Thursday, January 1, 2009

Future gamer:)In his cute new white turtleneck onsie and cute jeans!!

My fantastic clan after a long day
Ari has quality time with dad

What a pretty dog!!!!! I love my new camera:)


Dusty/333 said...

What new camera? Do I get your old one? Have you ever realized that on this blog you have more pictures of your children in the past 6 months, than you have of any of them from birth till then... I sooo remember you saying... I hate pictures, who cares if I don't take them? Now you take them all the time:)

Janet's page said...

When i got my first camera i started taking pictures all the time you just never saw them cuz i didn't do this blog thing. I have tons in the computer.
I do find myself taking my camera with me more often now though:)

Janet's page said...

P.S. i never said i hated pictures, just that i hated having my picture taken:)and as i have gotten older i have tried to get over that too:)