Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Knew it!!

What do my wondrous eyes see??????????? A beautiful angel daughter who decided after more self imposed isolation to help out "and make mother earth happy"( nevermind keep our dogs from eating the stuff) and is picking up the stuffing from the destroyed pillow that SHE thru in the backyard yesterday evening:)it only took 3hrs :-)


K J and the kids said...

It's not that I was AGAINST you. But I don't know that I wanted her to give in. Only because then it makes my kids look like the bad kids because they hardly EVER give in.
ah well.
Glad it worked out for you !

Janet's page said...

This daughter of mine NEVER gives in!! Please note she didn't clean up the yard for me or the dogs but for "mother earth" so I'm sure in her rational little brain she wasn't giving in.... and believe me i was glad there for a minute that i wasn't working Thursday because the way it was going i was going to be bringing it into Thursday and i knew once i went to work dad would cave and help her........... I was just as surprised seeing it as you were reading it............
You crack me up K you really do!!!