Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's official the little man can roll over 100% all by himself!!!! What suprises me is that it's not the easy one from his tummy to his back, He does the back to the tummy!!! Go little dude go! Moms so proud.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Day like no other

I just need to share my day! It started like every other day up at 7 w/Ari, Norah up at 7:30 and Isaac rolling around at 8. then at 8:15 my phone rings, odd never this early, Can't answer at the moment I'm changin a diaper and have 2 kids..I want chocolate milk, no juice on and on it goes....... 10min later the phone is ringing again, same person, better answer. It's a friend of mine that has a 3month old little guy and she needed someone to talk to and possibly offer advise and quite frankly to cry with. After talking for about 45min she's feeling much better and i have to put a baby down for a nap and 2kids are now arguing over who's turn it is for whichever cartoon, blah blah blah..... 9:15 my phone rings again, it's mom better answer, she had a dream last night(more like a nightmare) about me,her, and Ari and then we get to talkin about Spencer and next thing i know it's 10am. I have 30min to feed and dress for the day 3people before it's time to get Ari up to feed then out the door. Get it all done and i jump on the computer to send a quick email to that friend that i talked to telling her that I'm glad she called and that I'm here anytime she needs. out the door we go to the bank and then to meijers........We are checking out at meijers and NOrah starts that fabulous whine the means Isaac did something..... I look up and she has a sucker stick embedded in her hair and i know it's Isaac's bc Norah had to throw her's away at the entrance of meijers by herself in the way of many people taking a 3yr olds time to do it and to look inside the trash can. ISAAC no video games for you today!! Get home it's 12:30, 12:40 Ari goes down for a nap by 1 i have lunch on the table, by 1:15 i have NOrah going down for a nap....YEAH i have a good hour for some down time, 1:30ish......knock,knock,knock, ding dong we have company and arn't expecting any...... Aunt linda is here for a visit, the dog barking has woken Ari up 45min early!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She stays to visit till just about 3 by this time NOrah is also up early YEAH. As she pulls out of the drive way....ring ring that flippen phone is ringing AGAIN!!!! It's one of the mother in laws. I'm just not picking up i need a break...(keep in mind that all this is happening and i have a baby that isn't happy unless you are directly interacting with him or holding him..stupid teeth) Outside we go fresh air and mom just might get a few with all 3 happy.........the phone rings again, what the heck??!! it's that same mom in law, she leaves a message thinking i might be avoiding her..I call her back immediately saying I'm not avoiding I'm simply in need of a talking break (we also need to keep in mind that when on the phone i have 2 children that take advantage of my distraction to do naughty things, the last of which was to airbrush their hair,faces and tongues!!!) hang up put Ari down again PLEASE sleep little man, check email,out the door to play and so it went until now......... just typing it out makes me exhausted all over again......
Hope you all had a good Friday!!Enjoy the long weekend

Teeth, What teeth

Had to post a new picture of Isaac's ever decreasing toothy grin. That's 2 this week, the tooth fairy is gonna go broke at this rate!!;)

Thursday, August 28, 2008


So this afternoon it hit me again..... I cringe when i type this (if you could see my face you would see how it pains me so)the need for us to get a larger vehicle-one with 2 add'l rows of seats- ow it hurts, is more and more necessary as we go along here, yesterday my nephew wanted to stay the night and it was ok only because i didn't have anywhere to go today(greater than walking distance) and he needed to be picked up by 3 so that i could go get Chris to be to work by 4. It really sucks that i have to base their coming over on if i have errands or such to do because i can't safely transport more than 3 in the backseat. I mean what if i had an emergency! I would of course make them fit but the hole idea does make me nervous. I want to be again the aunt that can say yup come on over and not have to worry about it. On the other hand i don't want a car payment if i can help it and i want to get rid of some debt first if i do have to have a payment............Just some thoughts......have a good night all.

Yeah for Captions

The captions have officially been figured out!!!!!!!! I am such a twit! I knew it couldn't be that difficult to do, my sister has it figured out for pete's sake!!!lol xoxo


Hello, it would seem that we have run head first into teething this week. Naps for Ari have gone from 1.5-2hrs to 50min at the most and then last night he had me up 3times! That has not happened for over 3months now, and then today after his last bottle (which he is also not eating like usual) i gave him a teething tablet and w/in 3min his mood improved and then at his last diaper change...there it was the tell tale sign(for us) a small diaper rash starting.....Norah would get a cold and a diaper rash with every tooth and boy did it suck. Seems Ari is going to follow in big sisters footsteps, lets just pray that he leaves out the cold part. Yeah us!! Here are some pictures from last night and today.
He sure does love bath time

Had to get a photo of his hair, little man has a small blond fro

Cousin Jaden entertaining all this morning

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Not even mine.........

