Saturday, October 31, 2009

This if you can believe it was at a help yourself house(I think people are loosing their passion for it:( , Thumbelina proceeded to grab it... Then we get home and she says, mom this one is for you..............She's sooooooooo sweet!!

We have Optimus Prime, Thumbelina, and the cool cat Mr. Alligator.... we went, we had, we froze, the end.... and surprisingly enough when told that they could eat as much as they could in 1hr they chose more than just suckers!!! I was so pissed that year :-)

and let me just say that at the first house the cool alligator kept throwing his "Elmo candy catcher" on the ground and then i said look little buddy see, they put candy in it... WELL that was it! from that house on his own version of "trick or treat" was said and candy was put in and then he would laugh excitedly and do a little dance as he walked away...
**and so help you if you tried to hold Elmo for him** WOW

It was such a joy to watch him!!

The other 2 were not about going up by themselves at his age.

Last night the bigger kids were REPEATEDLY told to "slow down and wait for your brother" by both myself and Chris, after all the little guys legs are only about a foot long :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009


Isaac has been working on this math paper since school started, it's called +3. He apparently one of 2 students yet to move on to the +4's. This has really bothered him you see because math has always been his strong suit. These sheets are timed and you need to get them all correct in i believe 3min. time.... I think he has been so focused on hurrying because of the time limit that he has made mistakes....

TODAY was THE day!! He finally passed the +3 with almost a minute to spare!!! woo hoo...
I had told the teacher that it would be party time at home when he accomplished this feat, like i would give me a big ol something sweet.
Well we get home and i give me the biggest(after a healthy snack of course)piece of this no bake cheesecake that i made last night. His eyes bugged out at the size of the piece!! :-)
I then get everyone a glass of water......The boy looks at me with a straight face "you give me water?? That's what you think i deserve?" I say "yup" he looks at me "after all that work?"!! and then flashes me this huge smile.........he knows

and now he's telling me "I think i might throw up"!! That's my boy ate it all!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Warmth and Love

Just wanted to give you a picture of two very happy, warm, and content puppies :-)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fishy fishy

I thought I'd try to get a pic or 2 of our 2 bigger tanks. We did some serious remodeling of the long one, not to shabby just needs some more plants or something, maybe a big ol piece of driftwood and yes there is a fish in there, his name is "Chewey" named by Isaac maybe 5-6years ago. He's the yellow and black spotted blur down front about middle.... He not friendly and tries to eat company...
I love him!!


I have 2 questions for you all....
First, to all my internet friends (you know who you are)How loud do you have your sound machines?????and what's the favorite sound?? I'm partial to "rain"
Second does anyone know how often you need to get your license picture retaken?? I know you need to get it renewed every 4 years but do you get a picture every 4 years too??

I ask because I recently had to renew and get a picture and when I look at new vs. old..............If it's only been 4 years, well then the last 4 years have NOT been kind to me :-(


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Howdy all, how you doing?? Tonight was Isaac's last soccer practice and the final game is this Saturday.... I get to see the last game :-) I was a working mom the last few Saturdays... Isaac was REALLY upset when he found out this was the last one. "It wasn't long enough" he tells me. So apparently I need to look into indoor soccer for him for this winter but then I have the dilemma of the Miss wanting to do something this winter and it's only fair right?!

We went easy this year on the pumpkin thing and just stopped at a place on the side of the road with a butt load of pumpkins and a good price. Seriously what's it matter if it's not a "you go get them and pick them" kind of place every year right?! We also for the first time EVER already have costumes for each and every kiddo :-) THAT has never happened! SERIOUSLY we are down to the wire kind of people who end up without many choices......

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Baby's and such

The little man is totally into "baby's". Saying baby, feeding the baby, you name it. He's also into cooking in the "kitchen" so we have moved that up from the basement to his room....
He is saying anything and everything,mama,dad,Isaac,Norah,Ari,stuck,help,no,out,stay,shoe,boot, you name it he says it.....

and as promised Mr. Massiveness himself and my yard, it's not a good thing and as you can see the bugger is to big to fit in the camera view!! :-(

Monday, October 19, 2009

Nothing?? really??

I am looking at my calender and according to that I am going to have a week of nothing, like really NOTHING scheduled(except for soccer practice and pet sitting)the whole week. This would be the first week since o the middle of August that it's looked that way on the ol calender.... I almost can't believe it, I'm sure I have missed something..............................................................

