Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The other night after dinner, I'm looking all over for my water glass and can't find it. Hey Chris do you know where the dinner glasses went?? nope he says as he turns and looks at the table..................................

About an hour later, found them:)

Today has been a rough day for the little man, first he hits right next to his eye on what I can only guess is the corner of the table and bam big ol swollen bruise. Then were leaving to go to the playground with our picnic lunch and all of a sudden he's screaming like I've rarely heard before and Isaac's saying over and over "I'm sorry buddy" as he's walking him back to the house to me... I bend down and give him a big mamma hug, what happened buddy(not thinking much really) only to hear Isaac say Mom I'm so sorry, I was just shutting the door................ yup he was shutting the van door and not paying attention because he and his sister were having quite the morning with each other and shut little brothers hand in the door. 2 fingers purple and flat:( That is why he's holding onto the orange frozen water bottle thingie.
I figured it was the easiest way to keep cold on it by having him hold onto it with his owie hand only problem is he wouldn't let go...for over an hour..........not really a problem I guess....

Friday, June 25, 2010


I feel very thrify this week. See I sold(on Craigslist) my double jogger stroller. Barely used maybe 6times and then turned around and bought a single jogger stroller(on craigslist) and made 50bucks:) It was shortly after getting the dbl that NOrah was able to ride a bike and we girlied up Isaac's old one for her so once again I was stranded as far as jogging during the day when I'm solo.
I've had the new stroller for 3days, used it 2x just walking and LOVE it. Well this morning I went with the kiddo's on bikes and 2 dogs and did a little jogging and then walking and then jogging(Frank really can't jog so he shouldn't have come) but let me tell you it's awesome jogging with a single!!!!
AND there are some really neat features to this $50. find:)Did I mention they were asking $75.

Handle straight
and then if your tall handle bent up and the first picture has I think where I like it in the middle.

Optional seat positioning if child is younger or just wants to look at mom while your out...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

if you live in my neck of the woods you have at one time or another heard of the Miranda's Park Party's that she does in the summer.
Well today was the first one of the summer. They are something like once a month and each one is in a different location. Everything at these party's is free, free lunch for everyone 18 and under along with free blowup thingies, a rock wall, free ice cream and much more..
This is the first one I've ever made it to. They are always from noon-2 and well that's always nap time.....
MIranda's park party's need 2 of each and every blowup thingie. It's not fun to wait in the beating down sun for 30min. for the kiddos to have 2min. of fun!!

So we went, had our free lunch, waited for the bounce house then played on the school playground and then thanks to the awesome fire folks ended with some wet fun...Ari got close enough to clean off his muddy sandles and that's it, totally fine by me:) The other 2 were soaked!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I'll be the first to admit that I've been in a bit of a blogger funk lately:( I'll try to get out of it but in the meantime here's a sneak peek of the kiddo's pictures.

Hold up, who is this man?!?!?!?!?
Isaac 9yr

5 going on 15

Cutest little man I ever did see 2yrs

AND what I love the most is that she keeps the bestest pictures for us upon delivery!! and hey I was there I know there are way more shots:)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I can't stand scary/super intense movies!!! I really do like them(just a little bit) but the FREAK ME OUT!!!!!
Yes I'm watching one RIGHT STINKING NOW!!!!!!!!!


Monday, June 14, 2010

All in a day's work

Well there you go, finished project(minus the little cap thingies that I must find in the garage)

Lets just see if someone can steal an item from my garage in broad daylight again, or dogs getting out and getting hit by a car, or for that matter an Ari jumping ship and taking off....... Ya none of that's happening again!!!!

We've been up to a lot lately but I've forgotten my camera or blogger's been such a turd I haven't been able to get on... Yesterday we did (as a family) go for a nice long walk to a park by us that has a really nice nature path and I only screamed once:)
I didn't scream when I saw the (I'm sure) dead snake, nope I didn't! BUT when I rounded the corner and saw my little man bent down to what at first appearance was another one I did in fact scream (but just a little) and then found out it was just a skin...... AND THEN I didn't scream when I saw a little itty bitty creepy snake curled up on a log and did in fact tell Chrs to HURRY UP OR IT'S GOING TO BE GONE so that Ari could see but Norah moved closer and it went on it's marry way:)

We did however catch some fish(on Norah's suggestion) 4 as a matter of fact. Isaac was the spotter and Chrs was the catcher and now they are in the "hospital tank" in the basement, we even found out what they are (bless the internet) but I can't remember now.
That's all for now folks :-)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Ahhhhh the fun

Today we had Jona over to play the day away AND we picked up Norah from school and brought home another Norah:)

Of course they'd be friends they have the same name and they even both have the "h" at the end:)

The 2 Norah's on one team..
Isaac and Jona were on the other

Such a fun day, for sure:)

Awwwwwww Norah time

Sunday, June 6, 2010

This Weekend

I feel so accomplished today! Along with helping play with a few kiddo's I also did a bunch of weeding, dog walking, Ari walking, flower planting, serving in church, helping to get a friends wedding invitations made to go out, AND I put a fence up all my by bad self :)

Ya that little white picket fence, ALL ME BABY!!!!

And we enjoyed some nice ice cream cookie sandwiches:)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Just because

Isn't this lovely, Taken from my yard this morning.(yes they were shaken to get the ants out)

If I could get all the loveliness that I have in my yard in 1 picture I would and you would be shocked :)

AND for Amy, Norah's gazing ball
Yesterday was Isaac's last day of school. Wow that went by fast.
Every year they have a commencement ceremony to celebrate all the academic achievements and to recognize all the kindergartner's and 6th graders for graduating on:)
Well let me tell you, my boy rocks!!! At one point I almost did a WOO HOO standing up with the touchdown arms up in the air!!!! Instead I teared up and clapped extra hard with a little woohoo...
He has received some variation of the Cum Laude award for academic excellence each quarter this year and last night he received the silver medal of Magna Cum Laude for academic excellence the entire year! AND then................. They give out for each grade 2-6, 1 award(trophy) for what they consider the most outstanding student of the year. Meaning: He or she shows great kindness towards others, morals, sportsmanship, respecting elders and peers, you get the idea... WELL my boy was the recipient of that trophy and that's where I did the whole almost thing :)

To me(us) that is the most important thing!! Sure academics are very important and book smarts do get you places but overall in life I want to raise outstanding people who know right from wrong, stand up for the little guy, treat all no matter how different with fairness and understanding, people who don't judge others just because they may choose to live their lives different than how we do, or look different or sound, different.......
AHHHHHHHHHH such pride I have for him, seeing the pride he has for himself........... It's gonna be a good day no matter how little sleep we got last night:)

My awesome beautiful niece..

Getting his medal, didn't get a pic of him getting his trophy, it happened so fast.

Just cuz he's so cute in his new $4. shirt and sweet new crocodile croc's:)