I'm sitting here bursting/beaming with pride....... In the advance they have an overview of the different high school football teams and i need to type a little part of the Forest Hills Eastern Hawks one: "A deep stable of running backs is available, led by speedy fullback Joe Woo, who has the speed to go the distance. Jared Crean is a versatile running back, while sophomore Spencer Elliott is the best athlete on the team". Did you read that? "THE BEST ATHLETE ON THE TEAM"!!!!!! Spencer Elliott is my nephew and i can't stop grinning!!!(yeah that's right) and he's not even mine.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I can't quite figure out how to have the captions under the pics or over then for that matter, it's driving me crazy. I sure do have a bunch of cuties living with me.............So many blessings!!!!!
Me and Ari bathroom mirror shot

Ari enjoying the fantasy football draft on Sunday afternoon

Too many critters in the kitchen

Norah and Ari i think they look so much alike

Big Bro happy to be holding little Bro


Some pictures from today, Norah being a turd for the camera
Ari sporting one of his new long sleeve onsies
Isaac's now emptier grin
Mars and his new Baby
Mars and Polo

Friday, August 22, 2008

Fun times

These past few days have been so fun. Wednesday we went back out to my best friend Lori's house(1more time before school starts)and the kids again had a blast, riding quads, jumping on the tramp,riding quads some more and then riding horses. I got to ride with Norah this time. She was so cute we rode "Dreamer" and she kept forgetting his name and kept calling him "sleeper" all she cared about was that he was a BIG horse not one of the ponies and bc i was with her we were able to go for a ride in the woods, that was really nice, i haven't been on a horse in 3years and really miss it. Pearl came with us again and had even more fun that last time and she also rolled in more horse poo than last time.ugh!!!! She is something else that dog when other dogs are around and she loves to play. Lori tells me i need to get her into agility which i should probably check out, it would help her confidence and get some of her energy out. Today we went to my new/old friend Erin's house (the first time with all kids)and i just enjoyed myself tooo much,even when i realized that i forgot Ari's blanket!!! Can you believe it, of all the things to forget!
bottle: check
snack: check
juice to bring and leave: check
diaper bag: check
enough diapers: check
changes of cloths for Ari: check
spitup cloths: check
potty break for all before we leave: check
change of cloths for Norah:
Ari's blanket so he can take a nap:
Seriously, NOrah ended up having an accident"mom Norah peed her cloths and is naked" outside!! can you believe she fit in Ari's shorts!!!!!! then ended up sitting in bubbles with those shorts!!!!!! Had one more pair that was dirty from last week in the trunk. Ari is just to awesome.... He slept for like maybe 20 maybe 30 minutes on me had a bottle 30min early but was overall a happy guy. If not for the forgotten blanket i think i would have way overstayed our welcome, i really didn't want to leave when we did but what i want really doesn't seem to matter all that much..... I REALLY like Erin and enjoy hangin out with her and her kids. It seems as though we have been good friends for YEARS not the year and half most of which was online that it really is. I'm really starting to relax in the anal/high strung department and would have stayed as long as i could( actually i did stay as long as Ari would let me) As it turns out though we were home maybe 15min. and Chris showed up early from work and we have really been missing him and to have 2 of the 3 kids sleeping to boot....rare! Have a good weekend all.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Teeth and heads=$