This makes me so happy, you have no idea.....................................

Have a good week all... O and I hope I haven't bored you with all my awesome pictures:)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

and just a couple more... dang they are all my fav's

just had to add somemore

just a few of my favorites part 2 :-)

My absolute favorites of Isaac seem to be in black and white and i wonder if i can make them color?? I'll have to look into that....

Enjoy, i do

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Just a few of my favorites

stupid blogger I'll try to post again when IT WILL LET ME!!

Friday, October 16, 2009


For those of you keeping track. This last year the big dude has really grown.
He had his 8year WCC last night and man does he ever rock!
He is now 63.8 pounds (90%)I think he said it was a 7 pound gain over the last year.

and he is 4ft 5in (90%) just like he's always been and will probably always be... Even the doctor said "Isaac your a big kid"! Yes we know, he's the size of most 3rd and some of the 4th graders at school :-) They start out small but man i grow them big :-)

He then asked all the right questions and one was, how's his eating habits?? Refer to the above statement... Kid eats like a horse ALL DAY LONG!!!!!

I hope by days end to attach a picture of him to this post so say tuned for an *update*

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I have pictures people, well i don't actually have in my hand pictures that will be tomorrow but let me just tell you how awesome they are!! AWESOME a few make me laugh and a few make me tear up (darn hormones) and a few i just say PERFECT!!!!

Once again i must say i love my photographer and think she's the bomb and I'm her biggest fan!!!!!

Tomorrow ladies and gents tomorrow............................

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Days like today i wish i didn't have kids. Woke up to what i can only describe as a hang over headache and seeing as how i don't drink that means i didn't sleep well. So all i want to do is lay on the couch and fall asleep with an ice pak on my head, and seeing as how i have 2 little people depending on me for entertainment and food/beverages that doesn't happen.. Please watch the movie and come on nap time get here quickly today!!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Man o Man the first actual HUGE hurt.... The little man didn't listen when mom said, oh no buddy, HOT as i tried to grab him away!!!!!! and he pressed his little pointer finger right on the red hot burner on the stove..............mama almost cried right along with him all the while Norah yelling at me "MOM WHAT DID YOU DO" over and over and over(like I'M the one always making him cry).......

My poor little baby :-( cold water, ice cubes, neo with pain relief, Motrin........and of course being so young he kept trying to wipe/rub the pain away(cringe)

I guess you just gotta learn some things the hard way....................

What, Who?!?!?!

It's official as of this morning....

WE have ourselves a biter!!! Turns out the Miss Norah has turned the little man into a biter.. NOW she so deserves it but still not ok... 2x this morning the poor girl has tooth marks in her skin :-(

I just asked her if she liked him biting her and she tells me NO (whhhhhaaaaaa) So I told her then stop doing things(taking everything from him) to make him want to bite you silly!!!!!

Now everytime he gets near her she's saying "oh no don't little buddy, don't you come any closer, no biting"....
The feeling of being overwhelmed seems to be getting stronger and stronger for me lately.. I'm finding my calander to be more and more full these days and it's not always good for me.....

Fall is here and according to most folks(Oh i love fall, it's my favorite time of the year. Jeans and sweatshirts, warm apple cider, oh i love fall) BLAH BLAH BLAH is what I say to all of them... I can't stand fall.... I suppose I don't like it mostly because of the outside clean up aspect of what comes with fall, not to mention that snow is soon to follow(really I hate Michigan but ANYWAY).............

Seriously HATE tree's!! I do, can't help it HATE them!!!!! The 1 tree in my backyard has I must have counted anywhere from 3-4BILLION more leaves than I feel is necessary!!!!!! Don't get me wrong, I love you Mr. tree in summer when you pleasantly shade most of my backyard from the sun's rays but come fall, I could do without you all together!!

I'm gonna try to get a picture of his massiveness to share with all you folks!!!!!!

See what i get for saying "smile"

Darth Toddler

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


A boy and his dog caught unaware.........

Even when he's pissy he has his puppy :-)

THIS is why she's here, he needed her.....................

Monday, October 5, 2009

Little man LOVES ice!

Looks like his cousin Jaden following, nope not Jaden

That cute little man at the top there has developed a new habit, I call it thievery!


He has taken to (only when wearing jammies) walking around the house and taking things that arn't his and shoving them down the neckline of his zip up jammies.... and let me tell you some day's he does it all day long.......**wink**