Friday, February 27, 2009

*****DING DING DING****** It's official i have won for the 3rd child in a row the worst mother of the year award!!!!!! I have no idea what happened, i just thank the lord that it wasn't his eye!! From what i can tell from where he was sitting when i heard the dreaded "inhale"(if your a mom you know what i mean)from the bigger kids room, he hit it on the corner of the fish tank:( If you feel bad looking at the pictures imagine how I feel!!!:(:(:( The other pics are from around lunch time today:)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ya that's right, check me out:)
Some serious focus going on
Hi, i just love walkin with my toy
The child went into the crate first, dog had to make sure child didn't hurt her "home"
Said child from above shut the door on himself!!! Talk about an awesome dog folks they are always in there together and she is just great with him. That's one incredible puppy!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Folks, today i saw the cutest thing i have ever seen................Well at least in a loooong time...... We(me and the little kids) took the dogs to go do our pet sitting today and i have to say that Miss Norah and little Zero make the CUTEST pair EVER!!!!! so cute from the front and even cuter from the back, him prancing along and her trotting. SO STINKIN CUTE!!!!! I think i told her that i wish i had my camera about 5 times... She walked the little guy and i walked Onyx along with the stroller filled with a happy Ari:) I could not get enough of it.. I PROMISE to bring the camera along next time. Thankfully the skies didn't open up fully until we were back home:-)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hi my name is exhausted! The little man is at a stage that i CAN'T wait for him to get out least a little bit anyway, he's all about mamma, CONSTANTLY wanting to be held by mamma, played with my mamma, viewed by mamma!! Always and I'm going nuts with it. I suppose i should be thankful and enjoy it while it's here because before long he won't want anything to do with me but i can't. It's hard, can't do a darn thing unless I'm holding onto or playing with him and he gets heavy!!!! My right arm can't take much more and my left arm well it sucks for carrying:) Oh and tonight, i make dinner for all and then get the "sure that's fine" from Chris to take the dogs out(before dark NICE) and i get suited up, put on my jacket and gloves and look up and the little guy is at the table eating dinner and has huge alligator tears streaming down his cute little face crying away, why you ask cuz I'm leaving to walk the dogs:(:( Tears at my heart even though he's driving me crazy:)The life of a mother....... As promised pictures of the crazy dog getting vacuumed!!!!!! Please note that she likes it so much her tongue is hanging out:-) Nut job!!!I love her!


Hi all,
Real quick i just felt the need to share how strange my dog is. Really i have the strangest German Shepherd dog in history i bet!! First off she does NOT bark when people come over actually greets them with a wagging tail and that's it. Now on our walks/jog's that's a different story all Shepherd there:) Then the other day when i was vacuuming(like i do EVERY day) she was doing her normal try to kill the vacuum thing when i decided to suck her with the hose...hehe Well folks SHE LIKES IT. I did it again today and yup she'll stand there all day letting me vacuum her. If only i could find a furminator attachment for the thing my world would be hairless!!!! I'll try to get Chris to take a picture of it later to show you guys. Now I'm off to do my Pilate's video and shower while i have the chance!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Some pictures of the last few days:)

"Hey" wavin to the camera
How sweet are they!?
Yea daddy!!
Little Man lovin the crate:) Just like the others such a fun toy
How adorable!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Here i am feeling like my head wants to explode and my eyes either pop out of my head or just shut and not open for awhile along with the 2nd chin that is growing out my face!!!! Last weekend i got up both Sat. and Sun. and let Chris sleep because i knew that with Isaac off school this entire week that i wouldn't have to set my alarm for 6:30 and would get to sleep each day til at least 7! Well that's what i get for thinking ahead! I have yet to even be in bed still at 6:30 EVERY DAY this week and it sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ari has chosen this week to get up at 4:30am and be a chatter box to himself for o about 1 H-O-U-R!!!!! Then back up about 30min. later! As my friend Erin says "what the beak?!?!?!?!" This is the same little man that up until the teething frenzy has been sleeping 12hrs. a night EVERY night for more months than i can remember. I really don't do well without adequate sleep. I'm thinking as of today that maybe the little man is having a growth spurt and needs a cup of formula at about 4:30 for a day or so? Who knows but that's what I'm doing if I'm up again at 4:30!!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Finally got one of almost all the teeth and look at the handsomeness:)
Such big brotherly love
The mallard is no longer a toy but a weapon of dog fighting so it had to go:(
Look who thinks they are the boss when no one's looking! Dog's on furniture, not in this house!!!!
Seriously people look at the GENUINE cuteness of that smilin face!! Rare to capture on film:-)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cheese Balls