Monday afternoon ok back it up a bit, for the past few months i have been having headaches, almost every day and i just associated it with the birth control pill I'm on at the moment. Well Monday late afternoon i started with another one only this one just kept getting worse and worse by the time I'm going to bed it's the entire right side of my face, down my neck and it's feeling like i have been clenching my jaw (which i wasn't) then i was up all night long the pain in my head/jaw was sooooo bad i thought i was going to throw up with it. Ding Ding Ding it's my tooth not the stupid pills. By the was all i have for pain relief is Tylenol and that just wasn't cutting it. Tuesday morning i remember i have motrin 800mg from my surgery(YEAH) i take one of those and call my dentist. They can see me at 11 but if it needs to be fixed i will need to come back. I call my mom, what ya doing today i ask. She replies i don't know what am i doing?? ***ladies and gents yesterday i was forced to leave my baby with someone other than Chris for the first time*** I was not happy with it. I seem to get worse with each baby not better in that department. At the dentist i find out that i need a root canal on a seemingly fine tooth! hugh!! no cavity no previous filling. She doesn't do those she says i will have to schedule with their root canal people and that can take 2wks or more. best to get on their on call list then maybe in 4-5 days. WHAT this pain for possibly 2wks!!!!!!!!!!! Well the nurse says i called, they had a cancellation can you do today at 2? call mom "can i have you all day?" 1:30 I'm at the other dentiest filling out paperwork and 3pm I'm getting a root canal. home by 4 get ready for work and off i go.................Moral to the story don't just blow a headache off, find the source before it makes you cry!!!!!!!!! Dying nerve is the worst, way more painful than natural childbirth!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Just a quick picture of my soon to be 7yr old working. Last year we were offered workbooks thru school to help keep the stuff learned thru out the summer. So this year i purchased some workbooks to do the same. Several times a week each week this summer Isaac has had to do workbooks on math,spelling,comprehension and then read to me the book of my choice. With proper motivation this really works well and i really don't think he has lost much this summer. I'm excited to see once school starts up again.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

clutter and more clutter

You know no matter how much time is devoted to picking up/cleaning it doesn't seem to get me anywhere.. Like today Chris and i tag teamed some laundry(I've had baskets@6 all over the house of clean cloths) and picking up the main floor. At this moment it looks pretty decent around here and TONS of laundry is put away but i think that is only because Norah and Ari are sleeping and Isaac gets to play video games during this time.... I give it 1hr upon waking and this entire house will be trashed again!!! I have decided we have way to much crap/junk in this house and it's gotta go.When do you find the time to go thru it all and get rid of it????? In about 5years when they are all in school??????? What are we going to do till then i ask ya???? suffocate that's what!!! After nap and Ari's next feeding we have plans to meet our photographer friend at the ford museum for some new pictures. We are doing Isaac's 7yr pic's and then a few of all of us. It should be fun and they always turn out AWESOME. She does spectacular work and i love it. The hardest part will be the up to 1month wait to get them.........I hate waiting, I'm not the most patient person ya know........ Have a good one all, here are a few pics of the little dude yesterday and today.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Good morning all, I've been up since about 5:50. It's now 8:45 and I'm trying to figure out what to do with today, I'm really quite board with the usual stuff and don't know what new to do... Last night my old "big sister" (you know from that big brother big sister program) anyway when i was younger and my parents divorced i got myself one (per mom) and her name is Cathy and i always had fun with her. Anyway i hadn't seen her in YEARS!!!!! Then about a year ago she was on my mind A LOT for a few weeks and then my sister ran into her at her office and got her email (talk about god working) so about a week later i emailed her and we have gotten together a few times for lunch and then yesterday evening after dinner she came over to see my house and my newest addition plus she had never met Isaac or Chris so......... I must say she looks the same only way better hair..... and she's just as funny as i remember..... Now back to today.... What do i do?????? I don't know and I'm really in a funk...................

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Farm

So, we have really had an awesome few days for the most part... Saturday we went to the Lowell 4h fair and pet a bunch of animals and rode some of the rides....(can you believe i forgot my camera)I even thought about it 3 times before we left. Then Saturday afternoon we went over to my sisters for an early birthday party for my niece liv and they played some awesome games and then had a bonfire with smores and fireworks.... Once again i forgot my camera!!;( Today we went to my best friends house and what a blast we had..... She has 2 boys Zack7 and Josh 6 Isaac falls almost directly in the middle of the 2. I remembered my camera and here are some pics.... We even were able to bring Pearl who is such a different dog(with people) when with other dogs. I got home about 8:30 put some tired kids to bed and outside to bathe a dog....She wasn't coming inside without a bath first, no horse poo in my house, even if it is on the dog;)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The past few days

I really got some fun pictures these last few days but the blogger has been buggin me..... Tells me i need to sign in and then tells me that my password is incorrect or that my email address is not known........ So once again i have created another password to the same known email address....We'll see what happens...(yes i do write it down each time so that i don't have to remember) We've been having a lot of fun with each other and with the cats.......... Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as i enjoyed taking them...........

Why does she have to lay on the sandbox cover and no where else??
Do you remember doing this as a kid??
Isaac wanted a picture of Polo and the "necklase" he put on him posted on moms blog
The biggest cat in the house with the littlest!!!! Those two are so fun to watch..
Jedi and Polo...........

Just some pictures

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Finally got it, I tried last night before bed with a no go, now it worked. What a cute pair!!!!