Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Only Girls!!!

Seriously, my daughter is crazy! She cracks me up so much!!! Yesterday at Meijer's she tells me that when she grows up she is going to have daughters. No boys she says only 2(holding up 2 fingers)girls. Only girls i say why??? Because 1 boy is naughty and the other is a baby! I do not pretend to understand. Well maybe to her i do but really i don't get it.(we did have that conversation for about 10minutes as she kept telling me why only girls no boys) Then today just a minute ago in fact she informs me that Ari "can do all kinds of tricks now"!!!! Apparently he is like a dog to her and the fact that he can put a block into a bigger block is some trick!! Norah you are something special.......

Well off we go to Ionia to see if "Zero" is going to be our new house mate:):) Wish us luck:)

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