Good Evening all, it's been a busy weekend!!! First off i must say all did not go smoothly with Chris and the whole license deal we are hopeful that before the next week is out all will be a go!!! Friday night my oldest went to grandma and papa's house overnight and we had a nice special time with the miss and then it was swapem for the rest of the weekend......... Oh and I got a valentines present!!!!(YEAH) i don't plan on valentines being any big deal it really hasn't been in the past but this year I got a gift and i found it (on accident) 2 days early looking for headphones to go jogging. I got a zune of my own(mp3 player) I had always planned on just using Chris's or Isaac's and never having one of my own, i didn't need one of my own!!!!! That said I LOVE IT and it's pink and my new headphones that are pink came today and they rock....(standard headphones suck) I'm thinking that Chris will regret his gift in no time though cuz i put them in when i need a ear/kid break, like when I'm going downstairs to switch laundry and decide to fold while i'm down there:)hehe Can't hear a thing:):):)(only when chris is home)

Anyway back to the kids My youngest niece came for a sleep over on Saturday and we had a lovely time and even made it to EARLY church Sunday morning!! I was amazed myself... Then we are barley home from church and my sister's over to pick her up ALREADY... and well it turns out that we just do a swap and Norah goes with them(after all she's had her bag packed for over a week)and my oldest niece says with us. Chris and her are talking about how she doesn't eat meat and hasn't in about 2yrs(she's 11) so he decides that we need to have eggplant Parmesan for dinner and she loves it and so does Ari:) The highlight of Sunday night was playing star wars monopoly with them and running out of time and then today, lets just say i was in a short tempered mood (no real sleep always does it to me) and Liv and Isaac had me laughing so hard......we had a "how many cheese balls can you stuff in you mouth" contest Liv got 8 Isaac 6 and then Aunt Janet got 12!!! Well liv had to at least tie me and did with 12. I think Isaac even got to 8... That was such fun!!!!

Not quite

So i found the picture of Isaac i was thinking about and it's not quite what i thought but defiantly close:) The biggest difference to me is that Ari is 10.5months and Isaac is almost 2yrs:) Anyway it's a nice flashback.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

This was at bath time tonight and i must say the little man reminds me so much of Isaac in this pic. I will try to find the one i have of Isaac and put the two together on one post.

Could this look look any more mischievous?!?!
Just playing around a little more. Not happy though, i just want a single page and I can't seem to figure out or see for that matter where to do that. I wonder if i need to pay them to get that option????
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Friday, February 13, 2009

So apparently i have no clue what I'm doing with the whole digital scrapbook pages!!!!! I'm to tired and irritated to mess with it anymore tonight:(:(:( Erin i may need a face to face education!!!!!argh!!!!

Just starting out

With the help of a friend I'm attempting to make some digital scrapbook pages. I'm just playin around and so far I'm getting a tad irritated:( The first one worked out quite well i think and then the others, some how i picked actual "books" not pages and so i have pictures on 1 page of each book, take a peek if ya want. If i can get better at this I'm planning on sending them to a friends web sight "pagestotreasure" to have them printed. Well have to see, at this moment i don't even know if i wrote her sight name correctly??? Did i
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Monday, February 9, 2009

New woman

Hi there, let me introduce myself.....My name is Janet and I'm a wife and mother to 3 crazy kids. I have a rockin new hair cut and i just took my 2 awesome dogs out jogging in my new jogging shoes :) My feet's didn't know what they were missing! Not only are the shoes the correct size(i don't usually buy the correct size, it's no fun) but i can feel the breeze thru the toes and it doesn't even feel like i have shoes on they are so light... I have been working them (dogs) up to the jogging thing and tonight we did just over a mile and just walked about 2 blocks in the middle. I had to give Zero a chance to catch his breath. I was awesome!!!!!! What a nice start to a new week. I'm feeling like a new woman:) Please keep in mind that i don't have ANY makeup on, and the hair is just cut not styled at all
Awwww after our jog, cute little buddy's
He is such a happy guy, just got done watching the news up close and personal.
Some of the new teeth in that big o' mouth
I brought this toy up from the basement today just to see what the little man could do with it.... Lets just say he's a walking fool without brakes ;)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Some pet pic's

Jedi's just chillin
Best buddy's that's for sure;-) at least most the time.
Who has a treat????
I think someone feels "at home" in this house.

Friday, February 6, 2009

No one ever said it was safe in this house:)
Dog toy's, not just for dogs:) I know NASTY
I have taken so many pictures over the past 2 days trying to show ALL the new teeth, i just wont happen!!
So cute!! a rare moment that's for sure:-)