Monday, January 12, 2009

Moving on

Ok so i was going to get us all past the last post cuz each time i see it i still want to cry. Anyway blogger wont let me put any pics up yet to go with this.(stupid internal error) so I'll just say that for the first time EVER in my dog owning years i/we were able to take a dog, a German Shepherd no less to the pet store and it totally rocked!!! She was so good to each person and dog that she saw, luv it:):) She got lots of compliments and treats(it was so cool).

Ari had is 9month WCC a little late, i didn't even want to go because of it being sickie season and we are all finally healthy. Anyway he rocks!!!!! His weight growth has slowed down but is still good he's a wopping 22.10pounds and long as all get out something like 30in?? I don't remember. He has said his next word "cat". What a strange kid this one. Last night Polo walks into the living room and he gets a big smile on his face and says "cat". Go buddy!!!! We also have sight of the new tooth on top(finally) and if i may be so bold: boys are soooooo much better than girls when it comes to teething:) Miss Norah was wicked! We are rounding the corner to him being 1 already. Now if only we can stop calling Onyx Pearl we will be all set! That's the hardest part, kids are all doing really well, it's ok to talk about and be sad about but when it came down to it we all decided that we loved Ari way more than her:):)
phew i was so glad they all had the correct answer, even my cute nephew Jaden:):) I'll post some fun pictures of the little man as soon as blogger will let me

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