Thursday, September 30, 2010

The best I've gotten so far:(

Have I mentioned on this here blog that Frank is not 3yrs old like we thought but more like 7-8 and he maybe has a year to live..........yes our pet luck stinks.

I took him in over a month ago now because he was limping for over 2wks and it wasn't getting better, oh and he was really tired/lazy too.....

Well we took some pictures of the guy and he not only has severe hip dysplasia in the 1 hip(zero hip socket) but he is very arthritic in both shoulders with a "joint mouse" in the one and the big topper was that his heart IS HUGE!!!!

No wonder he coughs a little just about every day(I just thought it was due to non discrimination of food and not really food items) ***sigh***
Really we don't know for sure and some pets have surprised us(the veterinary community) so we could have longer but after what this family of mine has been thru the past 2yrs with pets.............................................................
****double sigh****

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My heart goes out to my good friend A. after a miscarriage and a tubal pregnancy we all thought this one was it.......She had another surprise pregnancy and as she approached week 13 we thought all was well only for her to have a miscarriage last night :-(...

I just got home from her house where I spent about 3hrs with her, taking care of her and her house and pets........
I told her that in a year when she's ready to maybe give it a try to talk to her doctor's(she already goes to specialists)and see what they can test for to find out why she can get pregnant but not stay pregnant. I'm sure there is a logical reason for this and once we know why the next and final pregnancy will be smooth sailing......

prayers to you my friend, my sister, I love you and will think of you often in the coming days............................

Friday, September 24, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Where o where did the time go? Isaac Alan you are officially 9 today!
Happy Birthday my awesome, kind, genuine,super fantastic young man, I'm so proud of who you are becoming!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

missing something

I totally feel like I'm all of a sudden blessed with 2 working arms. I feel lost......

Ari went overnight with papa last night and wont be back until later this afternoon(after nap). Norah had a dentist apt today and I had planned to have a sitter so that I could go with in the room for her first cavity..... Well since papa is on vacation this week he offered to take the little monster (I mean angel) overnight. Everywhere I go today feels VERY STRANGE.. Honestly it's like I have been working with just one arm and all of a sudden I have the second one back, I don't know what to do with the freedom of movement :-)

As a matter of fact it works out PERFECTLY because today is the "fund racer" for school and they want parents to come and participate if they can, well up until last night I didn't think I'd be able to because of nap time........ NOW I can go and participate with both my kiddos and then even look around the school a little. I also want to check in on the 4th grade room to see what they are doing(still wondering about Isaac)
Off I go, talk at ya later :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Growing schroom's ;-)

I just found this mushroom in the backyard. Thought it was a soccer ball at first.
I've never seen one so huge before, let alone in my own yard!!!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I NEED locks! Lots and lots of locks.. Oh and some (lots) of rope and bungee cords, ya bungee cords too!!!!!

THEN maybe I wouldn't yell so much..........:-)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The lazy days of summer are officially over........

Turns out I was ready this year for school to start, couldn't wait actually:) It's also been really good for me too, I've been getting MUCH more done each day these past few weeks. I'm up so much earlier and on a time schedule that it's really gotten me moving and the entire household is benefiting from it.

I haven't napped even once since school started either.(by nap I mean out for 10-20min them bing wide awake)

Norah got ahold of the camera last night and there were about 25 pic's of these "pets" in their jammies and then the 2 are of Isaac's newly painted room, in the colors of his choice. It reminded me of the ocean so I went out and bought drapes to be the "sand" :-) It was time for him to have a fresh paint job, after all that was our room and it was painted a soft peach or something or other, not really a boys room eh?!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Melt....... what??

Oh my gosh people, it has happened!!!!!

This afternoon after school pickup we head to Costco to get my script filled.
While waiting we wander.............................................I'm reading a bag of dog food when I hear Ari crying......
I glance over and I see him flat out on his stomach and Norah is on top of him with a nasty look on her face RIPPING something out of his hand(we have talked FOR YEARS about how instead of doing that, we say "hey mom/dad so in so has my______) and we will take care of it because ripping from hands just doesn't EVER end well....

So once she's up with the "toy" I look at her and say "give me the toy to hold onto"

NASTY face, clutch toy with both hands and mumble nut-uh! I take a step toward her and she takes 5 back....
I then say "Norah you have 2 choices here, you can either give me the toy to hold onto until later OR I will take the toy and throw it away"

Repeat above nasty face sentence...

I start to count 1...........2...............3. Reach for child and toy, to which she runs away, we play that game for all of 2 turns and I end up with toy, what proceeds next is beyond me!!
**let me mention, store is filled with people, FILLED**

Now I must also mention that even though she chose the 2nd option I still put it in my purse and was going to get it out tomorrow........

BACK TO STORY, she proceeds to start to whine and cry while trying to rip my purse off my shoulder as I walk away. I calmly take her hands off my purse and tell her to QUIT touching me like that..... She gets louder and more forceful and actually is now trying to rip my cloths and purse from my body, trying to stop me from walking all the while her crying is escalating......
I then put Ari down and ask Isaac, can you carry him for me bud, I gotta carry her. I pick her up and start to carry her like you would a toddler AND THEN I say something that I know not to, (this sometimes happens to me, I say what I'm thinking) I say "and this is why you and I won't be going to the football game tonight either" as soon as I said this I thought STUPID STUPID WOMAN!

