Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


THE one perk to this is that they just LAY LOW and are catchable, EASY and such....

Over the weekend Isaac had a terrible sore throat, bad enough that it prompted an after hours visit Sunday afternoon.. No strep but a fever(I was surprised, he didn't have his trademark flushed cheeks) So no school for him on Monday.

Today Norah woke up and I took 1 look at her, crap!!! T:101.8 crap!! I am starting to wonder when and if the Doctor's office checks for mono in little kiddo's....

Really since her last 24ish hour fever she's been paler still, not her normal active self, appetite VERY off, complaints of aches in legs/arms/feet/head and off and on stomach aches that don't resolve after a trip to the bathroom......

Yesterday for example she said she felt fine, ate like a bird(NOT NORMAL FOR ANY OF MY KIDS) They all eat like grown men...

Then at pickup yesterday she told me that while at school she had a stomach ache again.
Now this afternoon she tells me that she doesn't want to talk much because her mouth hurts, so I look and it's not a blister inside but she tells me she didn't bite her cheek either AND it appears to be starting on the other side, also the back of her tongue has HUGE bumps on it..........

THESE are the things that make me go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

easy as 1 2 3..

In typical Norah fashion, show her once and it's done.

She's been wanting to learn how to tie her shoes for quite some time now but every time she asks were in a hurry or running behind....
This morning she says, can I try tying. Sure
I see her fumbling a bit so I ask her "hey, want me to show you on one"? Yup she says.
I show her how to cross, go under, make bunny ears (you know the drill) well I then sit to put socks on Ari and she goes mom mom MOM!!

and this is what I see:
Typical Norah, she is so so smart and SO proud of herself!!
Everything new she tackles like it's no problem. Potty training, from day one (at exactly 3) no accidents, I should also add we did pullups for MAYBE 4 nights. To date I think she's had maybe 5 all together and only 1 was in bed(the child is soon to be 6)
Riding a bike without training wheels, take off training wheels and off she goes, riding fine with 2.........
Tying shoes, show her exactly once and she's got it!

This she wanted me to take bc wow look it's just like the butterfly box mom!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

He turn's 3, sniffle sniffle

His day started with a request of chocolate/strawberry milk with hotdogs for breakfast....

showing his new outfit
Gotta see the dino
Posing with big sis before going out to lunch
lunch time, notice his wonderful expression(we had to leave before we were done to not ruin other patron's lunch's)
The dinner request, personal pizza's

The best part of the day

THE cake

His very own scooter
Pillowpet "Triceratops"

Not to shabby for a self photo. I'm never in the pics so I snapped a quick one....

Friday, March 25, 2011

The last kiddo's birth story.............................

3 years ago, yesterday actually I told myself 1 more appointment and THEN I can have this baby. It was 3 days before my due date and I was more than ready but knew that it would be MUCH easier if I took 2kids to this apt not 3.
I was driving home from that apt at 11:45am actually when I felt the first contraction!(I KNOW) and they continued and I ignored them, I was alone with 2 kids and it was a work day........
At QT I decided to see if this was in fact real and layed down on the couch. Contractions didn't stop, slowed maybe but didn't stop.....

I think it was around 4ish that I called my sister and asked if she maybe would want to come over and take a couple big kids to her house..


I think it was around 6 when we made the decision to go to the hospital, the contractions were getting MUCH harder and I knew that I was in active labor because I was unable to talk during them. Could hardly stand actually during them, bent over or kinda squatting was how intense they were..

Gowned up and in comes a nurse or someone with scrubs(who really cares at this point just want a baby out), my history equaled prompt service... :)

I was checked and to my surprise and horror I was at 1!! I am no novice to natural childbirth and KNEW I should be farther along than that!!

I decided to try an epidural, see what those are all about, would probably get one and shoot right up to 7-8.....

See my head was so screwed up from the previous "birth" that my body wasn't able to "due" what came natural to it.......

The epidural worked for all of maybe an hour or 2 and then was gone, well on one side anyway, then all together as far as I was concerned.
The nurse that waked in after said crappy epidural was no longer working was the same nurse that I had the year before. Colleen was her name I think. She was an early to mid 50's nurse that knew her stuff...
When she came in I told her "hey I remember you from last May" Really she say's "yup you were the nurse to come in and give me an IV after I fired the one who tried first. I delivered a stillborn little man.

