Friday, January 23, 2009

Love and Logic.................ever heard of it?

Why good Friday afternoon to you all..... I have come to the realization (yesterday actually) that this computer/internet has become to important to me and that I'm not prioritizing properly and so have made a promise to my kids(but just to myself not out loud)to not get on the darn thing or even turn it on for that matter until nap time.................. It's nap time folks!!!!:) I have been reading a book called Love and Logic for early childhood lately and i have to say i really like a lot of it,parts though really bug me too, like why do they need to over exaggerate the negative from other parenting books?? Why can't they tell you how it is without examples being the worst case scenario??? but it does has some awesome tips for moms like me who end up yelling too much.... It actually says "how to parent with consequences with out raising your blood pressure or a sweat:)" I have been trying some of the ideas out and it is actually working, on Norah at least. anyway we will see how it goes, i really like the idea of not yelling(i really hate doing it)and still getting my point across:):) Here are some pictures of the other morning with the kids all eating breakfast....... OMGosh does the little man look way to old and mature in that breakfast picture!!!!! Now I'm off to try to scare an unwanted male cat out of my garage with a dog and then have a little play time with a dog that is really bored and wanting a friend:)

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