Thursday, January 1, 2009


Well how are ya? Where to start............We went out for new year's!!!!!!! First time in oh say about 4yrs that we have gone out with our kids no less:) We went to one of our friends house and met another couple there... We had lots of fun, played this game apples to apples. Really had a nice time and Ari finally crashed at about 9ish on my lap and the other 2 were still holding strong.... We ended up leaving about 10ish(our kids don't know how sleep in)and i was up till about 12:30(stupid energy drink) and was up stupid peeing at 2 and 4:30 and then up with the little man at 6something..... Lets just say I'm TIRED but with my new life I'm happy so say tired without a hangover:):) I'm really getting used to that:) We ended up having a productive day and i have a few cute pics to share:) Have a good night all!!!Chris and the big kids
My friend Andrea and my other friend Laura's husband Ron "crazy freaks"
Me and Ari across the table from the crazy freaks:):)
When we got home the girls got their new year's treat

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