Wednesday, January 28, 2009


My daughter is in RARE form this morning let me tell ya. First off we are in the car coming home from the bank already and she tells me that she had to wipe her boogers on her jacket sleeve, ya know cuz "they were fallin out". Then she says mom where's my pink jacket? I'm gonna wash it today i tell her and her response is "finally". It's been in the basement for about a month to get washed but when you have 2 why hurry!?

Then i overhear her in her snotty voice to her OLDER brother "Isaac quit disobeying me!" um WHAT!!!! What pray tell did we create and how long will we be able to control her????????????????
Yup Isaac is home from school it's round 102938475.38271 of the booger/cough monster!!

Now on to happy/fun news, we have a new addition to our house his name is "Zero" and he rocks!!! so far anyway:) He is a 9ish month old Boston Terrier Mix and I'm in love again:):):) I'll post some pics later, rite now he's not feeling so great, yesterday was a long day. We picked him up at about 1:30ish drive the 40min home then to get Isaac from school then home then to my work and under he went to get neutered then home and then lots of puking poor little guy. Hoping he's feeling back to himself by the end of the day or tomorrow:):)

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