Here's where it gets interesting(to me anyway) She say's "yup, now I do remember you" "You know what, tonight was my night off but I came in to help with the phone's because it's such a crazy night"

After that she NEVER left my side. At one point I looked at her and said, I think I'm in transition?! She says yup I think you are to honey and your doing great!
"you tell all the girls that I'm sure" Apparently she does NOT tell all the laboring girls that :-)

5 HOURS after begging someone, anyone to break my water so I could have this baby already I hear MY doc outside my door.....

She laughs and comes in and does just that. THEN wouldn't you know it 2 immediate pushes later I have a baby...

This is when I realize just how screwed up my mind really is because I bust out in tears(never did that before) and my head says, "it's not right, he's the wrong color, he's not moving, or crying, this can't be happening" While I'm saying this in my head I hear my blessing of a nurse say "Janet, look at this baby you worked so hard for, he's perfect"!!!!

AND I'm crying as I type this, it was such an emotional time..........

Oh and Chris was there for just about all of it :) He was just a "silent" partner...

Happy Birthday Ari Maxim, what a blessing you are!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My latest batch of homemade goodness. The bigger side is nut free :)
The nut side, slivered almonds with the dried blueberries and yogurt covered raisins. By far the best batch yet!!

Look how many pretty fish I can catch in one shot! See I'm the predominant feeder of all things living in this house so I'm followed or approached so to speak wherever I go in this house...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Check out this boy, he's gonna be a rock star someday! Hopefully with morals :)

Isaac left a few minutes ago for guitar practice and wouldn't you know it, the last fish decorations came in the mail. So it will be a surprise when he gets home :-)

Bunch o fish decorations, grand total about 25 bucks!!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Norah had "school" at home today because yesterday she had a fever of unknown origins of at least 101.5(didn't really trust the thermometer)
By the time she went to bed it was still(on new thermometer) 101.
This morning woke to normal temp and tude only to have it return come 4pm. What is up with that?! A fever that goes away for about 12hrs then comes back?!?!

This little person has been nothing but whines and cries and bad tudes but then again he IS going to be 3 in 4 days..... :) Gosh I love him soooooooooo

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Last night I spent the evening with my second favorite man :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Saint Patty's Day

Happy Saint Patricks Day!

Man I love this big goofy smiled kid!!! He may be so much like me that I go crazy and want to ring his neck but I think that may make me love him more!!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

man are they growing up!

These boys have REALLY missed each other!!
Wow, I can't believe how long it's been! They went from spending just about every day all day together for YEARS to hardly at all. That's what moving does for ya.
This is something I plan to fix as often as I can, with it being just a year separating them, they have a blast!

From this......................

To this................................

Wow does time go fast!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

some guilt

As I began ordering things for the little man's room, I began to feel pangs of guilt over the fact that Isaac just got to pick out his paint choice's, but we didn't plan a "theme" for his room or maybe it was just that I wasn't invested in a room transformation for him like I have been with the other 2.....

So knowing that Isaac likes "fish"(not as much as his dad mind you:)) I started looking for fish wall things that were reasonably priced. This past Sunday I found such things!! It looks really good and I'm not done looking, I'd like some other underwater items......

Monday, March 14, 2011

I did some yoga today, first time ever! Still don't REALLY have the patience for it! AND I will be walking tonight with a girlfriend :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Walked thru a store at a leisurely pace ALONE, that count's as extra correct?!?!

OR wait,
I had to serve with the baby's at church this morning so I busted some rear holding onto baby's that wanted to snuggle(standing up)as baby's do! THAT has to count :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011


My little buddy was so excited to go to the store just me and him, he ran out before me, had his hands in his pockets each holding a new car and then tripped over his toe on the concrete drive...............................

Putting it down

I've really been struggling with the extra 10 pounds that I've been carrying around. It started somewhere early September and has gone no where. I don't like how it makes me feel, even if I'm considered thin! I have pants that I don't even bother trying on that fit me last winter, I looked good in them last winter. I have a sweater that I LOVE(and I'm not a sweater person)and have only worn once! I didn't even bother to try on this winter..........SIGH..........

