Thursday, July 31, 2008

The day is more than half over and i am just getting on the computer, it's one of those days. Isaac and Norah are starting to have enough of each other these past few days, they are ready to eat each other alive and any moment. Literally if one looks at the other the world is at an end.....Which on top of a new kitten that everyone wants to hold CONSTANTLY and a dog that wants to eat it, can be very frustrating to mom, I have decided today that mom's not gonna blow today i don't care if i have to take a time out myself, Not gonna do it......... Last night was my Wednesday walk with Andrea and we now have a new partner our friend Laura and she brought her big man obiewan. The poor girl and her dog wern't expecting a walk like that(not sure why she wasn't) but she made it, all 3 miles of it sandals and all, it is always a good time to spend some time with some adult girls and Pearl really likes the friends that come over for her to play with. I would have some pictures from the past few days but i took them all with my phone and i have no idea how or if my phone can put them on the computer, the batteries are charged in the camera so i'll get some asap....... Oh and Ari today used his feet to bring a toy to his hands....that's right folks all 3 kids have feet like their mothers(AWESOME) I call them gripper feet. We all are really cool and can say our feet(toes) work like hands.... That's all for now, i only have a few more minutes to eat lunch, and get ready for work before the little man is due up to eat.

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Dusty/333 said...

Those aligators are awesome!! How do people get all those cool things to decorate with... I don't see any choices anywhere for cool stuff???