Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year folks! My new year's eve is going to be spent with estrogen in the house :-)
I am finding out what it would be like if I'd had 3 girls and then a boy instead of 2 boys and 1 girl...................................MAN is there some drama going on in this house... 2 of my nieces stayed over last night and are saying to "party" the new year in tonight...... WOO HOO!!!!

Have a good one all and be safe!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The camera has been found!! Please don't ask where cuz I'm not gonna tell you. I'm beginning to question my own mental capabilities after where I "found" it...........

We had such a wonderful Christmas this year... WOW is the only word that fits how I feel with it all. So very many unexpected blessings have come our way in the past few weeks I can't even describe it....

We did the want,need,wear,read,listen with the kiddos this year and while we really liked it(made you really think about the gifts) I'm not sure that the kiddos did :-) Not many "toys" were given by us as a result and you know what that's ok by me. After a month they don't play with them anymore anyway....

Santa gave stockings this year and the kids LOVED it..

This was also the first year that Isaac actually woke up early for Christmas (4:30) people but waited to bother us until sister got up after 5!!

Hubby got me 2 sound machines(as always, it comes down to sound quality with him) he had to search a few different stores to get just the right ones, and can you say LOVE? I'm in love with them already...
FOR EXAMPLE I just got the little man out of bed and it's 8:10. 8:10PEOPLE!!! AND the miss well she's now sleeping until like 7:30 or later.......

****HALLELUJAH***** now we just need the little puppy to sleep past when Chris gets up and were all set:-)

Oh and 2 of my girlfriends went in together and gave us a 1yr membership to the children's museum *the entire family*
and thanks to the one friend we now have the memberships to there and the zoo until September, we are set!!!

the girl likes herself some shoes:)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

**dang it**

Oh and I only have pictures of Christmas morning! Couldn't find the camera for the remainder of the family get together's!!!


Oh and you know who has awesome friends.............I DO!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


So it's morning, it's really early, it's Christmas break from school(yup I was thinking) and were late.....

Late for what you ask??? My doctor's apt and it's early and were late. Now while I go try to throw on some makeup to not scare anyone out in the public world I give the little man a little breakfast(you know to keep him in one place for me)....................................

Ha Ha on me!

Is that breakfast or an oatmeal facial?????????

Sunday, December 20, 2009

In-laws and out of towners:)

Time really does seem to fly right on by..... We've been busy with Christmas preparations and school junk and well just life. Isaac is off school until Jan. 4th and we have pet sitting just 2more days then off till the 4th also.
On Saturday we had our first Christmas at the in-laws house along with Chris's brother and family. That was fun. We haven't seen them since July 4th so it was good to see them again... The kids had a great time playing and opening gifts :-)

Today Chris and I got out to do our Christmas shopping(without kids) and both of us are soooo excited for Ari to open his gifts...
We are excited for all of them to open gifts but really super excited to have the little man open one of his... We made it to 5 different stores this afternoon and the 5th was to Meijers and it was just to see if they had what we were looking for.... We kept looking all over for an Elmo doll. A just plain not move, dance, laugh, talk Elmo. One he could take into bed... AND we found one at Meijer!! woo hoo!! GREAT BIG THANKS to the lady in the toy dept. who happened to see me looking all over and offered to help and found for us just what we had been looking all over for!!

Isabelle, Ari, Norah, Brooklyn and Isaac....
Princess Ari

He got a cool semi truck!

Oh look moving dog toys.. AKA "hamster thingies"

Bakugan and candy what more could you ask for..........

1down and 4 to go................................

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Where do I begin.....................

It's been a long and busy week!!

Let me first say that I went out last week, really out and not to dinner or a movie and paid a sitter and went out!! I went to a concert and it ROCKED!!! Now I didn't really want to go, it was getting late and I was getting tired and not feeling like going out, actually would have loved to sit and chill with my kids and one of my best friends (the sitter) but am sooooo glad I went, it was such fun!!!!

We have fish baby's again. This is actually the 3rd batch of eggs they have laid. The first resulted in 2 lonely survivors, 1 of which we will keep and the 2nd, we really don't know what happened and the 3rd has resulted in about 30 baby's :-) You can see a huge difference in the parenting with this 3rd group from the first!!! We all arn't so different are we....We get better with each one ;)
** we have arrangements with a local fish store to buy the baby's from us on a regular basis once they get to the correct size**

Ohhhh and a friend gifted us with a Christmas tree this year, it's a fake one but it's perfect and I'm so excited to be able to put a tree up on Dec.1st if I want too..I do miss the real tree experience and smell but I wont be missing the watering and the needles...........So far the only draw back is........ The stupid cat, the stupid, loud, lazy, dumb as a rock cat that I really don't like(but is the daughter's WHOLE world) was caught this evening climbing up the darn thing!!!!!!!!!!! Did I say stupid cat!!!!!

Ohhh and did I mention that I've been dealing with a little man with the case of the diarrhea's since Monday every 30minutes if I was lucky the first 3-4days that brought on a MONSTER of a yeast infection the likes of which I've never seen(purple red people) (and there is still a brownish discoloration on 1 spot)!!! It's on the mend and it would seem that he has a temporary(from what I've read online) case of lactose intolerance that can take 2wks to fully clear up......
Lets just say we didn't leave the house unless we HAD too cuz you just didn't know when or how bad (blow out everywhere and scream from the pain) it would be......

This was the view of the "floor" of the concert

The awesome Christmas gift

The new "batch of baby's"

The 2 original baby's

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Another snow day, another bunch of crap!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The first snow

First snow of the season and it turned into the first snow day of the season too....

Keep in mind while looking at these pictures that I had already been out and snowblowed the drive and sidewalks....

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Poor Onyx

I just gave my dog her first of MANY injections and it hurt her and she cried and I will need to give her another in a week :-(
I know it's for the greater good and that she (fingers crossed) will feel awesome and put on the weight she needs but knowing I'm gonna make her cry out each and every time.......... well I don't look forward to it at all........

I could probably give my kids a shot better than my dogs esp. if it's gonna hurt at least I can talk to my kids and tell them It's gonna hurt but just for a day or so and you get any kind of candy your heart desires yes even those awful airheads!!!!


For snack time today I thought I'd give Ari a little treat... We had Cheese and apple slices with carmel.Green apple flavored carmel to be correct.

Not my most genius idea!!! He had a great time and well it did accomplish what I set out to do....... get 5minutes of whine-less time to clean up the kitchen :-)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

he cut it!! He cut the little man's hair, and I'm not talking about a trim of the sides or like I have been doing taking sissors and cutting a little off all over... HE CUT IT, with clippers!!!!! :-(
I'm not pleased!!

the nice shaggy mess before dad got a hold of him...

and after poor kid :-( and amazingly enough same outfit for both pics yet they are many days apart... Just shows how much he doesn't have wardrobe wise!! come on Christmas.

and we needed to show the miss in her dress herself outfit and we needed to add a little purple to the fading pink hair this morning.........