Saturday, July 31, 2010


I would like you to meet "Ozzy"

He is the size and head shape that I was looking for just not the color I was looking for or sex for that matter. He's a (kinda chubby) 22# just like I wanted and has some AWESOME facial wrinkles :)
Isis is 14#

I will I'm sure get a picture of the 2 pugs together so you can have a better idea of how ridiculously small Isis is..

Friday, July 30, 2010

Would you believe I forgot my camera! We went to my bestest friend's house and played around on the farm and then decided to go a horsing around..... Ari was able to take his first ride all by himself(yes mom walked him around)just in the arena but still! He was so proud of himself and had so much fun!!!!
You know he falls asleep before we get off the dirt road and when we get home he wakes up and is saying, so fun, so fun, so fun!! I'm thinking he had a good time today:)

Baby Noah is officially 1 and walking, it's so funny, he's so little!!!!

All this wonderful picture worthy stuff and I've got nothing!!!

We have a new dog coming to say with us tomorrow for a week, WE are all really excited to watch 2 pug's play together!!!!
You take the extra money where you can get it right?!?!
Esp. when you really want to be a dog groomer/dog trainer/boarding area person when you grow up:)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I choose to vacuum and while my back is turned Isaac chooses to tattoo his little brother..


Right at this very moment both of my boys are being booger heads and this is what there "pissy face" looks like (I gotta stop saying that word, drives me bonkers when they say it to each other)......sigh......

Saturday, July 24, 2010


This was by far one of the best birthdays I've ever had :)
My mom came over around lunck time with a birthday cake and a bag full of edible goodies(no pic:() and then Chrs was home from work early and each of the kids got me a flower(the plant outside kind) and he got me a book and an ice cream cake(my fav) and father in law with 1mother in law a.k.a. danger grandma(said with love Cheryl, said with love) gave me money and I sure do love getting money. A girlfriend of mine gave me some nice lotion and a card and then today my other mother in law a.k.a. cocker mom took me SHOE SHOPPING and out for lunch!!!! Below are pictures of the new shoes!!!

Those pretty butterflys are rings and YES i did wear them:) I am after all feeling like a tired 24 :-) have one on now as a matter of fact............
Had to slip this pair on right after buying seeing as how I'm wearing green shorts and green earrings....
My new walking/everyday shoes (now I can save my running shoes for running)
SWEET!!! These are going to be worn with black and white dress at wedding rehearsal dinner in October and every other chance I get
These feel like your wearing tennies... WHO KNEW heels could feel this good....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

and just this other one


I'm really having a hard time deciding which picture I like best for the 1yr older picture for each of them that I put on my wall. I really like so many, but these seem to be my most favoritist of them all. Well except for Ari, he totally hammed it up and so many of his are just awesome!!

AND none of the pictures of the 3 together turned out, she tells me that in every one either someone had their eyes closed or just looked really weird.......

Monday, July 19, 2010


This morning was hot but not humid so I decided to give the ol run with the kids a try.....

I strapped kids into helmets to ride bikes and then a toddler with a box of raisins(to keep quiet and happy) into jogging stroller, hooked up big dog and off we went.....

Well by the time I got home my hair was so wet it looked like I had been in the shower/pool and it kicked my butt!!

NO I did not run the entire time, I couldn't, well maybe I could have had I had some music to listen to along with the whiny kids and the "go faster" mom from the seated toddler........

I can only imagine how terrible it looked to anyone watching, I'm sure I looked VERY pained, like I was trying not to vomit.. I'm sure of it ;-)

But it was good, I'll tell you that, real good!! I'm gonna do some strength video's here in a bit too,(the P90 variety) then I'll actually shower:)

Side note: I should be getting pictures today, woo hoo!!!!! Those of you who want some I will defiantly be printing off some and sending them out!!!

Now I must go see what the 2 naughty children are up to downstairs.... Yes they were told NOT to go do there but do they ever listen.......NEVER!!!!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010


we have a 4 legged guest this week.. Thought I'd take a picture of my daisy girl with Daisy the dog.. Turns out I needed 2 pictures, they wouldn't cooperate for just one :)
Chris kinda likes when Daisy is here, she's a good dog and reminds him of his old girl!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Note to self:
When you spend an hour doing different parts to 3 different P90X video's then take a child in a stroller with a big dog for a hot 2plus some mile walk,
PLEASE think twice before you decide to go god knows how far on a solo run!!!!!!!

SERIOUSLY you can hardly move today and it's not ok, there is A LOT to do!
My dirty Spongebob man with his pink Aurora shoes on! Do these pictures say fashion or do they say fashion!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

What the black & blue?!?!

What happens when your plan is to dive bomb your big brother for a great big hug first thing in the morning only instead of just a dive bomb/hug you end up smacking your face on the wooden arm of the couch full force??????????????????

You guessed it.......................

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th folks, how was yours??

"Please don't climb on retaining wall" the sign say's, look how well they read ;-)

it may be fuzzy but so what, it's cute:) Chrs is the only family member who didn't feel like dressing patriotic, party pooper, the rest of us did in some fashion.....
Thanks to Chrs we have some nice pictures of me with the kiddo's(this never happens, I'm always taking them) from wicked faces to nice smiles, thanks hon for thinking about it:)

After 10pm and he's all sweaty and short-less and man is he ever a BUSY kid, not like other peoples 2yr old's who are content to sit and visit and eat snacks and such, NOPE not mine, even during the fireworks he wanted to fidget,twist, do back-flips, just reliving it here has me tired!!!