Let me tell you what came next was unimaginable(to me) she proceeded to start kicking and hitting me all over and was screaming hysterically! SERIOUSLY OUT OF A HORROR FLICK, I then put her down smacked her tush for the first time ever HARD and swung her over my shoulder like you would carry a bag of dog food!!

At this point I'm so mortified and embarrassed and humiliated that I make a point of looking back periodically to see Isaac and Ari and smile to them and say hey guys how you doing, like all was normal even though I was carrying a full pitch screaming/kicking the air 5 YEAR OLD GIRL!!!!

We get to the car and after another big ol deal about who was going to buckle her in if she wasn't going to I get on the road for the 20 MINUTE drive home!!! (Oh and I did in fact throw that stupid toy away..consequences) She screamed at me the ENTIRE drive home throwing in "I'm gonna hurt you" and "I'm gonna unbuckle and come up there and hit your head hard" Then at home continues for over 45 minutes and at one point I have to trick her and lock her outside so I can get dinner ready(she couldn't go anywhere but the backyard/driveway area, it's fort knox over here) all she kept doing was headbutting me and trying to push me and hit me so I thought better outside eh?!
I even hear Isaac who is also outside say to her at one point "why don't you just quit"? and she says "I CAN'T QUIT, I WONT QUIT EVER"
5min. after that Ari says "dad's home" and like that she's done!!!!!
(he's not even the mean one, I am)

NOW for the record, I never once spoke to her in the car, she wouldn't have heard me anyway and I never once got mad at her because I knew why this was happening...
I just have to say I was so embarrassed and upset that when I called Chris to tell him we wouldn't be going to the game I started crying, I've never had a Norah fit like that in a store EVER........totally humiliating!!!!!
Oh and they Weren't hungry, I am a thinking mom and made banana bread and had a nice fat piece covered in butter for all 3 kids because we were not going to go home right away....

THE REASON for this fit was I'm sure that she started Kindergarten and I chose the afternoon for scheduling reasons and the fact that we have to get up an hour earlier than we are used to for Isaac to get to the new school on time and that Ari hasn't been a peach and night time for good sleep... I mean really add all that up and your bound to have a volcanic eruption.. It just really stinks that it has to be on a night when my oldest nephew has a football game(he's the starting QB this year) and my cousins are in town from Colorado and they have 2 little cutie patooties (Hannah and Blake) and Blake is just like 6weeks-ish younger than Ari and Hannah just 1yr-ish older than him...... NEVER MIND that I REALLY wanted to be there tonight but the idea of taking an obviously EXHAUSTED child to a football game where she will run around like crazy, eating a ton of junk and staying up hours after her bedtime just didn't sound very appealing!!!

If I was a drinker I would totally be on my second glass of wine at this point but alas..........................

Thursday, September 9, 2010

ding ding ding

It's official and apparently very easy(should have done it much sooner) The little chicka is a 2 wheel bike riding CHAMP!!
Chris says he took them off and off she went.........................that's it nothing more, 1, 2, 3 rode the bike!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Yesterday Isaac had his first day of 3rd grade, at a new school, new teacher and 27 new classmates! Big, HUGE change for him and so far he likes it..The only concern is where he will be academically compared to the other classmates... We may need to have a lot of extra work to compensate or if he's so far ahead he might even move up to 4th.. We'll see as these next 2wks progress :)
Isaac and Mrs. Gould

Today Norah started her first day of Kindergarten, in a new school with a bunch of new friends.. Hopefully the day goes better than the picture:(
She is going in the afternoon and that couldn't be MORE PERFECT, I actually switched her to pm from am because we could:) She starts at 12:10 and then little man and I go and do M&R and then home for a nap. Like I said Perfect!!
Norah and Mrs. DeMann
Ari just wanted a picture too :-)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Binder Park Zoo

What can I say about Binder Park Zoo...........It really is a fun, worth the drive zoo.....
From the petting zoo, to the train ride, tram ride to the Giraffe and Zebra to the Cheetah and wild horses, red Panda and so much more!!
We had so much fun and to top it off we got a call while there that Isaac made it into the Charter school(non tuition)and that it then bumped Norah up to #2 from 46! We had to jump on that:) So yet again I'm needing to fill out paperwork and of course I'm stressing like crazy, we are an 1.5 hour's away from home on a Friday before a holiday weekend.......ugh... I DON'T DO WELL WITH LAST MINUTE crap, I'm a planner, a preparer, a get it done so I don't have to think about it person.........dang!! It's no wonder my headache is back today...................................................
Anyway my fav. of all the pic's I took while there :-)

Do you see the white mound behind the BIG mound behind this Giraffe??? Yes that would be a dead zebra, apparently at Binder Park they are all about nature and real like.....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What are you doing today? I'm dealing with a 24hr migraine and filling out a monster stack of paperwork for 2 kids for school. YES you heard that correct, just now filling out paperwork, why? because our school closed only we didn't know about it until just 2ish weeks ago and scrambling to find one takes WORK when your halfway thru August.....I also start my new work schedule of working Wed. nights today, oh happy migraine day!!! blah blah blah..........poo