Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pets and such

Some would say that we have to many pets! Some would say more than one is to much. Those some arn't us!! I REALLY miss having 2 dogs, yes it can be a bit crazy at times but you need to look at it from the dogs point of view.. They have someone acceptable to chew on, run around the backyard and tackle, groom, sleep next to, be stuck home with, sympathize with when the "people" are mean or better yet when the little people are mean!!! I can't wait to get another, just you wait we are so excited to get him/her:) Now on to our cats, yes we probably have to many but we LOVE the kitties!!! each and every one of these creatures are different(each one) even if they are the same color, different!! IT'S AMAZING to me how god does that. Each of our kitties have a different personality and i like and dislike things about each one. For example Echo and Polo just bug me, they "talk" way to much, drives me nuts so needy and vocal about it, but Chris likes it and they are awesome with the kids, they can do whatever/carry however and they just lay there. Jedi is such a wussy(by far the LARGEST cat i have ever had) but o' so pretty. Mars is by far my fav(and i almost didn't keep him), he doesn't take crap and will actually chase after a dog when pissed off enough. Ink can be snotty and standoffish(i love it:)) but loves to get love from me.

Now back to our newest and last one "Polo" this cat is CRAZY/RETARDED whatever you want to call it i have never ever had a cat like him, the things this cat does!!!!!!!! Yes this would be Polo playing in the bathtub!! having a blast, crazy fool
Norah got up from her nap after i was home from work on Saturday, yes this sweet thing dressed herself!!

Hey Ari what is that your eating/playing with?????????
Oh yes, dog food!!! It's more than just my critters that are CRAZY!!!

Hope this finds everyone healthy and well, looking forward to this week, the last was bad:(


Dusty/333 said...

Norah is killing me softly with her Cindy Lauper attire! Why can't you just adopt a dog from the humane society?

Janet's page said...

No shelter or rescue group will adopt to you if you have young kids!! usually they(kids) need to be over 5 or over 7... I've tried.

Ya her clothing choices are blowing me away....I have yet to say um no you need to change that!! Isaac went thru the same thing and after about 1 year back to normal:) Now church is a different story!!