome dude!
A brief flower pot series just to put a laugh on your face