Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So, it would seem after an all day wait at the hospital with my chouffer( i don't know how to spell it) aka "mom" who was just suppost to drop me off and pick me up but wouldn't leave no matter what all day. All went well according to plan yesterday. I had planned on being home by 2ish and didn't arrive home until about 6:30 that should explain things for ya. I woke up feeling really good, no problems but then as is my way i think i may have overdone it already this morning too much "mom" action and carrying a baby i think is the cause. I'm gonna take it easy for a bit than back to life. Turns out dad had a good day with all the kids also......More later I'm sure. Oh let me post a few pics from out trip to the Zoo Sunday.


Dusty/333 said...

Where did they get those hats? That is so cute, I love the one with Norah and CHris!!!

Janet's page said...

Me too!!!! Got the hats at some kids clothing store in the mall a few years ago,(gap kids or something) we need new ones they are to small