Thursday, January 8, 2009


Good afternoon, I need to start this off by telling you all how incredibly PROUD i am of my husband!! What he has accomplished in the past 2.5 years has me almost speechless(almost:)). He truly amazes me to no end. Some people never accomplish what he has in an entire lifetime. As of yesterday I'm just beaming with pride for him.... He has been granted permission to go ahead and be a driving member of society!!! With lots of stinky restrictions but none the less DRIVING!!! The way i understand it he is among the "VERY FEW" who actually get approved on their first try, it takes some 2-3 and more try's and you can only apply for it 1x a year.... My husband ROCKS!!!!!**Chris you truly are AWESOME** Folks the sun is shining, soak it in the world does indeed make sense sometimes:):):) Here's to a new chapter for this family, it only gets better from here!!!!!!

On another note i went up to Isaac's old preschool today to enroll Norah(still can't believe it)for the fall and guess what, I'm on the ball because i was to early, they don't have any packets for the next school year in yet(prob.May) and with Isaac i was signing him up in August. Just go ahead and give me the camera lady:)
The newest big boy in the house!!
And miss Norah expressing her own style in the cloths department:):) Just like her big brother CRAZY!!!

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Dusty/333 said...

NOrah cracks me up in the outfit!!! Love IT!