Sunday, January 4, 2009

Well Well Well

Well lets see.............. Today we made it to early church for the first time in forever.Nevermind that i had to set my alarm for 6:30 to get myself showered and partly ready and have animals fed before waking the rest of the family up:) We have been having a hard time with our church lately, first off the times just really arn't working for us, we think we need a church that starts at 10 or 10:30. second it's a 20minute drive for us each way. third our paster is only there part time and really we don't always like who they have to replace him........ I don't know change is a scary thing but each week we talk about it again and i do think before long change will be a coming:) Papa and grandma did take the bigger kids after church and we had a nice quiet day with our little man. It's nice to get alone time with him that's for sure, he also seems to really enjoy mom and dad all to himself:):)

Speaking of the little guy, for awhile there i was thinking he is never going to get the show on the road with all the developmental stuff.(at least like his big brother) anyway he has really suprised me this last week and it moving forward in HUGE leaps and bounds. Not only is he crawling.(like a rocket launched into space) he is pulling himself up onto his feet and hanging out that way, everything must be pulled up on. I even saw him last night try to pull himself up into the chair:) hang on little man give yourself more than a day with each new thing.(see what happens when i call him lazy):)
Oh i tried to walk the doggies today(like i do almost every day)but the weekend i get to do it in the daytime, anyway quite literally i was ice skating in my big brown boots. All over the sidewalk, sometimes i even let the pups pull me a little:):) anyway i wasn't comfortable doing it for too long, one wrong move and i just might seriously hurt something so it was a quick one. Here are a few pic's from today i thought I'd share with you.... Daddy had to give the little man a mohawk
Look at my handsome company today, two good looking fella's i tell ya.
Ari whered ya go, found ya, in brother and sister's room
The boy loves his pasta:):)
Pasta marinara with some elderberry jam on bread for dessert, seriously looks like a massacre:):):)Daddy got to clean this one up!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my!! I love the self food fight to the face, that boy. And his hair...I love it!! He's getting to be such a big boy!!