So to help hold myself accountable I'm going to start getting on this blog of mine and say what I did that day for exercise(aside from my crazy busy life that I already have). I'm determined to do 30min. a day of SOMETHING extra.....

**I weigh more than my husband now, if that ain't motivation I don't know what is** Granted he is a pole that CAN'T gain any weight but whatever!
My kids sure are blessed, let me just say that :-)

I just finished doing some of the P90X video's. They are all to long so I do parts of them and the entire AB RipperX when I do them. It totaled 30min and Norah did a huge chunk with me, super cute!

With today being the weekend I will also probably be able to get out with the big dog and run/walk with her.....

Friday, March 11, 2011

The face's I see these days

I must admit this new camera does take MUCH better pictures of the fish than any of the previous camera's....

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Up next, the little man's room.. Thanks to a good friend who gave me the idea, I'm running with it and it will be so fun!! Paint's been picked out (in my head) for a LONG time but to decorate it...........................................we shall see...

Friday, March 4, 2011

I think she likes it :-)

Before bed I had to lift her up so she could kiss and rub noses with her horse :)

THE white horse

This was my one splurge item. If you can call it a splurge, it was something like 33. bucks. Anyway Norah obviously has a love for all things horse but especially the white horse! I tried forever to find a white stuffed horse at the size that I wanted to get for her for christmas, thought I found it but no they were out! We setteled on a paint horse named cloud dancer(you can see her in the before pic of her room) But she has still longed for a white horse something! "mom did you find a white horse to stick on my walls" nope! Couldn't find it anywhere.... THEN this past Saturday morning I was cruzing the web and low and behold...................

The fact that when I saw it I didn't have to cry and move on because of the price had me SUPER DUPER excited!
She will be coming home from school today to this! I also think it's a shame that I need to put the doorknob back on!!!

I think I may need to keep the camera on standby for an immediately after picture :) Honestly I think she may even cry or at the very least scream and try to hug her door..
I can't wait to see her face when she see's it!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's not perfect but it's pretty great..........

Everything finally came in the mail! GEESH!!!

I learned a great many things about myself and my limits and also about my creative side that surprised me during the bedroom remake..
I'm going to just list it all and then show you pictures:) They will be before and after of each view I originally took.

1) No matter what color my walls are I MUST use a grayish primer before painting. That is a must,even if my paint color of choice is something like brown, everything took 2 coats and well that's plain tiring!!
2) The longer it takes me to finish a project the more idea's I get, next time have all items ordered and here before beginning!
3) Making lines to look like wainscoting(thanks Amy for the idea)is NOT nearly as easy and one would think and NO it doesn't make it easier to do faint crayon lines before you use the paint to hopefully make less mess because YOU DON'T have a steady hand so your lines will never be straight or clean even with the predrawn yard stick line! AND did I mention that it takes approximately 2.5hours EACH TIME to do a line on top and bottom every 4 inches? no? well IT DOES!!
4) The 6 dollar miter saw DOES NOT cut edges as nice as the 600 dollar saw does!! in fact it stinks really and makes you curse under your breath(that could have been because it wasn't screwed into at table though too)
The plus side to that is that I now know how to use one so I'm limitless in that area:)
5)I can and did make a headboard from scratch for my little lady's room, with the perfect fabric and a hunk of wood, some batting that I found in a roll, and my handy dandy staple gun that doubles for a nail gun!
6)nail gun nails are NOT long enough for nailing trim, you must go to local home store and purchase box of "trim nails" that I did on bottom and top each time. I EVEN USED A LEVEL, how bout that!!!
7)Kids, even little girls who want this room finished are not good at...a)holding said trim up straight while you nail it in and b) stopping the chair from sliding towards them as they watch their mom fall from said chair.....or c)leaving that paint tray(Ari) ALONE!!!!!!!

Now without further ado cuz I'm tired and still must fold laundry pictures, the part you've been waiting for

**** she loves it and I have one more surprise for her to come home to tomorrow, I'll take a pic when it's up****
1 clue: she LOVES white horses and I found something "white horse"