Saturday, July 12, 2008

Game boy

Ahhhhh, peace and quiet..... Chris has taken the 3 bigger kids to the movie(we have my nephew Jaden) and Ari is down for a short nap. I have picked up the kitchen and now get to do what i want to do. We have had Jaden since Thursday evening and after the last time Isaac stayed over there 1night(turned into 4) i told my sister she couldn't have him back any earlier than Sunday morning.Yesterday I'm not sure what exactly i was thinking, well i know what i was thinking, these kids need to go have some fun (outside) but little did i know what was in store for me...I took all 4 kids to the park by our house they have a water fountion from 1-5 everyday and my kids really like it but after about 15min in the water part Miss Norah was done with it and another 20min Ari was ready for a nap so I'm sitting with all our stuff and messin with Ari, Norah is trying to run all over and play with stuff that she's to little to play on while trying to also watch 2 boys play in the water park part....... whew!!! that was crazy but they really had fun and i only almost had a heart attack like 4x. I did get some fun pictures..... Any of you who know boys and their video games can understand that quite frankly both boys are about to "loose" them, they are driving me nuts with the darn things. All i hear is "can we play our game boys?" "my mom lets me play all the time, like 4hours every day" Impossible i tell them no way does my sister allow that!!!! Yes she does all the time. Since Thursday pm till on the way to the movie every 5min (when they are not playing them) "CAN WE PLAY OUR GAME BOYS?" I'm gonna throw them out the house i tell you!!! Their favorite game is "pokemon" ok and this morning they are WATCHING the cartoon pokemon and Jaden looks at me all dramatically saying "I'm bored" as he flops himself on the couch. I couldn't believe my ears. I'm thinking when they get home from the movie their games will be missing until at least the rain returns. Well i should probably switch the laundry and start the dishwasher(maybe clean myself up a bit while i can) then feed a baby and off to meet everyone for some icecream by the movie theater.... Oh and Chris had a buddy from his much younger years in town with his wife from Ohio last night and they came over and what a good time that was, i don't really remember the last time i was up until midnight hangin out talking with another couple it was a lot of fun and i really enjoyed meeting Dan after all the stories i have heard over the past 8 years. His wife is something else i think if we lived closer i would really get along with her quite the funny gal and you know me i really like the freckled people they are some of my favorites. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.Oh and if you talk to Jaden my sister also lets him have soda for breakfast, um ya ok Jaden.


Dusty/333 said...

Ummm yeah, ok babe, drink up all the Soda? hahahaha I don't even buy soda so where exactly is he drinking it at? Would he not drink your water or something? All he ever drinks is water, but yours probably tastes a little different?? I love Isaac's shirt!! Where did you find that?

Janet's page said...

He drank all kinds of water, only had soda once and juice once otherwise it was water the hole time. Isaac's shirt we got at kohl's I was surprised he liked it, i love it when he wears it, he'll come out of the bedroom all big grins when he puts it on.