Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Remember I said I was going shopping for a sweet awesome bed that a couple awesome ladies shared with me....

Well after a very long day and lots of laughs and laughing at my mom regarding my kids I did in fact get a lot of cool stuff and a sweet bed that the little man LOVES!! He is also sleeping better since the big new bed :)

Without further ado.........................the bed....... and some other stuff...
Side of bed
under bed :)

A much more "fitting" laundry basket! Seriously this is some serious wicker, not that cheap brittle stuff and it was only 14.99

Nightstand's before
AND after...........


Our Easter in pictures:) The pic's of me are NOT of the best quality and I did need to mess with color on them so you could actually see my face but the rest turned out great....
Ari's mood was pretty much what you saw, it's tuff being 3 you know.......

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

out of breath

On the way home from school yesterday,
Me: Norah why is your face so flushed?
Norah: (Big sigh type breathing)because we did a lot of running in gym today
Me: really?
Norah:(exhausted words) ya, she even set a timer and everything, followed by sighs
Me: OH really for something like 3 minutes??
Norah: YES 3 MINUTES and we had to run the whole time!
Guess who's going to IKEA tomorrow, yup that's right I am! I have never been but am very excited for the almost 3hr drive with my mother and 2 youngest!

Guess what I'm getting there........oh ya that's right a bed, a big boy bed for the little man:) yup yup yup!

CAN NOT wait!

It all started with a simple text to my mother that I found the bed I wanted for him and my sarcastic self told her no worries it's only about 3hrs to go get it and she replies with when we going....
THEN I did some research to see if I could find something closer, it's insane how awesome IKEA is on price. The closest I could find was about 100. MORE and the one I did like was 800. HOLY COW!!!
I hardly slept last night,and probably wont tonight either..........

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Carnival

I think there is a secret universal thing that happens to us when we become mothers....We easily become cheerleaders of kids, not just our kids mind you but all kids who are trying something new or just plain trying REALLY hard....
An example, while at the school carnival I passed a young man from Isaac's class and said "hi Chauncey"(learned his name the first 30sec. of my first time serving lunch, why bc he's so hyper his tush NEVER stayed in his seat for more than 2sec.)
ANYWAY he says to me this big long winded something about how he did this game and it went in the last bucket on his first try and he did it 2times in a row and no one else had etc. The jist of it was that he's a rock star so I say something like "THAT'S AWESOME, WAY to go buddy"!!

and with that I'll give you some pictures..........

Little man was winning EVERY game he played, not just "good try, here's a prize" but actually winning. He won the cake walk the first time we did it :)
We went back one more time and wouldn't you know it he won again AND SO DID I, woo hoo!!

Here he is fishing and not doing to shabby

This is where the cheerleading comes into play, This is her second try, the first one went in the hole ever so slowly and went out the back, hit the wall came back into the whole and out again. The 2 ladies and myself groaned quite loudly with all that with the oooooooooooo.... By now she's 3 shades of red (probably from embarrassment) and this one went right in and stayed there and all 3 of us ladies instinctively raised our arms up in the "touchdown" pose and shouted something good like WOO HOO, way to go!!
He was trying anyway
How cute are they in their baby blues :) Oh and nothing quite like processed cheese product that doesn't need to be refrigerated....
This is the ONLY picture of Isaac, he got his punch card and disappeared until it was gone, then he came back asking for another :)
I think this may have been the littler 2's fav. part of the whole night. We had to park somewhere else(you know parking is an issue right?) and they had 2 trolley's taking people back and forth, this was on the way back.......
Who care's if it's blurry, it is moving geesh!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Guess who's an idiot.........................................


Friday, April 15, 2011

Notice anything different with these pictures?????????

Yes your correct! Seeing as how it's Friday and the past few nights he's ruined my night time sleep anyway(by getting out of his crib and running around)I made the decision to go ahead and do it....

I told Chrs that once he was getting out of the crib I would go ahead and be on board with the toddler bed(I'm still not really ready for this)
I also knew that if I was going to do it I would rather have it up before afternoon nap so that he will have slept in it once before bedtime and it's Friday............

MY baby is in a big kid bed, sniffle sniffle sniffle!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


The school carnival is this week Friday. This will be our first carnival in a few years and it's a huge school!!

They asked for donations and for time slots to be filled and seeing as how I don't want to EVER actually work a "game" I decided to donate to my most favorite game........

The cakewalk donations from this family :)

Please keep in mind that if not for the fact that I only had enough eggs to make ONE box of cupcakes there would be 2 more of the cupcake tins.... sigh....... Figured I was fine in the egg dept........

Monday, April 11, 2011

IN April?

The upcoming pictures were taken Sunday morning.

Isaac and Norah spent the day on Saturday having a "yard sale" Isaac even practiced his guitar while sitting out there. Norah took MANY brief breaks one of which was to go with Chrs to the store.......

I didn't think for one minute that I should have put sunblock on the boy?!

Sunday morning Isaac comes out and says, mom why is my face like this, it doesn't hurt but it's red?? I thought it was dirt in the early morning light, after all we spent the evening messing around at my girlfriends house with horses, baby chicks and dirty bonfire's.......

Isaac I say, come over here in the light................

WHAT THE?!?!?!?!?!?!?

AND the correct yeast makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

This one was fun

This room makeover was really fun for me. Everyone who heard what my colors were said "oh, really" and that wasn't said in a pleasant voice or face expression...

Even Chrs said how much he liked it and that he was concerned when he saw what I purchased....

Please keep in mind that I'm still painting the dresser black and that we are going to change the fan in his room(swapping Isaac's for his)


If you will recall awhile back I am sure I gave my youngest child a life long fear of snakes.(can't find the stinking post, grr) Well I'll be darned if he's going to have a life long fear of the toilet!!!

Yes, you see a spider surprised him while he went in and was going to pretend(yes, he rarely wants to "use" the potty)to pee(more like sit down and get TP and then flush) and he came flying out hysterical and crying about a spider in the potty!!
Mom SAVED the day and killed the spider and showed him the remains! :-)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ari funny

Ari, Talking to his brother and sister: Guys, I want to watch tv!
Them: NO
Ari: right now, THIS INSTANT!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

First spring ride

Mr. Cautious not at all impressed with swinging without the yellow bar down between his legs........................

Such fun!

It has begun..................................

Forgot to take pictures from the VERY beginning. This is Ari's room before (minus the messy floor and stuff on the walls above chalkboard)

This one wont take nearly as long :-)